RocketLink Review: Add SuperPowers to Your Links

Here’s a quick review on RocketLink, the link shortener with a focus on retargeting ads. If you haven’t heard of retargeting, don’t worry, neither have I until recently.

Until last week, the concept of tracking pixels was something I knew about on the back of my head, but didn’t bother. All I knew was, tracking pixels are good for tracking people. My main focused has always been on web development, SEO and content marketing. And that’s all I thought was needed to growth hack a website.

Unfortunately I was wrong. And thankfully, I discovered my costly mistake before the deal for RocketLink ends.

Like many of you, online ads scared me. I’ve seen friends and experts burning through piles of cash with seemingly no results. That kept me firmly in embedded in SEO and content marketing. And even though managing ad campaigns were far more lucrative, I stubbornly stayed away for a long time.

But my life changed last week.

It was during a meeting, that a friend of mine (a lifetime deal fan himself) raved about how awesome the RocketLink deal was. And talked on how we could actually save money on Online Ads with this RocketLink app via ‘Pixeling’ (which was his term for placing tracking pixels on shortened links).

Check out: The RocketLink Comparison Table – RocketLink, PixelMe, Replug, JotURL, Linkgage & Sniply

It immediately caught my attention. Was there really a way to do Online Ads better? Did pixeling (or the proper term, tracking pixels) actually work? That’s when I began exploring the world of retargeting using link shorteners.

If that caught your attention, read on as we explore this together in our RocketLink review.

RocketLink Review: An Introduction

Have you ever noticed Online Ads that follow you around as you visit different sites? Like some secret admirer or scary stalker.

And all you did was to check out some spanky new shoes that Kobe Bryant wears on Adidas’ site and the next thing you know, bam, the pesky Adidas ad that keeps appearing for awhile.

If you thought that was magic, unfortunately you’re wrong. You, my friend, have just been retargeted.

Why Retargeting?

RocketLink Review: Retargeting Pixels
RocketLink Review: Retargeting Pixels

To further understand why we should run retargeting campaigns, let us check out AdRoll’s explanation below:

Retargeting converts window-shoppers into buyers. Generally, 2% of shoppers convert on the first visit to an online store. Retargeting brings back the other 98%. Retargeting works by keeping track of people who visit your site and displaying your retargeting ads to them as they visit other sites online.1

In short, you get cost-effective ads with retargeting as you target people who are already interested, instead of spending your money on people who aren’t. Instead of showing your ads to perhaps 1 million people, you could just retarget the 50k that visit your site, as they have a much higher chance in purchasing your product.

Statistics has shown that retargeting ads gives you a 312% increase in Return on Advertising Spend (ROAS). That’s a 70% savings over folks who don’t do retargeting campaigns.

Retargeting works automagically due to tracking pixels, which are too small for most of us. But when you visit a site, it adds a cookie to the browser of your window-shopper and lets you to continually target them, be it on Facebook or other site.

Why Link Shorteners?

Link Retargeting Explained
Link Retargeting Explained

But retargeting ads doesn’t need to be limited to websites. We also could do pixeling with links (or better known as Link Retargeting).

Link Retargeting makes your retargeting campaigns so much more effective. A shortened link not only looks good with some vanity URL (e.g:, but can be placed in the following places

  • Chatbots
  • Instant Messaging (Messenger, WeChat, WhatsApp, Skype)
  • Emails
  • Articles
  • Landing Pages
  • Brochures

Heck, you can even spell it out verbally. And while giving out your retargeted link to your target audience/buyer persona/customer avatar, you are pixeling them. And when they click on your link, you immediately impact them with your highly targeted ads.

This makes link retargeting so effective.

RocketLink Review: First Impressions & Comparison with Other Link Shorteners

RocketLink Chrome Extension
RocketLink Chrome Extension

Now that we understand about Link Retargeting, we need to make a decision on RocketLink. Should you buy some RocketLink licenses before it ends? How does RocketLink compare to others? Let us explore this further.

Personally, before RocketLink appeared on the scene, my personal experience with Link Shorteners with Retargeting were from PixelMe and, which is like most AppSumo buyers.

I bought my from last year’s Black Friday sale, which gave me unlimited pixels but only fifty thousand clicks per month. I bought my PixelMe license from AppSumo, which gave me five pixels and unlimited monthly clicks.

There was also which was on AppSumo as well as Linkgage (DealFuel) and JotURL (SifteryDeals), which all did similar things to RockeLink, PixelMe and

So let us take a look at our comparison table below to better understand the offer.

RocketLink Review: Comparison with Replug, Sniply, PixelMe and others
RocketLink Review: Comparison with Replug, Sniply, PixelMe and others

Strengths of RocketLink

As you can see, RocketLink simply blows away the competition with its generous Retargeting Pixels and unlimited clicks per month. That means, you can easily handle Retargeting Campaigns for large clients like Toyota (which can go into the millions) without losing sleep.

In comparison, all the other tools has limitations over their monthly clicks allowance. Even PixelMe. The only reason why I have unlimited clicks on PixelMe is due to my legacy license.


RocketLink’s main weakness, is that they offer a very elementary Call-To-Action (CTA) option. That’s because they just launched it a couple of days ago.

In comparison, Sniply and Replug has a great bunch of catchy CTAs that you could use to embed your articles in.

RocketLink Review: The Dashboard
RocketLink Review: The Dashboard

Dashboard-wise, I prefer Replug’s dashboard. It has comprehensive reporting in the form of Clicks and Conversions Performance as well as Visitor Referral and Visitor Countries. All within the easy reach of a scroll. Sniply’s dashboard comes in at a close second.

RocketLink’s dashboard does feel a little sparse compared to Replug, Sniply and even PixelMe. If you’re particular about that, perhaps a good idea would be to buy first and keep your licenses until RocketLink matures.

In my opinion, RocketLink lacks in both CTAs and dashboard look due to their focus on engineering. These issues are easily fixed within less than a month and should not affect in your decision-making process.

RocketLink Review: Testimonials

If you are still on the fence on RocketLink, perhaps these unbiased testimonials would help you.

‘So for all of those people who deal with marketing in any shape or form I highly recommend this offering as it literally comes out the gate or should I say launch pad with so many features that it literally is something that you should get JUST because of that. Food for thought, just for reference I bought 5 codes… buy this now, think about how to use it later – it’s THAT kind of deal. If anyone’s interested I can share some of the ways I will easily make an ROI on this, until then, have a wonderful day!’ – Million Araia

AH-MAZING!! RocketLink is an absolute MUST have tool. The ability to create custom links and URL slugs that pixels visitors in one tool is just beyond powerful. THEN there’s the deal itself which is just insanely brilliant value- LIFETIME access for ONLY $50! FINALLY, the RocketLink customer support is so efficient and helpful. Don’t hesitate and buy this tool NOW!’ – Unknown Sumo-ling

Great app great price and great support! ‘Definitely a must have, don’t miss this deal. Support is very responsive and resolved my slug problem in 20mins. With all the new features coming on the roadmap and unlimited clicks, this is indeed a no brained deal!’ – Unknown Sumo-ling

RocketLink Review: The Conclusion

I feel that RocketLink offers the best Pixeling Link Shortener deal in town. With unlimited clicks and generous pixels, you can easily run Retargeting Ad Campaigns for some of the biggest brands in town without batting an eye on overage charges.

This helps you offer competitive prices to your clients, compared to vague prices that your competitors might offer.

Personally, I stacked a few RocketLink licenses and might just stack more if not for budget constraints. Please buy now before the deal ends.


  1. AdRoll – How Retargeting Works, What is retargeting?,
RocketLink Review: Add SuperPowers to Your Links

Name: RocketLink

Description: RocketLink offers great value for money if you plan to retarget your audience. With unlimited clicks per month, you get to easily scale up your online marketing efforts.

Offer price: $19

Currency: USD

Operating System: SaaS

Application Category: Link Shortener & Retargeting

[ More ]

  • Value
  • Features
  • Customer Service
  • Ease-of-Use


RocketLink offers great value for money if you plan to retarget your audience. With unlimited clicks per month, you get to easily scale up your online marketing efforts.


  • Unlimited Clicks
  • Custom Domains
  • Retarget using pixels & UTM Tags
  • Retarget with QR Code & pixels
  • Add Call-to-Actions overlays to links


  • Limited Pixels
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  1. two things that stood out from the comparison: which service offers deep linking for mobile app companies? JotURL. Which offers subaccounts? agency and JotURL. Perfect for agencies (you get 20 subaccounts / teammates users in the PROXL). Rocketlink said they would consider it but provided no specifics (again, rather nebulous response for agencies).

    • Hi Bruce! It’s Ola from RocketLink here. Thank you for your comment! We are working on Team Management, subaccounts, and some other nice features, also for Agencies πŸ™‚ We’re going to develop these features in stages to make them solid and user-friendly. Team Management will probably be first implemented between October and December. Please, check our Roadmap: .
      A lot of Sumo-lings asked about similar product comparison. One of them prepared a graphical answer to how does RocketLink compare to Replug and to Pixelme -> If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at anytime! Cheers!


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