Nusii Review: Proposals Only Take 15 Minutes

Nusii Review

Do you handle projects, agreements or deals? Perhaps you do marketing, catering, photography, events management, real estate, consulting, bookkeeping or financial planning. In any case, you would need to send out quotations or proposals regularly for your clients.

But did you know that a proposal is more effective than a quotation? While you just need to quote your prices in a quotation, in a proposal, you need to understand the clients’ needs and craft a proposal for them to consider.

Nusii Review: I used to do quotations instead of proposals
I used to do quotations instead of proposals

I like FreshBooks’ definition of proposals, in the light of quotations and have included them below:

Proposals include all the information contained in estimates, quotes and bids. But they take things further by showcasing the value that you can offer a prospective client and including testimonials and examples of past work to establish trust.

More specifically they detail scope, timelines, deliverables, and costs (or investment). They’re specific and not an approximation.

They’re usually put together to win a client’s business at the start of a new relationship. When you submit a proposal, you’ll often do so in competition with several other companies. As a result, it’s essential that you take time to construct an excellent proposal and showcase value.1

Crafting a great proposal is tough. It’s easier to churn out a quotation on Excel or some accounting software.

Furthermore, there are some extra steps before the client signs off your proposal and pays you money. And these extra steps make it harder for the client to sign, increasing the chances of you losing the deal.

Plus, writing a proposal takes time. And lot of formatting. And what if you were short of time and can only start writing the proposal during the weekend?

Nusii Review: No more boring proposals
Did your proposal use to look like this?

Of course, you know that you should send your proposal within one to two days of meeting your client. Delaying your proposal can result in losing the deal as the client might decide on some other provider or have his mind turned by other priorities in the company.

This makes proposal writing frustrating and sometimes, a hassle.

But what if there is a better way to do proposals? A way to have beautiful, customisable proposals fast as well as the ability to close the sale with your proposal?

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