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WordCamp Asia 2020 Cancelled

2020-02-13 22:02:18
The inaugural WordCamp Asia 2020 has been cancelled. While some of us from the Malaysian WordPress community have been looking forward for the event, the cancellation decision is a good one, as the COVID-19 virus shows no signs of abating...

Happy Chinese New Year 2020

2020-01-30 22:40:00
It's almost February and we are midway through Chinese New Year! (Or Lunar New Year for Asians). How has your 2020 been? Have you been able to keep up with your commitments? I planned to write regularly in 2020, but...

Elementor 2.8.4 Vulnerability Requires Update

2020-01-30 19:16:42
If you are an Elementor user, you need to update your Elementor plugin immediately. Elementor just released an update to patch an Authenticated Reflected XSS vulnerability. This vulnerability allows hackers to load a script from another site and steal login...

2020: Looking Back at WordPress and Lifetime Deals

2019-12-31 22:50:44
Happy New Year, folks! As we step into the new decade, perhaps looking back at WordPress and Lifetime Deals for 2010 to 2019 makes sense. In this article, we will look at some of the significant things that happened across...

In-Depth Reviews of Digital Marketing Tools

Tired of paying over the odds for digital marketing tools that don't work? Or some WordPress plugin that don't cut it? Read on as we bring you our in-depth reviews on WordPress plugins, themes and digital marketing tools.

Social Snap Review

2020-01-31 17:44:39
If you are looking for the ultimate WordPress Social Media plugin, look no further than Social Snap. This all-in-one social media plugin not only does social sharing well, but a bunch of other social media stuff. And the best thing...

Convertful Review: Amazing Lead Generation Software

2019-12-06 14:57:24
If you have not heard of Convertful before this, fear not. It is not a JVZoo product, but a gem of a lead generation software. But really? Isn't it just another optin form software? Don't we already have tons of...

Fluent Forms Review: Powerful Forms Made Right

2019-11-28 16:09:09
Looking for a contact form for your WordPress site? It can get confusing with dozens of contact form plugins out there. From the ubiquitous Contact Form 7 to popular upstarts such as WPForms, Gravity Forms and Ninja Forms, we are...

ThemeIsle Review

2019-10-20 07:00:20
I've not written about any AppSumo deals for awhile as work has been piling up and we have been running weekly deals on the Martech Wise Facebook Group for a few months now. So when the ThemeIsle deal was released,...

WordPress & LTD Guides & Tips

If WordPress and lifetime deals confuses you, this section will help you understand how to make full use of your WordPress site. And how to buy only the best lifetime deals that you can use for your business and blog.

Migrating to GridPane with Migrate Guru

2020-01-30 22:52:14
If you are new to managed hosting panels and wondered if GridPane is right for you, read on as we bring you this short guide on migrating your site to GridPane with Migrate Guru. Managed hosting panels has been all...

The Unlimited Mailing List Hack for WordPress

2019-12-23 19:02:45
Email marketing is crucial for every site. Without email marketing, you are left to search engines and its ever changing algorithms, or worse, social media marketing which shows a declining organic reach, yearly. But growing an email list can be...

FAQs: To Help You Understand WordPress Better

To help correct misunderstanding over WordPress and websites, read on our in-depth FAQs. It comes with miscellaneous articles to help further your understanding of WordPress as a Content Management System.

Dangers of Malware on your Website

2019-11-09 16:54:49
If we break down the word ‘malware’, it brings out the meaning more explicitly. ‘Mal’ means anything harmful and dangerous, as in malaria, which was once thought to be caused by exposure to foul air. Malware is rampant across the...

Cheap Web Design Malaysia: An Educational Long Article

2019-02-05 05:02:29
A couple of years ago, I needed a cheap online store to sell my goods. And at that time, the most affordable ecommerce solution was Cart66. It looked slick and most importantly, it was cheap. Unfortunately, it was a hack...