Picking Up Object-Oriented PHP and Beyond

The process of being a 10x developer isn’t an easy one. Though it’s easy to pick up a programming language, it takes time and effort to become a top notch software engineer.

But does it all end with object-oriented PHP? Do we just need to know stuff like encapsulation and inheritance? Or should we actually dive deeper into the principles of programming?

NextAcademy x MaGiC Cyberjaya coding bootcamp

Recently I spoke to one of my bootcamp classmates from the MaGiC x NextAcademy bootcamp in Cyberjaya. She has been coding ever since we graduated. So I asked her about things like SOLID principles and other programming concepts, which she said she has not heard of.

The truth is, even though I’ve coded consistently for more than two years, programming concepts like SOLID principles, the Big-O notation and design patterns are new to me. And it is amazing how much better my code becomes the moment I started picking up these concepts.

But are these all part of object-oriented programming? Don’t we just need to understand model, view and controllers and be done with it? I guess not.

If you are new to coding in PHP, I would heavily recommend Laracasts. After going through CodeSchool, Lynda, TreeHouse, Codecademy, TutsPlus, FreeCodeCamp, GoRails and countless other screencasts on Udemy, I find Laracasts as the most useful to my coding education.

No longer do I learn beginner stuff, but advanced programming that grows me as a coder. Jeffrey Way starts off by introducing us to PHP and then goes on to heavier subjects like how to write simpler code, whipping monstrous code into shape as well as design patterns and SOLID principles. And I get to learn from his mistakes as well as the way he writes his code.

As a new coder, you should not jump around or continually skim the surface of the language. Finishing the PHP / JavaScript / Ruby course does not make you a programmer. It will give you the fundamentals to start programming, but you need to go in-depth and invest the hours to be a good coder. Build projects, go to programmer meet ups and finally, get help on your object-oriented PHP to get better.

p/s : I’m starting my daily blog routine and will be touching on WordPress / Laravel topics soon.

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