Thrive Ultimatum Review

If you are planning to sell something, research has proven that scarcity techniques work. In short, have a timer that lets your visitors know that there’s an offer on the table but the offer won’t last forever.

In my years of using WordPress (and now working on WordPress code while blogging), I’ve seen only a few scarcity plugins out there. And not many would work well nor with ecommerce options like WooCommerce. That’s until Thrive Ultimatum came along. Read on after the break for our Thrive Ultimatum review.

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Thrive Headline Optimizer Review

Recently I had the opportunity to review the Thrive Headline Optimizer, one of the latest plugins released by ThriveThemes. So how does Thrive Headline Optimizer fare compared to say Kingsumo Headlines and how does it impact your SEO? Also, do you actually need to optimise your headlines?

We answer your questions and more after the break in our Thrive Headline Optimizer Review.

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Review : Thrive Clever Widgets

Before Thrive Clever Widgets, the only way for you to have granular control over our widgets placement was by installing a smart sidebar plugin. However, if you had ten categories, you would need to create ten separate sidebars in order to have separate content show up on specific posts.

This would also mean going through the hassle of adjusting ten separate widgets if you would like to change how your most popular posts looked like or perhaps even the wording on your optin widget.

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