LoginPress Review: Turbocharged WordPress Login

LoginPress Review: Upgrade Your WordPress Login
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Name: LoginPress

Description: LoginPress is a login management plugin for WordPress that upgrades your WordPress login page, giving it superpowers.

Offer price: $39

Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Utility

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LoginPress is a login management plugin for WordPress that upgrades your WordPress login page, giving it superpowers. Among others, it adds security, a custom look and a social login that will delight your users


  • Social Login makes it easy for users to login
  • The Limit Login Attempts extension will help with site security
  • Adnan and the WPBrigade team are known to deliver great products


  • Lacks WooCommerce Integration
  • Needs some minor tweaks to make it a true winner
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Have you ever forgotten the password to your site and had to reset the password? Or worse, do you use the same password across multiple sites to avoid the hassle of resetting your passwords?

If that is you, you might want to read our LoginPress review, an interesting WordPress plugin that adds more than just a pretty login page to your site.

LoginPress Social Login
LoginPress Social Login

LoginPress Review: The Introduction

Custom Login Pages are dime a dozen in the WordPress world. Personally, we used to install either SeedProd’s Custom Login Page and Easy Login Styler Pro to customise the look of our clients’ login page. Back then, I thought that these plugins were the best out there.

So when I was first introduced to LoginPress while chatting with Adnan after last year’s Analytify deal on AppSumo, I was not won over. It is just another custom login page plugin, or so I thought.

A few days later, I had the time and chance to explore LoginPress’ features, and I was blown away.

You see, LoginPress isn’t just a custom login page plugin. Rather, LoginPress brings much value to sites with its cutting-edge features, which will get better as Adnan and team continues fleshing out the plugin.

However, I didn’t get onboard the LoginPress bandwagon back then, as $199 per year for unlimited sites, was a little too much for me. After all, we were still working out the sweet spot for our WordPress care plan prices.

But after almost a year of silence, I heard of LoginPress again. The LoginPress deal landed on AppSumo and there was an unlimited sites option. I bought the codes immediately.

I’ve since installed LoginPress to a couple of sites and it has worked seamlessly. Furthermore, LoginPress brings a hosts of features that massively upgrades the vanilla WordPress login page.

If you are on the fence or have not bought LoginPress yet, do continue reading our LoginPress review below.

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