Feedier Review: Collect Valuable Feedback Easily

Have you ever been asked to help ‘someone’ complete a survey? Perhaps its for some research, university assignment or some magazine/blog article. And the next thing you know, you are wading through seemingly endless and sometimes intrusive questions.

Have you ever thought of abandoning the survey? After all, surveys can be frustrating, no? And if you were on the other end, it can be tiresome to beg people to do your survey. All because you need a certain sample size.

Well, if that sounds like you, Feedier is the right tool for you. Like you, I’ve been both a victim of long, boring surveys (in fact, I just did one yesterday) and surveys which I could not get enough respondents.

At those moments, I wished Feedier existed. But what is Feedier? If you are curious, read on my very late Feedier review, which is ending in about six hours.

The review should have been done earlier, but I had a hectic week.

Amidst my busyness, I’ve asked about Feedier in the various Facebook groups I’m in as there was a similar lifetime tool launched two weeks back (InputKit.io). But it was difficult to understand the difference between InputKit and Feedier. I needed some time to study Feedier.

But time wouldn’t let me. Not until yesterday.

So last night, after completing the last of my work, I purchased a Feedier license and began exploring it. And boy, was I bowled over by how brilliant Feedier’s reward-based feedback was.

Thus, instead of my initial plan of refunding either Feedier or InputKit, I decided to keep both. I feel that Feedier complements InputKit and are used for different sets of clients/circumstances.

But if you are wondering if Feedier is any good, or if you should refund your InputKit account, perhaps read on as we explore the topic together.

Feedier Review: An Introduction

Feedier is the only online feedback app that focuses on rewarding respondents. And it does so in a spectacular fashion by enabling you to reward them not just gifts and coupon codes, but money.

You see, while we can easily insert some coupon codes at the end of a survey or manually send out money, it is not easy to automate the process of rewarding money to winners. And Feedier does this well.

With Feedier, you can easily load up your survey’s wallet with PayPal. And when a customer win a money reward, he will receive an email containing a link (with a unique token) to a page where he will claim his reward.

On this page, Feedier will kindly ask him to fill his Paypal email address, and he will automatically then receive the payment within 24 hours.1

Feedier Review: Easily Load Up Your Cash Reward with Paypal
Feedier Review: Easily Load Up Your Cash Reward with Paypal

When I learned this, I immediately stacked my Feedier licenses. You see, I’ve a friend that runs a startup doing something similar to Feedier, which is rewards-based surveys.

Starting off as a whim in a hackathon, the Malaysian-based Vase.ai has garnered a number prominent clients such as KFC, Carlsberg, Fitness First and Universal Music Group, with enterprise-level survey rewards solution.

Feedier Review: Should You Reward?

But should you actually reward people taking your survey/feedback forms? Wouldn’t that affect the feedback results? I like how SurveyMonkey’s article puts it as below:

A large number of survey researchers try to boost response rates by offering some sort of reward for completing a survey. A lot of academic research suggests that offering some sort of reward can initially increase completion rates.  However, the same literature indicates that once you reward people for a task, they often won’t do the same task in the future without a reward.  In other words, rewards can help the first time you ask, but may hurt during later attempts to interview the same people.  What does this mean for you?  Use rewards when you need a one-time survey fielded quickly and avoid rewards when you expect to interview the same people with any sort of regularity.

In short, rewards are great if you plan to do quick one-time surveys/feedback, which is how we plan to use Feedier as an agency. There are many businesses out there looking for feedback but people are not incentivised to complete their surveys online.

Instead, InputKit is more relevant to businesses with regular customers looking to improve their offerings.

Let us look deeper into this comparison in the next portion.

Feedier Review: How Does Feedier compare to InputKit, SurveySparrow & SparkChart

In order to help you make a better decision, I’ve come up with the Survey/Feedback App Comparison Table.

Feedier Review: The Comparison Chart
Feedier Review: The Comparison Chart (Click to view more)

Feedier: Rewards Based Surveys

The Feedier Carrier
The Feedier Carrier

As you can see, Feedier’s focus is on rewards based surveys. This makes Feedier an amazing tool for Agencies working with clients needing feedback.

For example, you can upsell Feedier to F&B outlets, who would not hesitate to reward their lucky winners for completing the survey. Or perhaps that interesting Telco company that needs results but are frustrated with low open rates for their surveys.

Feedier also looks the best and has the most ways to engage others (emails, SMS, website embed widgets and print).

InputKit: Reviews on Platforms


However, if you prefer surveys/feedback that will get you powerful five-star reviews on prominent social media platforms, you won’t go wrong with InputKit.

In that sense, InputKit is similar to Grade.us.

InputKit looks rather early stage though, and needs more work done on how they could send their surveys out. Currently you can only send your surveys via email.

SurveySparrow: Recurring Conversational Surveys


Compared to Feedier and InputKit, SurveySparrow looks great but doesn’t do much. Rather, its main focus is on chatbot-like surveys.

Personally, after getting MobileMonkey and Feedier, I find SurveySparrow limited and might sell off my license if the right offer comes along.

SparkChart: Unlimited Everything


Though SparkChart does unlimited everything, it does not have a unique selling point. Coupled with an clunky interface and the inability for API and webhooks, SpartChart can’t be compared to Feedier.

I’m still holding out for SparkChart to do well, but will rather use InputKit and Feedier for my upcoming surveys instead.

Feedier Review: The Conclusion

Should you get Feedier? It’s a resounding yes for me. Feedier’s brilliant and tightly integrated payment-based rewards makes it an invaluable tool for client work.

Furthermore, Feedier and InputKit effectively adds to an ‘upsell’ menu that already has Vyper, BrandQuiz, RocketLink, Rocketium, Missinglettr, Awario and ContentStudio among others.

If you are on the fence on Feedier, do not hesitate any further, as the deal ends in a few hours.

  1. Carrier balance explained | Feedier – Help Center, Carrier balance explained, https://help.feedier.com/getting-started/all-about-feedback-carriers/carrier-balance-explained
Feedier Review: Collect Valuable Feedback Easily
Feedier Review

Name: Feedier

Description: Feedier is an amazing feedback tool that does feedback with a powerful gamified rewards system. Easily run viral feedback campaigns with Feedier today.

Offer price: $59

Currency: USD

Operating System: SaaS

Application Category: Feedback

[ More ]

  • Engaging
  • Unique Reward Structure
  • Integration with WordPress
  • Ease of Use


Feedier is an amazing feedback tool that does feedback with a powerful gamified rewards system. Easily run viral feedback campaigns with Feedier today.


  • Feedier is an engaging tool
  • Easy-to-use
  • Unique Reward Structure, lets you reward your site visitors for answering your survey


  • Lacks native WordPress plugin
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Feedier Review

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