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MailPoet Review

MailPoet Review: Best Email Marketing Software for WordPress
Introduction Before MailPoet, I hardly did any email marketing. Email marketing was either expensive or frustrating. Sometimes, it was a combination of both. In doing this MailPoet review, I’ve found an email marketing software that solved most of these issues…

Social Snap Review

Social Snap Review
If you are looking for the ultimate WordPress Social Media plugin, look no further than Social Snap. This all-in-one social media plugin not only does social sharing well, but a bunch of other social media stuff. And the best thing…

Wicked Folders Pro Review

Wicked Folders Review
Wicked Folders Pro is the answer to the cluttered WordPress Media Library that has bugged numerous WordPress users for years. But why? Have you ever struggled to find a photo, logo or even some pdf file that you uploaded on…

Media Cleaner Pro Review

Media Cleaner Pro Review
If you run a WordPress site, you will eventually encounter orphaned media images that could be a result from uploading the same image twice or deleting the post that had the image. And it can sit in your WordPress media…