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Finding qualified leads is difficult. That’s why we pay a fortune for ads and employ digital marketing agencies to manage social media campaigns, websites, PPC and content. And that’s why we focus on improving conversion rates with better user interface as well as A/B tested layouts.

In the recent years, we have seen a growth of B2B Lead Generation tools. Some were featured on AppSumo, namely apps such as MailShake, Lemlist, FindThatLead, GoPinLeads, Meet Leonard, Viral-Loops and Leadworx.

Others were featured on other marketplaces. These include Leadberry (a Leadworx competitor), Convertful, ConvertBox, Vyper and Visitor Queue, among others.

Among these tools were apps that specialized in tracking and finding out the details of visitors to your site. These were LeadWorx and Leadberry. We even did an indepth review on Leadworx in March 2018.

So when Albacross (not Albatross, the bird) landed on AppSumo, I ignored it for awhile as I always do with lifetime deals. I felt that Albacross was too similar to Leadworx and Leadberry. Furthermore, I have Crocoblocks, DesignWizard and RankWatch in my review queue.

But after some discussion with friends in our Martechwise Facebook Group, I realised that Albacross isn’t too bad after all. So I bought a license and simultaneously loaded the tracking codes for Albacross, Leadworx and Leadberry on WPStarters in order to see the difference.

And boy, I was amazed.

Albacross performed as promised and rendered better results than Leadworx, who was king in our previous test. If you are keen, read our Albacross review for more information on why you should grab yourself an Albacross license before the deal ends.

Albacross Review: An Introduction

Albacross is a Swedish startup founded in 2013. With a total funding of USD 3.79 million​​​​​​​ and and USD 2.50mil seed round collected in May 2018, Albacross plans to be the industry leader in B2B Lead Generation and Account Based Marketing.1

I was surprised to find out that Albacross has a large team (for startup standards), with Funderbeam reporting a size of 20-49 headcount.

Personally, I’ve never heard of Albacross before this deal, but an amazing 4.6/5 from 63 reviews on ProductHunt and a five star average over 155 reviews on AppSumo, Albacross is shaping up to be a deal to grab.

Albacross Review: First Impressions

I’m impressed with Albacross. Even their homepage is well thought out, with important elements above the screen. Here, we are presented with the fact that even global brands such as Mercedes, BMW, KPMG and Pirelli are on Albacross.

From there we are told that an impressive fourteen thousand companies are using their tool to generate three million leads out of thirty million visitors. That’s an impressive hit rate of 10%.

But the backend impressed me more.

Albacross’ dashboard is well thought out with essential details such as duration, visitors, source of visit as well as date and time of visit. In comparison, Leadworx and Leadberry fall short here.

But is the dashboard really useful? How about the leads? Are they of quality? Let us look further via an in-depth comparison.

We will start with the user experience and user interface (UI/UX), followed by the quality of leads generated and finally compare the package offered.

Albacross Review: Albacross vs Leadberry vs Leadworx Comparison

Albacross Review: Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry
Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry

1) User Interface & User Experience

On UI/UX, Albacross has a much better dashboard than Leadberry and Leadworx. The details are well placed, making it easy for digital agencies to monitor and manage leads.

As the devil is in the details, let us look at the details below, starting from the differences in dashboard.

  • Albacross – Name, Duration, Number of Visitors, Source of Visit, Date & Time of Visit, Custom Tags
  • Leadberry – Name, Duration, Date of Visit
  • Leadworx – Name, Number of Visits

But some of you might argue that Leadworx shows much more on their individual tabs. Well, let us compare the three again:

  • Albacross
    • Basic Details – Website, Phone Number, Address
    • Key Stats – Revenue, Employees, Industry, Background Information
    • Website Activity – Source of Visit, Pages Visited & Actions (including clicks)
    • Contact Details (unlocked using the monthly credits)
  • Leadberry
    • Basic Details – Website & Location
    • Key Stats – Industry
    • Website Activity – Pages Visited
    • Contact Details – Don’t have to unlock
  • Leadworx
    • Basic Details – Website, Phone Number
    • Key Stats – Industry
    • Website Activity – Pages Visited
    • Contact Details – Limited Unlock Credits. Need to request every three months as Leadworx haven’t decided on how to go about implementing Unlock Credits.

UI/UX Scoring:

  • Albacross: 8/10
  • Leadberry: 5/10
  • Leadworx: 3/10

2) Quality of Leads Generated

Leads from Albacross
Leads from Albacross

Now that we have established on how well thought out Albacross is, let us look at the leads. Will Albacross be able to match or beat Leadworx and Leadberry, or is Albacross pretty but lacking in substance?

In our previous comparison of similar tools (The Leadworx Review, March 2018), we compared Leadworx with more established players such as:

  • Visitor Queue
  • Leadfeeder
  • Leadberry

And Leadworx came up top due to pulling data from 45 different data sources. They were even able to identify my friend, Amber of CreativeCollab.

Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry: The Generated Leads
Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry: The Generated Leads

However, in this comparison test, Leadworx more than found its match in Albacross. Albacross produced 17 leads over a period of 24 hours compared to 7 leads for Leadworx. Furthermore, Albacross’ leads were often well furnished with key stats, revenue and background information.

Plus, we could easily unlock further details by spending the monthly renewable 100 contact credits. Instead, we are told that Leadworx only shows you the company details as personal contacts were never part of the lifetime deal.

Albacross’ recent funding might mean even better leads in the future as they upgrade their databases and algorithms.

I didn’t like Leadberry’s leads. While they were better than previously, there are still numerous ISP (Internet Service Providers) in the final result.

Quality of Leads Scoring:

  • Albacross: 8/10
  • Leadworx: 5/10
  • Leadberry: 4/10

3) Package Offered

If you are solely focusing your decision based on the package offered, Leadberry wins hands down. The Pro Lifetime license comes with unlimited everything.

You can use it with unlimited sites and export unlimited leads. The only issue is the quality of leads generated so far. Personally, I’m keeping my Leadberry Lifetime License with hopes that the leads get better with time.

In comparison to Leadberry’s generous package, Leadworx is truly limited. The AppSumo Leadworx plan only allows 400 leads per month and one website, whereupon Leadworx will stop monitoring your site for the month. Or until you upgrade to the next plan.

The new Leadworx plans don’t fare very well either. With an exorbitant USD 299/month for only 10k visitors, a moderately popular site with 70k visitors needs to pay USD 1099/month for leads on one site.

This makes Albacross a very reasonable operator. With five sites and no cap on visitors nor leads generated, Albacross is a very attractive option for those who wants quality leads without paying through their nose.

Package Offered Scoring:

  • Leadberry: 10/10
  • Albacross: 7/10
  •  Leadworx: 3/10

Albacross Review: The Results

Here’s the final average score for the comparison between Albacross, Leadberry and Leadworx:

  • Albacross: 7.67/10
  • Leadberry: 6.33/10
  • Leadworx: 3.67/10

As you can observe, Albacross did really well across the board. In comparison, Leadworx didn’t do too well, due to their mediocre package as well as hard to use dashboard.

But if you are still on the fence on Albacross, let us look at one more thing that makes Albacross stand out, Account Based Marketing.

Albacross Review: The Extra – Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing & Albacross
Account Based Marketing

Account Based Marketing is a new thing to me. But as I poked around Albacross, I discovered that it is not just a nifty tool for finding quality leads, you get to take action to target the best leads rather than immediately contacting them.

Albacross does this by using your target list. A number of established publishers are contacted so that your campaign only shows to your target list which has already visited your site.

This ends up achieving a couple of things

  • You get to personalise your campaigns, rather than having an ineffective general campaign
  • Because your campaigns are targeted to companies, it becomes much more affordable
  • As your campaigns target the leads that has been to your site, you will have a higher chance of closing them

Albacross Review: Weaknesses

While Albacross does well and gives us the best results when compared to Leadberry and Leadworx, it could be better still. Here’s a list of suggestions that Albacross could consider.

  • Agency Style Website Management
    • For those of us who manage multiple clients, sometimes the client would like access to the dashboard.
  • Webhooks and API
    • While Zapier helps us connect with thousands of apps out there, some of us would prefer webhooks and APIs, which would let us do more.

Albacross Review: The Conclusion

Should you get yourself a copy of Albacross? If you do any form of B2B business, run a digital agency or might want to expand to a B2B business in the future, please do.

The lifetime deal for Albacross is a steal. I don’t know how AppSumo pulled it off, but I’m definitely buying more licenses before the deal is over.

p/s: If you liked our Albacross Review, please consider subscribing to our newsletter. Also, clicking on the link below helps us maintain the site and grow our team.

Albacross Review

Name: Albacross

Description: Albacross is a B2B Lead Generation tool that has recently been funded (May 2018), accelerating its growth. Compared to its competitors, Albacross is polished, beautiful and produces the best results.

Offer price: 49

Currency: $

Operating System: WordPress

Application Category: Lead Generation

[ More ]

  • Price
  • Lead Quality
  • Number of Sites
  • Ease of Use


Should you get yourself a copy of Albacross? If you do any form of B2B business, run a digital agency or might want to expand to a B2B business in the future, please do.


  • Affordable
  • Unlimited generation of really good leads
  • Five sites
  • Easy to use


  • No Webhooks nor APIs
  • 60 days retention period
  • No agency style management for multiple licenses
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Albacross Review

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