Directorist Review: Best Directory Plugin

Directorist Review
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Directorist is a fast-growing WordPress directory plugin with a lot of cool features to help you create a world-class business directory. While it isn’t fully matured yet, with enough time, Directorist has the chance to being the best WordPress directory plugin


  • Lifetime Prices are availabe
  • Live Chat
  • Listing FAQs
  • Elementor Integration
  • Bookings
  • Upcoming WPML and BuddyBoss integrations


  • Unable to adjust single listings via page builder
  • Lacks a social network importer
  • No Toolset, JetEngine or ACF support
  • Unable to import via WP All Import
  • Doesn’t have multiple custom post types support, yet


If you have been looking for a good directory software, it can be easy to get sidetracked with the number of directory plugins and themes available for WordPress. Personally, I’ve created directories for numerous clients and it has been a frustrating journey through various themes and plugins.

Thus, when I found out about Directorist via their team, I immediately said yes to doing a review. And Directorist did not disappoint me. In reviewing Directorist, I was amazed by the number of features they have, some unique to Directorist, which makes Directorist the best directory plugin I tried.

And after spending a couple of days researching on WordPress directory plugins, I concluded that Directorist is really good. As you can see from the table below, Directorist has almost caught up with GeoDirectory in terms of features. Of course, they could do better, but give them 6 – 12 months, and they might just overtake GeoDirectory.

Directorist Review: Directorist vs GeoDirectory
Directorist Review: Directorist vs GeoDirectory vs Listify vs Business Directory vs ACDP

Ok then, without delaying you any further, please find our Directorist Review below. As usual, comments are appreciated.

Things to consider before buying a directory plugin / software

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Choosing the right directory plugin or software is crucial when starting out a business directory website or enhancing your current site with a directory. The right plugin will give you features that makes your business directory, great, while the wrong one will give you a mediocre business directory.

Here are our recommended basic features for a directory plugin. They include:

  • Business Hours / Opening Hours – This allows users to know when the business is open and prevent them from being frustrated from visiting the business when it is closed
  • Image Gallery – An image gallery will help showcase businesses and locations to the users. This will help create buy in
  • Listing with Map – If you have businesses from more than an area listed, the map will help users find the closest business to them without losing the attention of the users if they started searching on Google Maps instead.
  • Claim Listing – This is an essential feature in most directory plugins we’ve seen and allows you to monetize your business directory by contacting business owners to claim the listings you have put up. By claiming their listing with you, they are able to improve the listing, furnish it with high quality images and get contacted by users.
  • WooCommerce Integration – Another way to monetize your business directory is by charging business owners to create a set amount of listings on your directory. While this is common, having WooCommerce integration allows you to go beyond Stripe and PayPal and use popular payment gateways in your country. These payment gateways usually charges less per transaction as well.
  • Frequent Updates – While there are many directory plugins in WordPress, the frequency of updates matter, as plugins that are rapidly improving will have more frequent updates and have new features on a regular basis. For this, we advise that you check out the plugin’s changelog and latest blog posts.

Presenting Directorist

We are pleased to introduce to our readers, Directorist, an upcoming directory plugin that has a high chance of being a directory heavyweight in the coming years.

Directorist is a free business directory plugin by SovWare, a Bangladeshi software house specializing in WordPress and JavaScript. Like other Bangladeshi plugins, Directorist looks fantastic while having a strong backend.

Directorist is free, but has a number of premium extensions to extend your business directory. While they can be bought separately, we recommend getting the lifetime membership, which will give you access to all current and future premium extensions.

We were given a copy of Directorist to test and boy, I wish we knew about Directorist earlier, as we previously went with Toolset for a recent project for some Malaysian shopping malls. Toolset did what the client wanted, but with Directorist, we could have built a better shopping mall directory.

Why You Should Trust Us?

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What Makes Directorist Different

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