July 2018 Lifetime Deals: Deals for Developers

If you are looking for the best deals for July 2018, look no further than our exclusive July 2018 Lifetime Deals list, where we help you find the greatest July 2018 lifetime deals amidst the good, average and bad ones.

With a massive twenty-nine lifetime deals for July 2018, keeping track of deals is tough. Getting expert advice is tougher as hearsay could affect anyone. An unsubstantiated rumour might cause you to miss out a profitable deal for good.

So why risk it?

July 2018 Lifetime Deals: Why Follow My List?

I’m not an expert but I’ve been a serial lifetime deals buyer since 2011 with my fair share of great lifetime deals purchases (WooCommerce, OptinMonster, Plutio & MalCare Pro) as well as some bad deals that I regret purchasing (Theme-Junkie, WireFrameApp & iSpionage, among others).

So like some stock exchange guru that has dabbled, made money and lost some on the stock exchange, I hope my experience and knowledge will be useful to you in my monthly lifetime deals round-up.

Other than listing down existing deals, I only recommend deals that I buy. And if you would like to ask me questions, just drop me a comment or join the Martech Wise Facebook Group that I’m active in.

Now, without further ado, let us look at the current state of July 2018 lifetime deals as below:

July 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Complete List

July 2018 Lifetime Deals
July 2018 Lifetime Deals

Currently Live:

  1. Adpow – Viral Marketing Campaigns like Vyper & Viral-Loops
  2. AdSoup – Unified Inbox for Chats & Social Media.
  3. BlogBing – Keyword Research Tool
  4. Brizy Pro – WordPress Page Builder Plugin
  5. Client-Portal.io – Client Deliverables
  6. CloudApp – Screen Recorder
  7. ConvertProof – Social Proof for Potential Buyers
  8. Coolix – Interactive Video Platform
  9. GitScrum Enterprise – Agile Project Management
  10. FlowMagic – Time Tracker & Payments Tool
  11. FormGet Ultimate – Online Form Software
  12. NoteJoy – Note Collaboration Software for Teams (like Evernote)
  13. Quriobot – Conversational Landing Page Bot (like Landbot.io)
  14. ReviewShake – Review Management Platform
  15. Roboform Business – Password Manager
  16. Smart Content Filter – Content Filter Plugin for WordPress
  17. Social Status Pro – Social Media Analytics like SocialInsider
  18. TrackingDesk Affiliate – Traffic & Conversion Tracking Platform
  19. WebARX – Website Security & Monitoring Dashboard

Expired Deals:

  1. Bookafy – Online Appointment Scheduling
  2. ClickMinded SEO – SEO Certification
  3. Curated by Alore – Smart Newsletter Campaigns
  4. Feedier – Rewards-based Surveys
  5. Fiskl – Mobile Invoicing
  6. GoPinLeads – Local Leads Generation
  7. InputKit – Customer Feedback Software
  8. iRefer Growth (200k Leads) – Referral Software
  9. Ludus – Slide Presentations with a Twist
  10. Repurpose.io – Upload Podcasts & Facebook Live Automatically
  11. RocketLink – Link Shortener with Retargeting & Call-to-Action

July 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Ones You Should Buy

I would like to apologise for the delay in this list. We had a few interesting deals that could do you well and just recently expired. Among them are:

To not miss any future deals, please follow me on this blog as well as join the Facebook Group mentioned above. But all is not lost. We have some interesting deals remaining for the rest of July 2018.

1) Brizy Pro – Usual Price: $199/year, LTD: $253* (Price goes up every few days)

[videopress TZyAFv8H]

If you run a digital agency, I’m sure you somehow use page builders for clients on the lower scale of the budget. But as page builders are aplenty and everyone claims to be the best, it is easy to get confused.

You might even have heard of some of these prominent page builders:

But not all page builders are the same. Some are frustrating to us and locks your content under their deluge of short codes (e.g: Divi Builder and Visual Composer) while the better ones are intuitive and easy to use. (Beaver Builder & Elementor Pro)

But just when Beaver Builder and Elementor Pro start gaining prominence as the main tools for WordPress website designers and developers, we are suddenly presented with the delightful emergence of Brizy, a page builder that threatens the duopoly of Beaver Builder & Elementor Pro.

Brizy has much potential. Though it has some distance to improve before it could start competing with these two established page builders, I have no doubt on Brizy’s future. Their development team is focused and financially, they are stable.

The lifetime offer for Brizy Pro ends in September. Grab a copy of Brizy Pro today before the prices goes up for good.

Visit Brizy Pro

2) BlogBing – Usual Price: $65/month, LTD: $79

BlogBing Lifetime Deal
BlogBing Lifetime Deal

Getting heard online is harder today with more than a billion websites globally. That’s why producing consistent, great content is crucial.

But writing great articles isn’t enough, as having a focus keyword for articles helps search engines like Google better understand our content.

However, Google’s Keyword Planner is notoriously vague about keyword volume and don’t help us much with suggested keywords. Hence, most of us involved in SEO turn to expensive, paid tools like Ahrefs, KWFinder and Long Tail Pro.

Lifetime deals for keyword tools are hard to come and the last keyword tool on lifetime, Keyword Revealer, was not as compelling as BlogBing.

In comparison, BlogBing comes with very generous terms and an affordable price. With a great amount of searches and suggestions, BlogBing supercharges your content creation effort, long-term.

With the number of coupons finishing soon, I recommend that you get yourself a copy of BlogBing’s lifetime deal before the deal ends.

Visit BlogBing

3) CloudApp – Usual Price: $18/month, LTD: $39

If you work regularly on your laptop, there are times you might need an easy way to capture and share screenshots, animated GIF files or video recordings of your screen.

Here’s where CloudApp suits you.

CloudApp is a simple app that does screen capture well without much fuss. Because of that, it frequently features on many Favourite AppSumo Deals List.

Personally I feel that CloudApp delivers great value for money with generous monthly storage and bandwidth for all your screenshots and videos.

I use CloudApp for all my screenshots and video captures on an almost daily basis and can’t tell you how excellent this piece of software is. Grab yourself a license and make screen captures easy today.

Visit CloudApp

4) Roboform Business – Usual Price: $149.75/year, LTD: $49

As a digital marketer and programmer, I’m often faced with the dilemma of having too many passwords. After all, having one password for multiple sites is foolish. But having multiple passwords means the need to remember them all.

And while you might prefer using paper and pen, they are easily lost and if found by someone unscrupulous, means losing access to some of your sites.

So what alternatives do you have? You could sign up for LastPass (now going for $6 yearly for each code you buy), or you could sign up for Roboform Business.

For myself, I went with Roboform. While Roboform is clunky and doesn’t auto-fill passwords for me, it has a few advantages.

  • It allows me to share certain passwords only, keeping my digital accounts safe
  • It saves me about $150 per year. And I’m only charged yearly for the 6th user onwards
  • Roboform locks out automatically after a set time. This keeps my passwords safe, as compared to LastPass’ constantly on settings

The Roboform deal is ending soon. At the time of writing, there are only 800 odd licenses left. Please buy one if you don’t already have a lifetime password manager

Visit RoboForm

5) NoteJoy – Usual Price: $8.25/mo, LTD: $49

[videopress G2evuQB5]

If you run a blog, digital agency, content marketing or just do collaborative writing with a team, you need to grab at a NoteJoy license or two.

But more than that, if you do any form of team collaboration where it is difficult to get everyone on the same page, you need NoteJoy too.

You see, NoteJoy is a collaborative note app focused on teams. This means, you get stuff like threaded responses, mentions, reactions, lightning fast searches, notifications when someone updates/posts something new as well as stuff like image galleries and checklists.

Why get frustrated with emails when you can just NoteJoy your way through collaboration?

But more than that, with unlimited notebooks, you get share with up to five (or ten) collaborators for each notebook.

That means, other than work, you get to use NoteJoy for family, friends and church. Plan your upcoming weekend sale purchases, holiday trips and that elusive dinner party.

And the best thing is, you get to have them on lifetime.

Here are the details of the NoteJoy lifetime deal.

  • Unlimited Libraries
  • Five users per library (10 users with two codes)
  • Five GB storage per library (10 GB with two codes)
  • End-to-end Encryption (with two codes)

I personally grabbed two licenses as I foresee NoteJoy becoming a great personal tool like CloudApp and pCloud.

Visit NoteJoy

6) WebARX – Usual Price: $39/mo, LTD: $49

WebARX Security
WebARX Security

I like WebARX. While it is not MalCare Pro, it has the potential to be better than MalCare Pro. Let me elaborate below.

As a web developer, I deal with websites. From simple WordPress websites to complex web applications, I’ve seen my fair share of hacked sites that become a malware slum.

The worst thing about a hacked site though, isn’t the cleaning up. But that Google removes you from search engine results. That means, your site will suddenly be nowhere found, which is a pretty scary thing if a chunk of your business comes from the web.

So, while there are a bunch of security plugins for WordPress, WordPress plugins with Web Application Firewalls costs money. Here’s a simple comparison.

  • Sucuri – $199.99/year – Includes Malware removal
  • WordFence – $99/year – No Malware Removal
  • SiteLock – $30/mo – No Malware Removal
  • NinjaFirewall – $39.90/year – No Malware Removal

WebARX will not include Malware removal in this lifetime deal, but has backups on the roadmap. If you handle websites for your clients, do consider stacking a few WebARX licenses.

This will allow you to offer WordPress Care Plans that are both affordable to your clients and profitable to you.

Visit WebARX

July 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Conclusion

We see a number of developer friendly deals in this July 2018 Lifetime Deals round-up. If you run a digital agency and build websites for clients, please stack up on these lifetime codes as they won’t be back for another round.

See you next month for our August 2018 Lifetime Deals Round Up.

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