Ninja Popups Review

If you are looking for the best lead generation plugin for your Wordpress installation, you have come to the right place. We are doing a series of reviews on Wordpress Optin Forms, the best way to generate leads for your Wordpress installation. While we have done the OptinMonster review previously, we are now going to review Ninja Popups, another very popular Optin Form plugin for Wordpress.

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OptinMonster Review


If you have heard the buzz about Wordpress and how easy it is to start a website, you are probably right. Wordpress has come a long way since the early days of b2/cafelog back in 2003 1, and is now probably one of the easiest ways to launch a self-hosted website, which is increasingly crucial in our web-connected world. Wordpress now powers up to 23% of all websites around the world and is showing a steady growth monthly. 2

In this post, we will bring you through a review of OptinMonster, as part of our series of reviews on Optin Forms (or properly spelt as Opt-in Form). You see, we here at WPStarters are always on the lookout for the best Optin Forms plugin for Wordpress, as part of our desire to make WPStarters as advanced as possible and help promote great plugins to Malaysian Wordpress users. As such, we have been purchasing and testing the various leading optin form plugins out there. Because of that, we are certain that we could give you an unbiased review of the best plugin for your Wordpress installation.

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Chargebee WooCommerce extension might be released soon

Here is a TechGarage exclusive. Chargebee might be coming to WooCommerce soon! What’s the big deal about it? Chargebee is the leading subscription engine worldwide, so much so that it is far more advanced than WooCommerce’s very own Subscription extension, which is available at USD 199, with a yearly recurring fee of 50% the original price.

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Why buy premium WordPress plugins

Premium WordPress Plugins are a premium for a reason. And with the falling ringgit, you might be wondering why you should purchase one, instead of going for the free options.

Also, if you noticed, we mentioned about spending USD 20k on building this site on our post on the Wordpress plugins and themes guide. I casually mentioned the same thing this morning, during a sumptuous breakfast of nasi lemak and fried chicken, to a lady who was keen on starting her own website and perhaps her own online store.

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The Wordpress Plugins & Theme Guide

In the recent weeks, we had some friends asking us for advice on starting a website, the costs and the complexities involved. Many times we could recommend WordPress due to the ease of installation and maintenance. It is as easy as 5 minutes. But what next after installation and why WordPress?

Read on as we bring you a guide on premium WordPress themes and plugins after the break.

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