March 2018 Lifetime Deals

As for March 2018 lifetime deals, we have a bunch of interesting applications that are now live and a bunch that are expiring soon. As these are limited time offers, be sure to grab a license or two if you find them interesting. Or stack a bunch if you find them helpful to you or your business.

Talking about the February 2018 lifetime deals, these were what I purchased.

I’m most glad I bought is Awario. I already have lifetime SaaS apps for presentation (Visme), Social Media Management (MissingLettr, ContentStudio) and even CRM (FollowUpCRM and SalesFlare), but a Social Media Monitoring tool has never been on lifetime offer. Until Awario.

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While I like Leadworx, I just also bought Leadberry lifetime and for the time being, I’m still deciding between both due to the different leads which are generated. Leadberry seems to have the lead over Leadworx due to the unlimited emails that we can scrape from our visitors versus limited rolling email credits which Leadworx provides.

I bought LessChurn on a whim just hours before the deal closed. That was after checking LessChurn out and realising it actually pauses the payment gateway or applies a discount depending on the customers’ exit feedback. And gateways like Paypal should be coming soon. If that happens, LessChurn would be a gem.

Unfortunately LessChurn and SocialBee came and left within February itself with some friends missing out on it. Probably due to limited licenses. LessChurn would be interesting for some upcoming SaaS projects that I’m targeting while SocialBee would enable us to run as a Digital Agency.

As of the time of writing, here are the active lifetime deals for March 2018. I’m experimenting with the format so bear with me or send me some feedback if you prefer otherwise.

Active March 2018 Lifetime Deals (based on 20th March 2018)

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Without further ado, let us get started with the deals. I’ll start with deals I’m recommend followed by those I’m not too sure. Finally I’ll end with deals that I don’t recommend.

March 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Candidates

1) Rocketium Professional Plan ($49)

Rocketium Review

Videos are becoming more important nowadays. With 1200% more engagement than posts, photos and articles combined, it is important to get into Video Content Creation. Except that a busy person like myself would not be able to spend the time to learn iMovie or some other video app.

But no longer. With Rocketium, you get a powerful Video Content Creation app at a limited lifetime price of $49 only. That will save you $1200 if you use the app for two years.

I’ve written an in-depth review on Rocketium which you might be keen to check out.

Verdict: Don’t miss out on Rocketium as it won’t be back

Visit Rocketium

2) Keyword Hero Giant Plan ($49)

keyword hero lifetime deal

If you could only afford one lifetime deal for 2018, grab yourself the Keyword Hero Giant Plan on lifetime. Keyword Hero is the only tool in the world that puts organic keywords back to your Google Analytics account using nine sources of data.

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If you run a website and prefer not to burn your budget on Google Adsense, you will need to grow your organic traffic. And with the organic keywords blackout, the only way you could get your keywords back is by Keyword Hero.

I’ll be writing a review on Keyword Hero soon. Stay tuned!

Verdict: I stacked a few deals for my websites. Grab yourself some before the deal expires.

Visit Keyword Hero

3) Malcare Security Business Plan ($49)

Malcare Lifetime Deal 2018

Securing your WordPress website against hackers and malicious content isn’t easy but crucial in this time and age where WordPress powers almost 30% of all websites worldwide.

While there are many WordPress backup solutions for free, malware scanning and removal software are subscription based. Plus, most of them run on your server, causing server load.

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In comparison, Malcare doesn’t. It runs scans on your files which it has copied over to its own server. That cuts down on server load and server crashes that happens every so often.

I’ll also be writing a review on Malcare soon.

Verdict: I stacked a few of these too. It is useful for agencies as well as WordPress/WooCommerce website owners.

Visit Malcare

4) Book Like A Boss Lifetime Super Boss Plan ($49)

Book Like A Boss Lifetime Deal March 2018

Book Like A Boss (or BLAB for short) first came to AppSumo back in May 2017. It was a blockbuster deal that had 107 reviews when the average AppSumo deal only gets 30-40 reviews each.

BLAB helps you to have a booking page to sell products, services and even consultation time. It syncs with Google Calendar, making you able to control your schedule and avoid appointment overlaps.

Personally I bought Book Like A Boss lifetime and have it as a link on WPStarters.com. You can find my BLAB page here.

Verdict: Fully Recommended. While it isn’t a Big Boss Plan, you will still be able to get a lot out of BLAB

Visit Book Like A Boss

5) Leadberry ($39) – Expires on the 6th of March 2018

Leadberry March 2018 Lifetime Deals

Leadberry was previously on AppSumo but is now back with a lifetime deal of their own. It is a B2B lead generation software that integrates with Google Analytics and helps you identify companies as well as decision makers that visited your website via Google Analytics and their proprietary technology.

This makes Leadberry a very powerful tool if used in the right way. I’ll definitely be using Leadberry to generate leads for my digital agency business.

For $39, you get unlimited leads, unlimited websites as well as unlimited users. Which makes this a blockbuster deal. Compared to Leadworx, Leadberry offers so much more for the same price.

Verdict: Get yourself a copy today, before the deal expires

Visit Leadberry

6) Leadworx AppSumo Plan ($49) & Leadworx Team Plan ($99)

Leadworx March 2018 Lifetime Deal

Before finding out about the Leadberry deal, I was considering to stack on Leadworx licenses. Leadworx does the same as Leadberry, except that it isn’t integrated with Google Analytics. It however has better user interface compared to Leadberry.

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The weakness of Leadworx is, you need to use your existing credits to unlock emails. And with the AppSumo plan, you only get 400 credits per month. And you can only have one website per deal compared to Leadberry’s unlimited website.

Currently I’m testing out both Leadworx and Leadberry as they generate different leads. But based on the features, I’m inclined towards Leadberry.

Update: I’ve tested and reviewed Leadworx and boy, the leads generated are of better quality than Leadberry. Not only do I get local Malaysian leads, but Leadworx shows up with accurate data.

Last night, I asked three friends, a Canadian, an American and a Londener to visit WPStarters to compare results of the leads. And to my surprise, only Leadworx showed up. Ever since then, I have been a Leadworx believer.

Verdict: Grab yourself a copy if you still want a better lead generation software than Leadfeeder, Leadberry or Visitor Queue.

Visit Leadworx

7) Lemlist Gold Plan ($49)

Lemlist March 2018 Lifetime Deals


Lemlist is a cold email outreach tool in the similar vein to Mailshake and NinjaOutreach. It helps you generate personalised pitches with up to 250 emails per day.

Compared to Mailshake, Lemlist comes with the option to send personalised images that might prove a winner with your receipients.

Lemlist features a powerful analytics and A/B testing tool which helps you understand and improve the conversion rates of your email. This makes Lemlist a must buy tool in my opinion.

Verdict: If you do not have a cold email outreach tool in your inbox, grab Lemlist today.

Visit Lemlist

8) Funnelbake ($69) – Expires on 7th March 2018 or when they sell out the licenses

funnelbake march 2018 lifetime deals

Funnelbake comes across as a Drip.com and ActiveCampaign competitor. Coming from the same guys behind FlameDomain, FunnelBake promises to be the next ActiveCampaign, MailChimp and Drip.com combined. Which is a pretty big promise.

Funnelbake looks interesting and at times I am tempted to pull the trigger. But looking at the ambitious roadmap, I decided to stay away.

Verdict: Interesting but I’m staying away.

Visit Funnelbake

9) xobin Interact ($49)

xobin Interact lifetime deal

Interact is the second interviewing platform deal to be offered as a lifetime deal after Vervoe. I didn’t like Interact as it looks like a hastily done user interface, especially when compared to Vervoe’s smooth backend.

Interact’s limitation to 50 candidates/month is unappealing compared to Vervoe’s unlimited candidates for three campaigns.

Verdict: I don’t recommend this if you already have Vervoe

Visit Interact

10) WebinarSuite ($49)

I have not tried out WebinarSuite, but base on feedback it seems to wrap around Google Hangouts. This limits the functionality of the app and is lacking in features compared to Demio.

Verdict: Personally, I wouldn’t recommend this.

Visit WebinarSuite

March 2018 Lifetime Deals: Conclusion

If you are still new to lifetime deals on software, do note that deals listed on this site has been thoroughly vetted and have a much lower chance of the product being abandoned compared to say, buying on JVZoo.

If you find any of these apps useful to you or your friends, do not hesitate to buy a copy as these deals will be gone before you could blink.

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