GitScrum Review: Best Way to Manage Your Projects

GitScrum Review: Best Way to Manage Your Projects
GitScrum Review

Name: GitScrum

Description: GitScrum is an upcoming Scrum Project Management Tool that will help you manage projects better and deliver better results to your customers/business.

Offer price: 12

Currency: USD

Operating System: SaaS Software

Application Category: Project Management

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  • Price
  • Scrum Standards
  • Ease of Use
  • Mobility
  • Customer Service


GitScrum is an upcoming Scrum Project Management Tool that will help you manage projects better and deliver better results to your customers/business.


  • Affordable Price allows you to bring in your teammates
  • Follows Proper Scrum Methodology
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent Customer Service


  • Doesn’t have a mobile app yet

Proper and efficient project management is tough but essential in companies, but more so in multi-nationals and corporations. That’s why good project managers are highly paid for their work.

In recent years, Scrum, an Agile Project Management methodology has increased in popularity beyond its traditional sphere of software development. Nowadays, even banks are into Scrum and Agile Project Management.

But Scrum is confusing, no? What exactly is Scrum? If this is a new term for you, you might want to read on. Otherwise, feel free to go to the following segment.

GitScrum Review: What and Why Scrum?

In short, Scrum is a type of Agile Project Management. Started off as concepts by Hirotaka Takeuchi and Ikujiro Nonaka, Scrum as an idea was then fine-tuned by Ken Schwaber and Jeff Sutherland.

Scrum has since burst into the limelight with 68% of software development teams actively applying Scrum Methodology to their software development process.

In the State of Scrum Report 2017/2018 by Scrum Alliance, it is reported that other than the IT Department, Scrum is gaining traction in the following departments too:

  • Operations / Production – 42%
  • Research and Development – 31%
  • Sales and Marketing – 25%
  • Content Development, Management – 24%
  • Consulting – 22%
  • Human Resources – 19%
  • Financial or Accounting – 18%

Scrum has also shown an eighty over percent improvement over the quality of life of the respondents, with 71% of executives valuing Scrum-based projects for delivering value to the customer.

GitScrum Review: An Introduction

However, if Scrum Methodology has such traction, why don’t we hear more on the tools that lets us apply Scrum in our projects?

Unfortunately, this doesn’t happen because most tools are tightly coupled to software development companies and hardly do any marketing beyond this sphere. Also as you will see later, majority of them are pricey and difficult to use.

I first heard GitScrum in the MartechWise Facebook Group, as Renato, the founder posted up a lifetime deal for GitScrum.

After that, came a few days of testing out GitScrum along some Scrum and non-Scrum project management apps, I’m glad to make GitScrum will be my primary project management app from now on.

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GitScrum Review: First Impressions

GitScrum comes across as easy to use, though lacking in certain features. But these features are on the roadmap and will be delivered in a few months time.

Unlike other lifetime deals which can sometimes be in the alpha or beta phase, GitScrum is a fully developed application with six hundred over commits and a few hundred thousand lines of code. GitScrum is fully workable and will only get better as Renato and team improve the app base on user feedback.

GitScrum looks great off the shelf with a logical layout that makes it easy to be productive in. I find it refreshing as the common Scrum terms are all within a click of the mouse button. Launching a sprint and ensuring relevant tasks are within the sprint, are well thought out and helps me be more productive as I juggle between multiple projects.

Before I bore you, here’s some screenshots of GitScrum, that you might find helpful.