Fluent Forms Review: Powerful Forms Made Right

Looking for a contact form for your WordPress site? It can get confusing with dozens of contact form plugins out there. From the ubiquitous Contact Form 7 to popular upstarts such as WPForms, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms, we are spoiled for choice.

So why WP Fluent Forms when there are so many other WordPress contact form plugins out there? Should you cancel your Gravity Forms / Formidable Forms subscription now that Fluent Forms is here? How about WeForms which is running a promotion on AppSumo at the time of writing?

These are questions we hope to help you answer through our research and review of WP Fluent Forms, the impressive contact forms plugin from WP Manage Ninja.

After spending three and a half days testing out Fluent Forms and hours chatting with Shahjahan Jewel, founder of WP Manage Ninja, we are pleased present you the WPStarters’ WP Fluent Forms Review below.

Read on for the most detailed Fluent Forms review in town. And yes, it might cause you to be a few hundred dollars poorer.

WP Fluent Forms Review: An Introduction

Fluent Forms is powerful WordPress form plugin

I first heard of Fluent Forms a few months back when I stumbled upon WP Manage Ninja’s site. Back then it was Ninja Tables Pro that caught my eye. But WP Manage Ninja had other interesting plugins too, including Fluent Forms.

We then ran a successful Ninja Tables Pro deal and I was happy keeping Fluent Forms on the shelf, when Jewel talked to me about his plans for the plugin. They’ve been working feverishly on a major revamp that was gonna make Fluent Forms great.


I had to take a second look at Fluent Forms to verify that. And boy, I was amazed by what I saw.

Fluent Forms 3.0 exceeded my expectations in many ways. While I still love WPForms and Formidable Forms Pro, Fluent Forms is a genuine competitor to those two and a very viable default form builder plugin for future client work.

Fluent Forms Review: Our Evaluation Criteria

As with any in-depth reviews, we need to establish our evaluation criteria in order to fairly compare Fluent Forms with other WordPress contact forms.

We will be comparing Fluent Forms with the following plugins:

  • Caldera Forms – Advanced form plugin. Acquired by Ninja Forms.
  • Formidable Forms – the long time competitor to Gravity Forms
  • Gravity Forms – the no. 1 advanced WordPress forms for many years
  • Ninja Forms – Ninja Forms came from nowhere and challenged Gravity Forms
  • WeForms – The forms plugin from WeDevs. Currently on AppSumo for a lifetime deal at the time of writing
  • WPForms – The 2nd most installed contact form plugin, after Contact Form 7. Focused on user-friendliness with a brilliant user interface.

And our criteria are the following

  1. Price – Are the plugins competitively priced?
  2. Interface – How does using the form feel like?
  3. Features – Does the form have advanced features?
  4. Reporting – Can we create reports with the form?
  5. Integration – Is the form integrated with popular apps?
  6. Performance – How much assets does the form builder add to the page load? Is the plugin slow?

Without further ado, let us get started.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 1: Price

Comparing Fluent Forms vs others
NamePriceLicenseSitesWooCommerceCustom Post SubmissionUser RegistrationTypeform
Caldera Forms$549.89YearlyNoYesYesNo
Formidable Forms Pro$399.00YearlyYesYesYesNo
Gravity Forms$259.00Yearly3rd PartyYesYesNo
Ninja Forms$499.00Yearly3rd PartyYesYesNo
Ninja Forms Lifetime$1,499.00Yearly3rd PartyYesYesNo
WeForms$399.00Yearly50No3rd PartyNoNo
WeForms AppSumo$49.00Lifetime50No3rd PartyNoNo
WP Fluent Forms$149.00LifetimeNoComing SoonComing SoonComing Soon

As you can see in the table above, the only forms offered on lifetime are Fluent Forms and WeForms. However, Fluent Forms comes with a generous unlimited sites license at $399 ($199 during this Black Friday 2019 lifetime deal) compared to WeForms’ 50 domains at $245.

For contact forms on yearly renewal, it is surprising to see Gravity Forms being the cheapest at $259.

It is also interesting to note that WPForms, Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms are more than 3x the price of the current lifetime deal for Fluent Form.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 2 : Interface

Fluent Forms Interface
The Fluent Forms Interface

To properly test this criteria, I replicated the WPStarters contact form with each plugin. The current contact form on this site was created using WPForms and trying out other forms gave me a good handle of their interface.

It was pretty close match though, due most contact form plugins adopting a similar layout and an easy-to-use drag and drop interface. Caldera Forms stood out though, as their interface felt cluttered and I had to take extra steps to complete certain actions.

In comparison, Fluent Form’s interface felt silky smooth and intuitive, making it easy for you to create simple and complex forms.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 3 : Features

Fluent Forms Review: It comes with a lot of powerful features
Fluent Forms Review: It comes with a lot of powerful features

In terms of features, our criteria for this section would be interesting / advanced features that some websites need. These include WooCommerce, Custom Post Submission and User Registration.

As Fluent Forms is a young plugin, these features are in development and most will be ready soon, according to the roadmap. WooCommerce integration for Fluent Form is something that the WP Manage Ninja team is keen but realistically will not be done anytime soon.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 4 : Reporting

NameGraphs & ChartsData Analysis ToolIntegrated with Table
Caldera FormsNoNoNone
Formidable Forms ProYesNowpDataTable
Gravity Forms3rd PartyNowpDataTable
Ninja FormsNoNoNone
Ninja Forms LifetimeNoNoNone
WeForms AppSumoYesNoNone
WP Fluent FormsYesYesNinja Tables

Reporting is an interesting criteria to look at. While most forms focused on integration with other apps and plugins, Fluent Forms has a complete reporting suite.

Furthermore, Fluent Forms has native integration with Ninja Tables, letting you populate Ninja Tables for free. In comparison, you would need to purchase a yearly connector if you want to connect your Gravity Forms to wpDataTable (which would also cost you yearly)

Finally, Fluent Forms comes with a powerful data analysis tool, to help you understand your data, easily. This might prove invaluable long term to site owners, marketers and agencies.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 5 : Integration

Caldera FormsYesNoYesZapier3rd PartyYesYes
Formidable Forms ProNoYesYesYesYesYesYes
Gravity FormsYesYesYes3rd PartyYesYesYes
Ninja FormsYesYesYesYes3rd PartyYesYes
Ninja Forms LifetimeYesYesYesYes3rd PartyYesYes
WeForms AppSumoYesYesNoYesYesYesYes
WP Fluent FormsYesYesYesComing SoonYesYesYes

Fluent Forms again does impressively well when we put it through the integration test. After all, Fluent Forms is a relatively new plugin compared to the rest.

As you can see, while the other forms plugins have integration gaps, Fluent Forms takes it all in its stride and does more.

WordPress Forms Review Criteria 6 : Performance

WordPress Form Builders Comparison
WordPress Form Builders Comparison

Our final criteria was performance. And it was a shocker.

As you can see, Fluent Forms does really well for a plugin that has a very complete feature set. This tells me that the WP Manage Ninja team has spent a lot of time improving their plugin and done excellently with Fluent Forms.

(Credits: I was pleasantly surprised to find this table on the Martech Wise group. It originated from a user called Supa Mike on the Oxygen User group who was doing some tests.)

Fluent Forms Review: Conclusion

Fluent Forms is a WordPress plugin that you do not want to miss. Not only is it powerful and progressing rapidly, the team behind Fluent Forms has proven themselves to be technically strong while having fantastic at customer service.

Fluent Forms is at its lowest price right now ($199), and prices will increase after this week to $399. Long term, Fluent Forms might move towards yearly subscription like all the other forms plugins out there.

Please grab a copy and get your friends to grab their copies before the deal ends.

Fluent Forms Review: The Original Comparison Tables from Airtable

Fluent Forms Review
Fluent Forms Logo

Name: Fluent Forms

Description: Fluent Forms is a powerful WordPress forms plugin from the WP Manage Ninja team. With rapid development and an affordable lifetime price, Fluent Forms is shaking up the WordPress world

Offer price: 399

Currency: USD

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Plugin

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  • Price
  • Features
  • Quality
  • Customer Service


Fluent Forms is a powerful WordPress forms plugin from the WP Manage Ninja team. With rapid development and an affordable lifetime price, Fluent Forms is shaking up the WordPress world


  • Easy-to-use interface
  • Integrated with Ninja Tables Pro to easily display form entries in a table format
  • Data analysis helps you analyse your forms submissions easily
  • Tons of integration with 3rd party SaaS apps


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