June 2018 Lifetime Deals: Social Media Paradise

Yes, it’s been awhile since my last review. WordPress development work has piled up during the past few weeks, plus there’s the upcoming Malaysian Income Tax deadline.

With new sources of lifetime deals, it is hard to know what to buy and what not to buy. Buying all existing lifetime deals would mean a massive investment of USD 1.4k at the time of writing, which is a fair bit for most of us.

Personally, I did not buy many deals since the last update. But I invested a fair bit into some apps which might prove as pivotal as MalCare and Plutio. These are

I also previously purchased the following from non-AppSumo sources.

Of all the deals above, I’ve started using 24sessions for a few online meetings and look forward to using Reportz and Action Recorder more. The features that they bring to the table, excites me.

While I like SerpStat as a software, the 2018 SerpStat lifetime deal was underwhelming. Not only did they cut the number of API requests from twenty thousand to one thousand per month, their clustering and text analytics features just did not do the job for me. Plus, customer service was frustrating to say the least.

Nonetheless, if you have the chance to buy a SerpStat lifetime deal in the future, don’t hesitate. SEO software is expensive and SerpStat is one of the better ones out there.

Coming soon would be reviews on Reportz, SerpStat and Action Recorder. While I’ve refunded the SerpStat 2018 deal, I do have some comments to say. As for Reportz and Action Recorder, writing a review would help me understand the software better and decide if the deal is worth keeping.

Having said that, let us look at the current active lifetime deals at the time of writing.

Active June 2018 Lifetime Deals

  1. Brizy Pro – $199
  2. Crystal (AppSumo) – $49, stackable to 4x ($196)
  3. UserGuiding (AppSumo) – $49, stackable to 5x ($245)
  4. Mobile Monkey (AppSumo) – $49 (unlimited stacks)
  5. Social Insider (AppSumo) – $49
  6. FormGet (SifteryDeals) – $69
  7. Torch Pro (SifteryDeals) – $59
  8. ReferralMagic (SifteryDeals) – $49
  9. MaaxMarket Pro (SifteryDeals) – $49
  10. Hippo Video (SifteryDeals) – $49
  11. Viral Loops(SifteryDeals) – $49
  12. MailSwift (SifteryDeals) – $49
  13. Brandquiz – $49 to $149 (unlimited)
  14. DragDropr – $49
  15. Email List Validation – $49
  16. ZoPush – $49

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Expired May and June 2018 Lifetime Deals

  • 24sessions – $69, 53 Reviews, 4/5
  • Action Recorder – $49, 41 Reviews, 5/5
  • AdOptimizer – $49, 15 Reviews, 4/5
  • Autoklose – $49, 14 Reviews, 5/5
  • Botletter – $49, 20 Reviews, 5/5
  • ContentStudio – $39, 82 Reviews, 5/5
  • Docsify – $49, 39 Reviews, 4/5
  • GDPR Tracker – $49, 10 Reviews, 5/5
  • Landbot – $99
  • Reportz – $49, 32 Reviews, 4/5
  • SerpStat – $39, 42 Reviews, 4/5
  • Yanado – $39, 44 Reviews, 5/5

In the June 2018 Lifetime Deals round-up, I’ve included the amount of reviews the expired AppSumo deals get. This is an indicator on how popular the deal was. In comparison to the expired May and June 2018 Lifetime Deals, some of the most popular deals all had more than a hundred reviews each.

This includes RelayThat (142 reviews), Plutio (141 reviews) and SocialBee (136 reviews). There was a lot of interest in ContentStudio. But I was surprised with the dismal showing of Botletter (20 reviews), AdOptimizer (15 reviews) and AutoKlose (14 reviews). Perhaps people didn’t see much value in them compared to ContentStudio.

Recommended June 2018 Lifetime Deals

We have a lot of lifetime deals for June 2018. With 16 deals and a few more coming, it can get confusing. Let us do a brief round up of the current deals that excites us.

1) UserGuiding (LTD: $49 for 1k MAUs, $245 for 5k MAUs. Regularly: $49/mo for 1k MAUs and $199/mo for 5k MAUs. MAUs = monthly active users)

If you are a developer that regularly develop websites or web apps for your customers, or even a SaaS product owner/marketer, you need UserGuiding.

User Onboarding software isn’t cheap, but helps reduce attrition, improve your user satisfaction as well a cut down on customer support needs.

As UserGuiding is the first User Onboarding software to offer a lifetime deal, I would suggest that you grab yourself the maximum stack (5x) and place it on the admin dashboard of your site.

That way, you get to maximise the monthly active users as well as profitability. By the time you reach anywhere near to five thousand monthly active users, UserGuiding would have paid itself off.

Verdict: I bought the maximum stack and plan to apply this to my upcoming projects.

Visit UserGuiding

2) Brizy Pro (LTD: $199 for lifetime updates and unlimited sites. Regularly: $49/year for one site)

No, Brizy Pro hasn’t been launched yet. But if you have used WordPress for sometime, you would have heard of page builders. They make the life easier for developer as well as the marketing team that eventually takes over the site.

Currently there has been a lot of buzz on Elementor Pro and Beaver Builder (and some buzz on Thrive Architect). These are amazing page builders that seeks to correct the weaknesses of the WPBakery Page Builder and Divi Builder. And they have done a great job so far.

But Brizy has the potentially trump them all. With amazing features that cuts short the development time of a website, you can focus on the styling and backend stuff.

Verdict: Brizy Pro might be a potential Elementor Pro killer. Do buy it before the lifetime deal is over.

Visit Brizy Pro

3) Crystal.ai (LTD: $49 for 5 brands. Regularly: $99/mo for each brand)


Like the Reportz deal from last month, Crystal.io gives us great value for money. Crystal is an AI-powered app that takes your social media, ecommerce and Google Analytics data and turns them into actionable insights that it can automate for you. It will help you be a social media guru overnight.

And best thing is, it is the first social media AI app offered on lifetime. Crystal.ai comes with a pretty impressive background and has already been funded to the tune of 7 million dollars, so being on AppSumo isn’t about money for them.

Rather, I reckon that Crystal.ai wants to use this lifetime deal to gain a user base. After which, there will be no future lifetime deals on offer. So you better grab this deal before it ends.

Personally, I like Crystal.ai. With machine learning, some brilliant AI and a host of upcoming integration, Crystal.ai is a breath of fresh air in the world of social media apps and auto posting.

But Crystal.ai isn’t just a social media app. It does way more. It even helps you manage your online advertising campaigns with the right products, placement, target and ad content. When used together with the AI-powered AdOptimizer, you get a powerful proposition to your clients.

Verdict: Please grab this deal before it ends. I’m personally going to stack up 4x.

Visit Crystal.ai

4) SocialInsider (LTD: $49. Regularly: $59/mo for the Freelancer Plan)

socialinsider 1

If you run a social media agency, you would be rejoicing with SocialInsider. AppSumo recently gave us a bunch of diverse social media tools on lifetime. This includes Reportz (reporting dashboards), ContentStudio (to find for trends & automate posting), the previously mentioned Crystal.ai.

SocialInsider differs from the apps above by giving you an insider view of your competitor’s content performance. And yes, it uses AI to get you details on boosted and non-boosted posts, engagement rate and frequency.

Personally, I’ve purchased a lifetime license to SocialInsider back and will be using this to impress Social Media clients.

Verdict: When used with the other Social Media tools on AppSumo, you get powered up like a Social Media Hero.

Visit SocialInsider


Finding the best lifetime deals is hard work. But this month’s lifetime deals are pretty solid. Personally, the lifetime deals from AppSumo are getting better. They now target a niche and bring in deals that benefit those within the niche.

Plus, AppSumo deals all come with a 60 days no questions asked, money back guarantee. This makes it easy for you to buy first and refund later if the app does not fulfil your needs.

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