Support Hero Review: Easily Reduce Support Tickets

Support Hero Review by WPStarters

Running an online business is tough. First, you need to work hard to gain traction while building a product that people want. Then, you need to offer support. Frankly, once you’ve gained traction, support then takes up a lot of time and resources. Especially if you run a software business. In the world of premium …

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RelayThat Review: Defeat Design Frustration

RelayThat Review

Having blogged since 2002 on my Blogspot account, I find having the right featured image¬†is a differentiator¬†on how well my blog post fares. In the age of social media where web standards like Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Cards means that having a featured image will get your blog post featured more prominently on various …

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Rocketium Review: Video Creation Made Easy

The Rocketium Review

Video content creation has become more important since 2016 as video engagement rocketed through the roof for both search engine results and Facebook. According to Locowise, the average video post reached 12.05% of a Facebook Page’s audience, more than photos (11.63%), links (7.81%) or status update (4.56%). Facebook video garners triple the engagement and 1,200 …

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Leadworx Review: Get Actionable Leads Today

Leadworx Review

This is a brief review on Leadworx as the timer on Leadworx lifetime license has started counting down in AppSumo and there is not much time left to buy the deal. As such, I’m writing with urgency after testing Leadworx with larger players like Leadberry, Leadfeeder and Visitor Queue. How did Leadworx fare and should …

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SocialBee Review

socialbee review

Finding the greatest Social Media Management Tool is daunting. With so many Social Media apps out there, it gets confusing. But do not fret! Here at WPStarters, we hope to solve your headaches with our Social Media Management Tools series.

In this series, we review popular Social Media Management Tools to help you battle against FOMO and make an informed decision.

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In this SocialBee review, we look at a Social Media Management Tool now offered on lifetime (at the time of writing) at AppSumo. For a measly $49, you get lifetime access to SocialBee’s Accelerate Plan which normally goes at $49 per month.

But how different is SocialBee from the earlier AppSumo lifetime deals and what are the key metrics that we should look at in the app? Let us look further in the SocialBee Review below

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