Rumour: Amelia Booking Lifetime Deal

If you are looking for a robust booking and events calendar plugin for WordPress, you can’t go wrong with Amelia, the enterprise-level events calendar and booking system plugin. While Amelia has been making a name for itself with its booking system, the events calendar only went live with Amelia 2.0 in June 2019.

Amelia is a considerably new name in the world of events calendar and bookings. The Events Calendar field is dominated by the big boys namely:

  • Events Calendar Pro
  • Modern Events Calendar
  • EventOn
  • Event Espresso
  • FooEvents
  • Tickera

Personally, I like Events Calendar Pro, as allows you to sell tickets too, via its sister plugin, Events Tickets Plus. Compared to Tickera and FooEvents, Events Calendar Pro has a slicker interface that is user-friendly

For WordPress, doing a Bookings plugin is difficult, as it saturated with more players, some of them named below.

As you can see, many of these WordPress bookings plugins are entrenched and have their list of supporters and users. WooCommerce Bookings itself is an official WooCommerce extension, which means it is well integrated with WooCommerce.

On Amelia corner, it has the advantage of being made and supported by the same guys behind wpDataTables, a leading WordPress Tables plugin.

Is Amelia Booking coming to AppSumo on a lifetime deal?
Is Amelia Booking coming to AppSumo on a lifetime deal?

One of our Martech Wise Group Moderators sniffed out the Amelia x AppSumo deal by doing some Googling the moment AppSumo hinted that a lifetime deal for an events plugin is coming.

Having said that, Amelia is an amazing booking plugin that has only gotten better with the new events module. If it lands on AppSumo on lifetime, be sure to grab yourself as many codes needed.

You can also check out Amelia at the link below.

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