Best January 2019 Lifetime Deals

Hi all! It’s been awhile since my last article. Work has been hectic with a number of projects being worked on, hence the sporadic posting. But as SOPs, partners and systems are being set in place, you can be assured of more regular posting this 2019. I also feel that perhaps shorter posts would help, …

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Why Not Go For a Cheap Website?

Cheap Web Design Malaysia: Problems and Issues with these websites

A couple of years ago, I needed a cheap online store to sell my goods. And at that time, the most affordable ecommerce solution was Cart66. It looked slick and most importantly, it was cheap. Unfortunately, it was a hack that relied on some shortcuts. But it was alright in the beginning. However as our …

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Why You Need a Blog Section

why you need a blog section banner

Have you seen websites without a blog section? I have. Plenty of them. The problem with business websites is, most businesses have a website just because other people have it. It is something essential on their business card and their email address. But that limits what your website can do for you. In providing technical SEO …

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