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It’s been awhile since my last article. Work has been hectic with a number of projects being worked on, hence the sporadic posting. But as SOPs, partners and systems are being set in place, you can be assured of more regular posting this 2019.

I also feel that perhaps shorter posts would help, instead of massive posts of two thousand to three thousand words. Rather, short posts of about seven hundred to nine hundred words would make it easier for me to do round ups and updates.

January 2019 can be considered a boring month for lifetime deals. We had a couple of blockbuster deals. However, most of the deals were meh. As this will be a short article, let’s go directly to the deals. I’ve segmented the list into live deals, ending deals as well as closed deals. Recommended WordPress deals will be separated to another posts for brevity purposes.

List of January 2019 Lifetime Deals

Live Deals

Lifetime Deals Ending 31st January 2019



Recommended January 2019 Lifetime Deals

I’m impressed with only four deals this month, out of which one had expired. While the numbers are small, they represent much value to the buyer. Without further ado, lets get started with the list.

1) ActiveChat (Expires on the 31st of January 2019)

ActiveChat - a powerful chatbot with NLP
ActiveChat – a powerful chatbot with NLP

The ActiveChat deal should be over for regular buyers by the time this article is launched. However, you may still purchase an ActiveChat license via subscribing to AppSumo Briefcase.

I was initially skeptical about ActiveChat as I already have the licenses to MobileMonkey, Verloop, Quriobot, Landbot, and ZoConvert. I skipped Segmate and Tars (unfortunately) which were also offered on lifetime previously.

So why ActiveChat when you already have a number of chatbots?

For one, ActiveChat are the only other player (other than ChatFuel – never sold on lifetime), that has Natural Language Processing (via DialogFlow). Furthermore, once you stack five codes, you get unlimited bots AND Monthly Active Users (MAUs). This makes ActiveChat an attractive tool for agency owners like myself.

Here are the other reasons to consider ActiveChat

  1. With the ability to broadcast messages (which Landbot and Quriobot does not have)
  2. Integration to Facebook and Telegram (with more coming)
  3. Ecommerce Integration with 0% commence revenue share (only if you buy via AppSumo)
  4. No bot nor user limitation
  5. Well funded

Though ActiveChat has been reported as not as user-friendly/intuitive to use when compared to the other chatbots, the issue of user interface is not a deal breaker. Don’t let that hinder you from buying this amazing gem.

Verdict: Please grab yourself a copy before the deal counter ends.

Visit ActiveChat

2) OmniConvert (Expires on the 31st of January 2019)

OmniConvert's Split Testing
OmniConvert’s Split Testing

On first impressions, OmniConvert might not seem like a blockbuster to most people. After all, why do we need A/B testing in a tool when we can already do A/B testing on our page builder (Divi Builder), Optin Forms and even via our headlines (Thrive Headline Optimizer). Plus, I already have, a personalisation tool that was on AppSumo.

I had my doubts. And wanted to save some cash for the rainy day.

But upon doing some research, I discovered how expensive Conversion Rate Optimisation (CRO) can be. And how established OmniConvert is. Did you know that OmniConvert is usually mentioned in the same breath as VWO and Optimizely. These two are behemoths in the world of Conversion Specialists.

Then as I dug deeper into the deal, I found that we are offered an amazing product for a very affordable price. Minus the human hand-holding that comes from the monthly subscription. But it is a worthwhile tradeoff.

So, should you grab yourself an OmniConvert license? Yes. Even if you already have some software and WordPress plugins that does something similar.

That’s because OmniConvert not just does powerful A/B testing of your pages, but things such as surveys, overlays and AI-based personalisation. And it does it in one package. Thus you won’t need to load up a couple of scripts (which slows down your site). Nor will you have to worry about getting your apps to talk to one another.

Verdict: Highly Recommended

Visit Omniconvert

3) WP Compress (Expires on the 31st of January 2019) download

If you do agency work, maintenance plans are a must. It not only allows us to better serve the client but also allows scalability. After all, we can’t leave the client hanging after handover, no?

And offering image compression as part of the maintenance plan is a must. After all, large, unoptimised images are a major cause of slow load times, which then affects the SEO results of your clients.

Normally, image compression can be expensive. After all, you do need to compress your thumbnails too. Add in WooCommerce and some other plugins and suddenly you have ten to twelve thumbnails for every image on your site or your client’s sites.

And these are hidden costs that you do not see when taking on a project/maintenance contract.

Here is where WP Compress shines. It is one of the leading image compression services for WordPress, comparable only to ShortPixel. And no, it does not count thumbnails as part of your quota.

The best thing is, James Cantoni has partnered with us at the Martechwise Facebook Group to offer his last ever lifetime deal. This deal ends on 12 midnight US time, 31st of January though.

Verdict: If you run a couple of sites of your own or for clients, I recommend grabbing the lifetime license.

Visit WP Compress

4) (expired at the time of writing)

CUX vs Hotjar vs FullStory vs Capturly vs Smartlook
CUX vs Hotjar vs FullStory vs Capturly vs Smartlook

Heatmaps are expensive. Not long ago, we were offered the HumCommerce lifetime deal. However, the limitations on HumCommerce made it difficult for agency work. Hence when arrived on SaasMantra, my curiosity was piqued.

But I was swamped with work and needed to deliver on projects. So during one of those rare moments when I was free, I took a look at CUX and was impressed. Furthermore, some of my friends, established digital agency owners, recommended CUX, I began to seriously consider it.

In short, CUX was an amazing deal. It doesn’t just do heatmaps, but does it real-time with the ability to do preview the heatmaps live. That makes it a winner as its competitors, Hotjar, CrazyEgg, Fullstory and Capturly are not as efficient in capturing the user journey.'s Heatmaps’s Heatmaps

If you pair up CUX with OmniConvert, you could get started on your journey of conversion rate optimisation (CRO), a sorely needed skill in the age of websites and web applications.

Verdict: An amazing deal. Kudos to Sampath and team at SaaSMantra for bringing this in.


January 2019 Lifetime Deals: The Conclusion

I’m yet to explore the other deals but SERPCheetah does look amazing to me. Same goes for Rankedy. However, OmniConvert and ActiveChat are our must buy tools for January 2019. Please grab yourself a copy before the deal ends.

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