Lifetime Deal for PWA for WP Ending Soon: Should You Buy?

While having a mobile app is good, having a progressive web app is better if you run a blog, corporate site or an online store. In short, progressive web apps (PWA) brings a bunch of benefits to your site without the hassle of keeping three different code base.

There are only a handful of established and regularly updated PWA plugins for WordPress. They are listed below:

  • PWA for WordPress
  • PWA by PWA Contributors – This is the official PWA plugin for WordPress
  • Super PWA
  • Instantify

However, only PWA for WordPress and Instantify are premium PWA plugins. This means, if you are looking for advanced features, your best bet would be either the PWA for WP or Instantify plugins.

Personally though, we recommend the PWA for WP plugin as magazine3, the company behind the plugin, already has a successful plugin in the form of AMP for WP. This enables them to fund the development of PWA for WP, which we can see from their GitHub repository.

The PWA for WP deal is ending in slightly less than 14 hours from the time of writing. We recommend that you go for the unlimited sites option, especially if you run a WordPress agency. Though it will cost you a cool $472, it is still cheaper than the yearly agency license for unlimited sites ($499 per year)

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