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If you run a digital agency doing web development work of any kind, you need a client feedback system. This becomes more important if you have remote clients or clients that you don’t meet regularly. Without a proper client feedback system you might end up with some serious miscommunication, arguments and wasted time. What may seem like a trivial feedback, might end up going the totally different direction.

You see, annotated screenshots, emails, text messages and phone calls cannot replace a proper client feedback system.

How to leave a feedback on your clients’ site with ProjectHuddle

But client feedback systems are not cheap. If you have been using tools such as InVision, RedPen, BugHerd or Pastel with your team, you would be no stranger to paying a few hundred dollars or more yearly.

That’s why ProjectHuddle was such a revelation when it launched. It comes with the following ground breaking features:

  • The ability to work beyond WordPress and with various content management systems and platforms including Shopify, Magento, Wix, Drupal and more
  • You get all your client feedback in one space
  • You can also get feedback for your pdf files, wireframes, sketch files and more
  • The White-Label feature makes you look like a pro in front of clients
  • Proper WordPress Hooks and Filters enables you to extend ProjectHuddle and make it your own.
  • Affordable pricing. Why pay through your nose when you can run ProjectHuddle on your WordPress site?

ProjectHuddle Lifetime Deal: The Details

ProjectHuddle comes with a lifetime Ultimate tier for those of you who would prefer paying a one-off fee, instead of $109 yearly. Furthermore, being on the Ultimate license enables you unlimited dashboards versus only three for professional. But seriously, unless you run multiple agencies, one is more than enough.

The ProjectHuddle Ultimate License usually goes for $499, which is a bargain in my opinion. But for a short time only, we at the MartechWise Facebook Group decided to put together an exclusive ProjectHuddle lifetime deal for an even better price.

With this deal, you get 40% off any price. That means, the ProjectHuddle Ultimate license will only cost you an amazing $299.

This exclusive lifetime offer ends in nine days time, so we urge you to take action if you want a great client feedback tool.

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