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If you own a website, social marketing is crucial to improve engagement and brand awareness. But relying on Facebook and Instagram’s native functions itself, can be frustrating. Moreover, social media tools are expensive. If you want to schedule posts, many times you have to do a manual setup on the social media platforms themselves.

So when AppSumo announced the reentry of the SocialBee Lifetime Deal, we got excited. Heck, some of my personal friends pinged me for our affiliate links, because SocialBee was on their wish list for a LONG time.

SocialBee has come a long way since our original SocialBee review in February 2018. In fact, a quick glance of SocialBee’s changelog shows active improvements being made over the past year.

If you are looking for a social media tool to do content automation, evergreen content and post variations, look no further than SocialBee. We are in the midst of rewriting our SocialBee review for July 2019, but if you are on the fence, please grab this deal before the deal ends

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