Best October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals

As we approach Black Friday (23rd November 2018), it is understandable to keep some money ready for attractive Black Friday deals.

But don’t just ignore the current set of deals. There are some under-rated lifetime deals out there that might transform your marketing stack. And most of them end before Black Friday.

Before we continue, I would like to apologise for the lack of articles in October. I had two major projects that took up much of my time and was only able to do a review on Albacross.

The past week was spent improving WPStarters as well as testing out the current set of lifetime deals in order to bring you not just a list, but qualified recommendations..

So without further delay, let us look at the trend for deals for October and early November before going into our recommendations.

October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals: An Overview

Based on the current set of released lifetime apps for October and early November 2018, there are three significant types of apps released on lifetime. They are:

  1. Analytics and Intelligence Apps
  2. Help Desks and Live Chats
  3. Social Proof Apps

Let us look at the first set of tools, the Analytics and Intelligence Apps. They were.

  • Vaizle – Social Media Analytics Tool that lets you compares numerous social media profiles and gain actionable insights
  • ViralStat – Social Media Video Analytics and Intelligence App. Well worth the money.
  • Analytify – WordPress plugin to view Google Analytics on your WordPress Dashboard
  • LINKCheetah – A powerful backlinks monitoring tool that is simple and effective. I stacked this.
  • Albacross – A powerful B2B lead generation tool that went at a steal
  • Onpage Hero – Do better with SEO as Onpage Hero adds 20 data points to your Google Analytics dashboard.
  • FunnelDash – The only app that lets you view clients’ Facebook Ad Spend as well as accompanying information such as relevant demographics.

Personally, these tools helps us are understated gems that don’t seem like much, but turbocharges any site that has them.

We were also treated with a bunch of Help Desk Apps. They were:

  • HelpNinja – From the same guys as WP Time Capsule. The only deal that gave us unlimited agents and inboxes.
  • LiveAgent – Powerful one-in-one help desk app, but comes with a maximum of 2 agents only. Hard Pass.
  • HelpCrunch – Limited to one agent and does not include future features such as the knowledge base nor integrations.

Finally, there was a bunch of Social Proof Apps, including

At the time of writing, the LetConvert deal is still live.

The other time-limited deals include

Away from AppSumo, Facebook Groups and deals sites, are lifetime deals that we recommend. Some are ending soon, like WPMerge, WPUltimo and Brizy.

October and November 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Recommendations

Having said all that, let us look at our top recommended products and why.

Recommended Live October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals

1) ViralStat

Did you know that video content are becoming increasingly important? As internet access and mobile phones become more affordable, more people are watching and sharing videos than any other form of content.

So if you do Social Media Marketing for clients or for yourself, getting an insight on video trends, top performing videos across a region or certain profiles is important.

But Social Video Analytics / Intelligence Software is expensive. In testing ViralStat, I checked out Vidooly, ChannelMeter, TubularLabs, VidIQ and Talkwalker, and most of them do not list their prices down. Talkwalker goes for an expensive Euro 9k/year.

Personally I stacked ViralStat to the brim (a 3x stack) and recommend that you do so.

Why? Because a 3x stack gives you more limits than the highest tiered ViralStat plan ($149/month) and will bring you a long way.

I’ve also spoken to the ViralStat team and they have more data sources in the works, which will make ViralStat an even more valuable tool.

Verdict: ViralStat is an understated gem. Please grab this deal before it ends.

2) Brizy

[videopress TZyAFv8H]

Brizy is a page builder that I’ve been promoting on WPStarters for the longest time ever. But why Brizy when we already have options like WPBakery Page Builder (better known as Visual Composer), Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder and Divi, among others?

The difference is, Brizy is built and backed by ThemeFuse, a veteran in the WordPress scene. And when Brizy first arrived, it was hailed as an evolution to page builders as it solves some of the issues that even Elementor and Beaver couldn’t.

The interesting thing is, the free plugin for Brizy and Blox Builder (which was offered on lifetime at the LTDF Facebook Group) were launched at roughly the same time. But while Blox currently has 500+ active installs, Brizy has 30k+ of active installs.

The Brizy lifetime deal is ending soon. While it is pricier now ($299), it is still worth investing in.

Verdict: Might be better than Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder in the near future. Worth the purchase.

3) FunnelDash

FunnelDash Lifetime Deal
FunnelDash Lifetime Deal

I initially thought that FunnelDash was another funnel app. Or a messaging app. But boy, I was wrong on both occasions. FunnelDash is an amazing tool that creates a funnel for you to audit Facebook ads for clients.

And it does so by asking for their permission, before presenting the data simply.

Personally, I think FunnelDash is brilliant. While there are a lot of social media companies managing Facebook Ads for clients, they might not be do proper Facebook Ads Reporting nor audits.

Plus, with FunnelDash, once your client signs up with you, you get to automate their reports.

Verdict: A brilliant way of growing your agency with high-value leads.

4) HelpNinja

HelpNinja Lifetime Deal
HelpNinja Lifetime Deal

Help Desk apps are expensive. But it is necessary if you run a service of any kind, as tickets and issues tend to get jumbled up and lost. Plus, it is easy to forget a customer request.

So when HelpNinja was announced, I immediately bought a lifetime license. Compared to its competitors, HelpNinja brings a lot of value to the table. Also, HelpNinja is built by Vinodh and his Revmakx team. They are the guys behind InfiniteWP, one of the leading WordPress management dashboards.

Let us look at HelpNinja Lifetime, HelpNinja Regular and the competition below:

  • HelpScout Standard – $20/month per Agent. Minimum of two Agents
  • Freshdesk Blossom – $19/month per Agent.
  • HelpNinja Standard – $29/month, 1 Mailbox, 3 Agents
  • HelpNinja Pro – $49/month. Unlimited Mailboxes. Unlimited Agents.
  • HelpNinja Pro Lifetime – $199. Unlimited Mailboxes. Unlimited Agents.

The best thing about HelpNinja is, you can have multiple products that you can assign different support crew to.

HelpNinja is going at a limited hundred license lifetime run. Grab your license before they run out of codes.

Verdict: It’s the first ever SaaS Help Desk app with unlimited everything. If you need to service clients, you won’t go wrong with HelpNinja.

5) WP Time Capsule

Yes, WP Time Capsule (WPTC for short) is still on lifetime. But it won’t be forever on lifetime. If you handle WordPress websites for clients, WPTC is an essential tool.

It is the only backup solution that does 365 days incremental backups to Amazon S3, allowing you to store massive amounts of data at affordable pricing.

In comparison, traditional backup solutions have two weaknesses, namely:

  • Compression – They compress the backups, causing server load and at times causing the backups to time out
  • Space – Unlike incremental backups, traditional backup solutions store a complete image each time the backup runs. This ends up taking a lot of space.

Vinodh and the Revmakx team has done a brilliant job with WP Time Capsule.

Verdict: Grab a WP Time Capsule license before the lifetime license is taken off the shelf. With unlimited websites, WPTC can be a tool to supercharge your digital agency

6) WPMerge

WPMerge is the third product by the Revmakx team that is offered on lifetime. Be aware that WPMerge is on a limited time offer, meaning it will be taken off the shelf within days or weeks of this article.

Furthermore, the highest tier of WPMerge’s lifetime license offers merging for a generous 50 concurrent sites at a one-time fee of $597 compared to only 5 concurrent sites for the $447/year annual license.

We recommend WPMerge due to the complex problem it solves, the merging of databases.

Traditionally, it is not easy to make database changes on staging and copying them over to the live site. It usually requires:

  • No changes made on the live site, as copying from staging to live would overwrite your database
  • Manually merging the database changes. This can become an expensive affair.

Furthermore both options aren’t really viable long-term. Especially if you run an online store or an active site that receives comments, likes and other items that updates the database. Not until WPMerge.

Verdict: An essential tool for any team or agency doing WordPress development. Your clients will thank you for the ability to make changes while the original site continues running.

7) Analytify

Analytify Pro Lifetime Deal
Analytify Pro Lifetime Deal

Analytics and intelligence is crucial. However, not everyone is well versed with Google Analytics. Plus, accessing Google Analytics’ dashboard can be a hassle to those who are not used to it.

That’s why WordPress based Google Analytics dashboards like MonsterInsights, Analytify and GADWP (Google Analytics Dashboard for WordPress), are popular, well installed tools for hundreds of thousands of sites.

But it is in the Pro versions of Analytify and MonsterInsights that you see useful insights. But these plugins are usually very expensive.

However, for a limited time, Analytify Pro is going at a very affordable lifetime price. Plus, you get to stack up to 100 sites.

Verdict: I’m grabbing this deal as it helps me do a better care plan for my clients. If you are a blogger, WooCommerce online store owner or a digital agency running WordPress websites, you should grab this deal too.

Recommended Expired October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals

1) LINKCheetah

LINKCheetah Lifetime Deal
LINKCheetah Lifetime Deal

SEO Tools are expensive as they involve a lot of server resources. Especially when it comes to monitoring backlinks. When LINKCheetah was announced on AppSumo, I tested LINKCheetah against Linkody, Monitor Backlinks, Linkokay as well as SE Ranking, which was previously offered on lifetime.

And LINKCheetah did really well. It is much more affordable than its competitors (Linkody, Monitor Backlinks and Linkokay) and was much more useful SE Ranking’s basic backlinks monitoring tool.

Here’s a simple comparison:

  • LINKCheetah – $79/mo, Up to 2,500 referring domains, monitor unlimited domains
  • Linkokay – $47/mo, 5000 backlinks, monitor unlimited domains
  • Monitor Backlinks – $187.43/mo, monitor 10 domains, 4 competitors/domain monitored.
  • Linkody – $104.90/mo, monitor 50 domains, 20k of monitored links.

Verdict: Well worth the investment.

2) Albacross

When Albacross landed on AppSumo, I thought I didn’t need it. After all, I had Leadworx and Leadberry. But after reading someone’s comments on the official AppSumo group’s thread, I decided to test out Albacross and compare the leads generated as well as the terms of the deal.

November 2018 Lifetime Deals: Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry
Albacross vs Leadworx vs Leadberry

It became evident that the Albacross was a steal. With five websites compared to one for Leadworx as well as a rolling amount of email unlocks per month, Albacross was generous with their resources.

More importantly, the leads generated were useful and at a slightly higher tier than Leadworx.

I even wrote an in-depth review on Albacross. And the best thing about Albacross? They recently got funded just before the AppSumo deal.

Verdict: I foresee Albacross to grow and dominate the B2B Lead Generation field.

3) Vaizle

Together with LINKCheetah and Albacross, Vaizle was another sleeper deal that people missed out on. And I understand why. Most of us compared Vaizle’s limited social media profiles (25 per deal, 30 if you left a review), with SocialInsider, which gave us unlimited social media profiles.

But once I started testing out Vaizle, SocialInsider and other social media analytics tools such as RivalIQ, Quintly, zuumsocial, Sotrender and others, I realised that Vaizle offers something different than SocialInsider.

November 2018 Lifetime Deals: Vaizle vs Quintly vs RivalIQ
Vaizle vs Quintly vs RivalIQ

While SocialInsider lets us surf social media profiles as well as see the performance of posts, it is limited to comparing only two social media profiles. And the reporting is limited as well.

In comparison, Vaizle allows us to compare multiple social media profiles and provides us with a easy-to-understand, fully customisable report as well as recommendations.

That makes Vaizle a valuable tool for Digital Agencies.

Imagine trying to crunch down the data manually before creating those reports. That will consume a day or two, if not more.

Plus, Vaizle’s only competition are Quintly and RivalIQ. Both really expensive and comes with even more limitations.

Finally, Vaizle’s team was responsive and shows much ambition to be the best. Changes to the Vaizle’s app was made fast and others were added to a time-bound roadmap.

Verdict: Potentially one of the best deals in 2018 for Social Media Marketing Companies and Digital Agencies.

October & November 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Conclusion

October & November 2018 gave us a number of brilliant deals but it hasn’t ended yet. More deals are coming, which will be updated on the table. I’m also creating a Black Friday Cyber Monday only post for deals that fall on that period.

If you’re hesitant to invest on these software deals, always remember that you have a full 60 days refund period for AppSumo deals and a 30 days for most of the others. The LTDF and MartechWise Facebook Groups has amazing deals that you might be keen on too.

I personally purchase without fear when it comes to AppSumo deals as refunds are easy. Furthermore, these software has turbocharged my digital agency and helps us add value to clients.

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