GoPinLeads Review: Instantly Generate Tons of Sales Leads

Here is a short GoPinLeads review for the lifetime deal which is ending really soon on AppSumo. The purpose of writing this review isn’t so much on the affiliate fees (though that helps), but to help you if you are on the fence.

I’ve been on a buying spree this month. Starting with some (always wanted) second-hand lifetime licenses to some unexpected purchases like Feedier, I spent my lifetime deals budget for the month. I did not allocate any budget for GoPinLeads as I thought I was covered with FindThatLead and Alore CRM.

Furthermore, response for GoPinLeads has been mild in the Martech Wise Facebook group. That made me stay on the fence even when after the countdown timer started.

GoPinLeads in action
GoPinLeads in action

However, it was while buying my stack of lifetime Feedier licenses that a one-time discount offer on GoPinLeads popped up. That seized my attention.

At that moment, I wondered, would GoPinLeads be as useful as FindThatLead? Would I be suckered into buying a dud or would GoPinLeads end up as something I regret not buying?

I decided to find out by buying a GoPinLeads lifetime license and immediately redeemed it. And boy, was I wrong on my GoPinLead assumptions.

If you are still in this journey with me, read on as we explore the GoPinLeads deal together.

GoPinLeads Review: An Introduction

Getting leads is crucial in business. You may be the best graphic designer, web developer, printer or lawyer in town with great skills/aptitude in your field. But without leads, you would be back in employment within months.

But finding quality and qualified leads is tough. That’s why we spend so much on advertisements, hiring expensive digital marketing experts as well as expend a lot of time crafting great content. All in the hopes of getting more leads.

If leads were so easy to get and convert, every one of us would already be a millionaire.

Yellow Pages
Do you remember these?

But how do you get started on leads? Gone are the days of the iconic Yellow Pages, where you can prospect for leads via flipping through categories and cold-calling random businesses. Rather, in this time and age, we prospect by searching on Google.

GoPinLeads Review: Why GoPinLeads?

But prospecting is tedious work. Even more so if you plan to reach out to a large number of prospects.

When I was an IT salesperson, finding leads to grow my account meant an Excel spreadsheet, lots of Googling, text messages and phone calls.

Getting a list of a few hundred IT companies that would fit our niche meant a week or two of work. It was time-consuming and boring.

Plus, many times I would be hindered by some overzealous gatekeeper (read: admin staff) and had to switch prospects. Back then, I wished a tool like GoPinLeads existed.

So after running through GoPinLeads and having a late-night conversation last night with Raj Anand, the founder of GoPinLeads, I began seeing how GoPinLeads could be useful to my clients.

GoPinLeads vs Googling

But why GoPinLeads when we could just Google?

Well, while you could Google your way to find leads, getting the right contacts in Excel format would take you time and effort. What more if you want details like website, address, phone number, location and the likes? If you want a hundred leads of so, manually doing it would take a substantial time.

However with GoPinLeads, you can easily generate a few hundred relevant leads within a few minutes. This could serve to impress your clients or be a productive lead generation tool for your business needs.

GoPinLeads vs FindThatLead

FindThatLead Prospector pales in comparison to GoPinLeads
FindThatLead Prospector pales in comparison to GoPinLeads

But what if I already have FindThatLead (or Wouldn’t there be an overlap?

FindThatLead works best by giving us leads based either on the name or domain of your prospect. But FindThatLead sometimes don’t work well too.

When compared to GoPinLeads, FindThatLead’s Prospector gives us less results. In my experiment to find Law Firms within Kelana Jaya (the suburb where I stay), FindThatLead’s Prospector shows its limitation. Let me list them down below.

  • I can’t key in Kelana Jaya into the location field. Rather, I needed to search a larger area (Petaling Jaya). – In comparison, I can easily adjust the search range for GoPinLeads as it is all via Google Maps
  • FindThatLeads also gave me very limited local results (10 results within Petaling Jaya) versus dozens when I use GoPinLeads.

As such, I suggest using FindThatLead to search for names and emails, while getting yourself GoPinLeads for local searches. It is proven that GoPinLeads gives better results locally.

GoPinLeads Review: Strengths & Weaknesses

GoPinLeads Review: The Exported Results on Excel
GoPinLeads Review: The Exported Results on Excel

GoPinLeads’ greatest strength, is the convenience it brings. No longer do you have to spend hours sifting through Google and then key in the data into your spreadsheet. Everything is available with a few clicks.

This makes local lead generation on GoPinLeads, effortless.

GoPinLeads Weaknesses

However, GoPinLeads isn’t a finished product. For now, it should improve its database as local results are inconsistent (though better than FindThatLead). Raj Anand said that this is one issue his team is looking into, which abodes well for those of you who have invested in the GoPinLeads deal.

I also hope that GoPinLeads would improve its design and user experience. For now, it seems clunky and unintuitive.

My biggest tiff with GoPinLeads is the lack of ability for us to generate the kind of results we want. As some clients might only want leads with phone numbers and/or email, perhaps the GoPinLeads team could figure out a better solution, and not charge us credits for unwanted leads.

GoPinLeads Review: How to Apply?

If you’ve reached here, I’m sure you would be thinking on how to apply GoPinLeads in your business. I do have a few suggestions.

  • Growth Hacking Tool – You can use GoPinLeads as a growth hacking tool for your business. If you offer SEO services, you can easily target all law firms/beauticians/pharmacists within a certain area and send them some interesting email via MailShake/Lemlist.
  • Impress Your Prospects – So you get a prospect who wants to grow his/her business online but isn’t sure of the market. How about using GoPinLeads to generate a list of prospects for your prospect and thoroughly impressing them?
  • Directory – I plan to do this, but heck, this might be helpful for you. You can buy a domain name ( for example) and then find Vets to join your directory. Then you can charge them yearly to stay listed or add a premium tier to the directory (like featured banners, larger logos, ability to post events, etc)

In short, GoPinLeads is limited by your creativity. Personally, I stacked five licenses as I plan to do directories as well as generate leads for my clients. And there is no better tool to do so than GoPinLeads.

GoPinLeads Review: The Conclusion

Should you buy a GoPinLeads license? We would say an overwhelming yes. Especially if you run a digital marketing agency or find leads crucial for your business.

That makes the GoPinLeads lifetime deal, relevant to most of you out there. During the lean months, having a GoPinLeads license can be a lifesaver.

There hasn’t been a deal like GoPinLeads before this and no, it won’t be offered on lifetime again. If I were you, I would take advantage of AppSumo’s 60 days no questions asked guarantee and get myself a license before the deal ends.

GoPinLeads Review: Instantly Generate Sales Leads
GoPinLeads Review

Name: GoPinLeads

Description: GoPinLeads is an powerful and innovative tool that helps generate leads effectively and saves you time by giving them to you in a well sorted Excel spreadsheet.

Offer price: $49

Currency: USD

Operating System: SaaS

Application Category: Lead Generation

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  • Ease of Use
  • Price
  • Accuracy
  • Database


GoPinLeads is an powerful and innovative tool that helps generate leads effectively and saves you time by giving them to you in a well sorted Excel spreadsheet.


  • GoPinLeads is excellently priced
  • It is easy to learn and use
  • Results-wise, GoPinLeads is excellent


  • GoPinLeads’ database is limited for now
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GoPinLeads Review

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