Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress Compared 2016

Contact form plugins for WordPress has come a long way ever since the days when Gravity Form was just launched. Nowadays, we are spoilt for choice with quality contact forms everywhere. Recently, a new entrant called WPForms by Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin has entered the market. But will they do well compared to the current players led by Gravity Forms, Ninja Forms and Formidable Forms, among others?

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Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress : An Introduction

Contact forms plugins have come a long way since Contact Form 7. Nowadays contact form plugins can do a whole lot more than just be a point for your customers or readers to contact you. From Add-Ons like Partial Forms to Conditional Logic, finding the perfect contact form plugin for your site can be a tedious task. And here is where we come in to help you choose.

In order to help you with deciding which contact form plugin to choose, we have created a table and listed down the top five contact form plugins out there that have a number of add-ons to extend its functionality. Please find it below.

 Caldera FormsFormidable FormsGravity FormsNinja FormsWPForms
Price of Basic Plugin--39--
First Tier (1st Tier)1 Site34991 Site39
Second Tier (2nd Tier)5 Sites771995 Sites99
Third Tier (3rd Tier)15 Sites197-20 Sites199
Lifetime (Ultimate Tier)-397--349
Email Provider Add-ons
ActiveCampaign1st Tier
AWeber3rd Tier1st Tier19/29/462nd Tier
Campaign Monitor1st Tier18/29/46
Clever Reach1st Tier19/29/49
Constant Contact-18/29/46
Emma1st Tier29/46/74
GetResponse1st Tier19/29/49
iContact1st Tier19/29/46
Mad Mimi1st Tier18/29/46
MailChimp25/45/802nd Tier1st Tier29/46/742nd Tier
Payment Gateways
Authorize.net35/70/135Ultimate Tier2nd Tier
Paypal Express49/99/14949/79/129
Paypal Standard3rd Tier2nd Tier3rd Tier
Paypal Payments Pro2nd Tier
Stripe36/71/962nd Tier49/79/1293rd Tier
CRM Add-ons
Agile CRM2nd Tier
Batchbooks CRM 2nd Tier29/46/74
Capsule CRM2nd Tier29/46/74
FreshBooks CRM-24/38/61
Highrise CRM2nd Tier
Insightly CRM -29/46/74
Salesforce CRM-49/79/129
Zoho CRM2nd Tier29/48/76
Chat Add-on
HelpScout Chat2nd Tier29/46/78
HipChat2nd Tier
SlackFree2nd Tier19/29/49
AffiliateWP3rd Party3rd Party
Coupons2nd Tier
Dropbox2nd Tier
Locations2nd Tier-
Mark Viewed18/38/68-
Partial Forms2nd Tier
Polls2nd Tier
Quiz2nd Tier
Survey2nd Tier
Table Editor-18/28/46
Upload Importer2nd Tier-
User Analytics2nd Tier-19/29/49
User Registration2nd Tier3rd Tier
User Tracking2nd Tier
Zapier3rd Tier2nd Tier
Easy Digital DownloadsFree3rd Party
WooCommerceUltimate Tier3rd Party3rd Party
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To help you understand the table, we have placed numbers like 10/20/40 on columns for both Caldera Forms and Ninja Forms. For Caldera Forms, that means, 1 Site, 5 Sites and 15 Sites, while Ninja Forms is 1 Site, 5 Sites and 20 Sites.

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress : Which to choose?

The best contact form plugin out there depends really on your need, your budget and what would you like to accomplish. Also, do consider how important a contact form is for your site. If you only need an email provider and nothing else for one site, plugins like Ninja Forms and Caldera Forms might be a better option.

However, if you need them on more than a site, or if you need more add-ons, then perhaps plugins like Gravity Forms and WPForms then make more sense. Nevertheless, let us work out the scenarios for you below

Gravity Forms 1

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress : Best for Features

If you are looking for features, or planning to integrate not just with MailChimp, but stuff like WooCommerce, HelpScout and some CRM solution, then you won’t go wrong with Gravity Forms. With the amount of integration plus the unlimited sites license for only 199/year, you will save much in the long term.

Ninja Forms comes in second, but do remember Ninja Forms’ add-ons cost money with their three pricing tiers. If you are not careful, you might find Ninja Forms even more expensive than Gravity Forms. Ninja Forms does well when you are looking for a specific add-on for a site and not the whole works that Gravity Forms comes with.

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Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress : Best for Freelancers / Those with many sites

If you run many sites, the best plugin for you would be Gravity Forms and WPForms due to their unlimited sites on their higher level offerings.

Formidable Forms is a curiosity, as they offer you 200 sites instead of unlimited sites for only USD 399. For most people, they won’t reach 200 sites their entire freelance career, thus making it almost equivalent to unlimited sites.

WPForms 1

Best Contact Form Plugins for WordPress : Best Potential

If you have a bit more cash, or would like to purchase something based on long term potential, you won’t go wrong with WPForms. While WPForms is new, the team behind them are the highly respected Syed Balkhi and Thomas Griffin, the owners of Awesome Motive.

Awesome Motive are behind the highly successful OptinMonster, Soliloquy Slider and Envira Gallery, among others. As such, I believe that WPForms might just be able to rapidly improve in the long run.

Individual Assessment of each WordPress Contact Form Plugin

Gravity Forms
Features : A
Max number of sites : Unlimited
Price/sites rating : A

Gravity Forms is the best WordPress forms plugin out there. With an affordable USD 199 for the amount of features given, you can’t find a better deal elsewhere.

Visit Gravity Forms

Ninja Forms
Features : A-
Max number of sites : 1 site, 5 sites or 20 sites
Price/sites rating : C

Ninja Forms comes in second in terms of features. However, as the add-ons add up quite easily, we recommend you consider options with fixed prices instead if you plan to expand or add more functionality to your contact form.

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Visit Ninja Forms

Formidable Forms
Features : B
Max number of sites : 200 sites
Price/sites rating : B

Formidable Forms might not have all the features that Gravity Forms does, but they have the essential ones. However, with their recent price change, their enterprise tier add-ons might be above the budget for many customers. Perhaps a switch to WPForms/Gravity Forms’ prices would be better?

Visit Formidable Forms

Caldera Forms
Features : B-
Max number of sites : 1 site, 5 sites or 15 sites
Price/sites rating : C-

Caldera Forms was created by Josh Pollock and David Cramer. At initial glance, it seems like Caldera Forms prices are quite similar to Ninja Forms. However, like Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms might be a good fit if you do not have many sites/add-ons to use. Otherwise, do consider Gravity Forms instead.

Visit Caldera Forms

Features : C+
Max number of sites : Unlimited
Price/sites rating : A

WPForms comes with the exact same pricing with Gravity Forms, minus most of the add-ons, while still having the essential ones. They however have a lifetime option (which Formidable Forms does as well) which then makes WPForms interesting. WPForms is a project by Awesome Motive and has huge potential to disrupt the current Contact Form plugins market for WordPress.

Visit WPForms

Conclusion :

Gravity Forms and WPForms are worth looking deeper into, while Ninja Forms, Caldera Forms and Formidable Forms could perhaps use some tweaking with their price/offering to compete with them. Do let us know your thoughts and experience on these contact form plugins in the comments below!

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