March 2019 Lifetime Deals: Manage Your Business Better

It is almost midway through March and we have a bunch of interesting lifetime deals on AppSumo, the various Facebook Groups, StackSocial and new deal sites such as PitchGround and Rebeliance.

March 2019 Lifetime Deals: The Introduction

This month, we are intrigued by various similar deals being bandied around. Cogsworth vs Book Like A Boss, Kashoo vs Hiveage, Ora vs GitScrum, TagOn vs JotURL, are among the various tools that will leave you scratching your head.

And then there are deals that are similar to those in the past. Should you consider BlogBing Mentions if you already have BrandMentions or Awario? How about Odus when you have ActiveChat or MobileMonkey?

What are the must-buys lifetime deals for March 2019? If that is you, fear not as we explore this together on our March 2019 Lifetime Deals roundup.

March 2019 Lifetime Deals: The Complete List

Live Deals

NameLifetime PriceRegular PriceGenreAlexaLive / Ended / Ending SoonSpecial Offer
Book Like a Boss$49.00$19/mo*Appointment Scheduling153KLiveStack two codes to upgrade to Venti Plan
Cogsworth$49.00$139/yearAppointment Scheduling430KLive-
BoxySuite$29.00$150.00Mac App for Gmail & Google Calendar536KLive
Draftium$39.00$49/year*Website Prototyping Tool253KLiveStack two codes for unlimited projects
History Search$39.00$5.99/moOnline File System501KLiveStack two codes to upgrade to Professional (unlimited)
JotURL$49.00€35/mo*Retargeting Link Shortener397KLiveStack two codes to upgrade limits to 100k events/mo
TagOn$49.00$75/mo*Retargeting Link Shortener1.11MLiveStack three codes to unlock Agency
Kashoo$39.00$199/yearCloud Accounting Suite184KLiveStack more codes for more businesses
Hiveage$49.99$29/moCloud Accounting Suite192KLive
Ora$39.00$31.98/moAgile Task Management353KLiveStack up to five codes for ten members
GitScrum$59.00$12/moAgile Task Management131KLivePurchase the Unlimited Business Tier at $299
Swell Enterprise$59.00$39.99/moAll-in-one Business Management System1.78MJust EndedEach code gives you 3 extra users
Standuply$59.00$51/moAsynchronous Standup Meetings193KLive
RelayThat$49.00$25/mo per userMarketing Images Creator208KLiveStack more codes for more users
SociaMonials$49.00$149/moSocial Media Automation676KLiveEach code adds 30 social media profiles & 5,000 campaign entries per month
Quuu$39.00$19/moSocial Media Automation144KLive
Sparqa Legal$0.00£25/moLegal Platform808KLive
Brizy Pro$299.00$99/yearWordPress Page Builder302KEnding Anytime
BlogBing Mentions$79.00$99/moMonitor Brand Mentions on Social Media797KLive
Salesly$49.00$18/moCustomer Relationship Management Software3.39MLiveStack up to five codes
StartInfinity$99.00?Productivity Platform607KLive
Abhisi$69.00$25/moHelp Desk Software3.43MLive
Attensa?$7/moNews & Articles Aggregator2.31MLive
HoverSignal$79.00$39/moSocial Proof & Gamification473KEnding Soon
RankActive$69.00$69.95/moSEO Toolkit151KEnding Anytime
OhMyLead$79.00$79/moLeads Management Tool1.85MEnding SoonPurchase the $199 deal to get 3,000 leads per month
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March 2019 Lifetime Deals: Our Recommended List

1) Draftium – Ending Soon

First up on our list is Draftium. Similar to Balsamiq, MarvelApp and MockPlus, Draftium offers web designers and web developers a way to improve your workflow.

Why spend countless hours prototyping on BootStrap, Elementor or worse, plain HTML / CSS, when you can get it done within half an hour to an hour with Draftium?

Pros: Prototype Web Designs Fast

Cons: Currently lacks the ability to export the designs you createdVerdict: The Draftium lifetime deal is generous. Stack two codes for unlimited projects (normally $99/year)

2) RelayThat

RelayThat is a nifty app that makes generating catchy images for your blog posts, social media posts and even banners, easy.

I’m amazed that the RelayThat deal is still live. It is one lifetime deal that paid itself back many times over. Ever since I started using RelayThat, I stopped using Canva for my featured blog post images on Plus, check out my LinkedIn banner. That’s also done with RelayThat.

Pros: Generate hundreds of beautiful designs at the click of a button. Cuts down on complex design decisions

Cons: Generated layouts, while looking beautiful, has design limitations

Verdict: Back on AppSumo for a short while more, we fully recommend you grab yourself a few RelayThat codes for you and your team, while you still can.

3) Brizy Pro

So we finally did a review on Brizy Pro. Brizy is an upcoming WordPress Page Builder that makes WordPress design work, fun.

Having used various page builders through the years, including Elementor Pro, Beaver Builder, Thrive Architect, Divi Builder and others, Brizy Pro feels like having an iPhone when everyone else was one BlackBerry and Nokia.

While not as matured as Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder, Brizy Pro is rapidly maturing. Updates and features are being pushed on a bi-weekly basis, helping Brizy Pro make up for lost ground.

While the lifetime price of $299 isn’t cheap, it represents much savings compared to Elementor and Beaver Builder, that are on yearly subscription.

Pros: Powerful WordPress Page Builder with a very flexible layout.

Cons: Lacks add-ons and prebuilt blocks that it’s competitor has. Playing catch up with Elementor Pro.

Tutor LMS Exclusive Lifetime Deal

Verdict: Grit your teeth and grab the Brizy Pro lifetime license before the deal ends for good as Brizy Pro has the potential to be better than Elementor Pro.

4) Book Like A Boss

Are you a consultant, coach, speaker, lawyer or even a pet sitter? If you take bookings or sell your services and find setting up a website for that, troublesome, look no further than Book Like A Boss (BLAB).

It is an all-in-one scheduling platform that helps you easily create a booking page online, accept bookings and sell your services. All within 15 minutes of signing up. Plus, you don’t need messy software.

But why Book Like A Boss when you can buy Cogsworth Big Plan on lifetime? How about if you’re already on Calendly, Bookafy, AcuityScheduling or others? Should you switch?

Well, for one, Book Like A Boss has the best dedicated home page. And they’ve added monthly SMS credits and much more if you stack two codes. Here’s the complete list:

  • 100 SMS credits per month
  • Group Bookings
  • Custom Domain
  • Custom Branding, and
  • Custom Footer

Having tried out competing solutions, we dare say that BLAB makes it easy for you to sell to your customers. It looks much better and is much more flexible than competing solutions.

Pros: Beautiful Landing Page, Flexible Design, Group Bookings and Custom Domains.

Cons: Webhooks aren’t here yet. 100 SMS per month might not be enough for everyone. Bookings are only for you.

Verdict: A must buy for solopreneurs, consultants and coaches.

5) Kashoo

Do you run a small business? If you do, you should consider Kashoo especially if you are using either:

  1. Wave Accounting – Yes, we know Wave is free. And yes, we are using Wave Accounting too. But we are switching over to Kashoo. More details below.
  2. Some desktop based accounting software – Yep, we’re looking at you, SQL Accounting, since we’re based in Malaysia and have used SQL Accounting for some time.

Kashoo is a cloud accounting software based in Canada. Founded in 2008, Kashoo is a solid SaaS product with an estimated revenue of $40 million/year and 105 employees. We’re pleasantly surprised that Kashoo decided to offer lifetime licenses of Kashoo Enterprise with all future updates included.

Testing out the trial account of Kashoo, we found that though it might not look as good as Wave Accounting, it is a very solid cloud accounting software. Furthermore, it comes with an audit trail, which is essential for tracing errors, causes of variances and transactions.

Unfortunately, Wave Accounting does not have an audit trail and though it is on their roadmap, there are no roll-out dates for it.

Kashoo has stable integrations with banks, which is another factor for us. While we can connect our bank (Maybank Berhad) to Wave, the connection often breaks after a day or two. We did some research and found that Wave does have an issue with certain bank connections.

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Finally, Kashoo has an open API. This helps you connect Kashoo to other apps, preventing data silo. While Kashoo itself does not have many existing integrations, it is more than enough. We are hoping for webhooks in the future too.

You can read more about Kashoo’s API here.

Kashoo isn’t entirely perfect though. It doesn’t come with an Android app, invoices look plain and unlike Xero, there’s no integration with Shopify and WooCommerce.

Furthermore, it might not cover certain banks yet (but Malaysian banks are well covered). But that’s due to Kashoo’s size. As Kashoo grows, it will increase its integration to more banks.

Pros: Solid Cloud Accounting Software with $40 million in yearly revenue, Audit Trail, Stable bank integrations and an open API

Cons: No Android App, looks plain when compared to Wave, graphs are on the way.

Verdict: Kashoo is an app that you can use immediately. So, you won’t be buying into a roadmap. It will also be around years from now, due to its solid turnover. If you run a small business, please grab yourself a copy or more of Kashoo. I’m definitely buying more than one for future businesses.

March 2019 Lifetime Deals: Conclusion

March 2019 sees a number of great deals from February, which are still live. These includes RelayThat, Draftium, Standuply and Brizy Pro.

We are also introduced to Kashoo, Ora and Book Like A Boss (again). Kashoo is a very generous deal that you should consider, while Ora competes with GitScrum for Agile Task Management.

Personally, I prefer GitScrum due to their unlimited Business Tier, but Ora is a good bet too.What are you purchasing? Do share your feedback and thoughts in the comments section.

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