January 2018 Update: Blogging Almost Everyday

Happy new year and welcome 2018! And hello from Malaysia! While I have run websites since 1999, WPStarters is a new project.

As such, I will start by updating you guys on the website’s progress. This blog post will also serve as a journal for my blogging journey. Here is our January 2018 update.

Since the first week of January 2018, I have decided to try blogging daily (or at least I try to). This is due to a friend’s success with his bitcoin blog. And while it will take some time for SEO to kick in, this website will also serve as an interesting experiment, both for myself and my clients.

January 2018 Updates from Malaysia
Durians from the land of Malaysia. If you ever come by, you need to try this. Courtesy of WorldofBuzz

For January till March, I feel I will be focusing on the following topics. But if you have any other topics, please comment below or via the contact form.

  • Understanding WordPress and Websites
  • Reviews of various SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) products purchased – Currently 67 left.
  • Reviews on WordPress Products

As someone who buys software regularly via sites like AppSumo, StackSocial, Siftery and some private sale event, I have become a deal hoarder. I would like to change that. And instead of not using the software I purchased, I need to review individual software and incorporate them into my workflow.

Thus, as of the time of writing I have sixty-seven more SaaS products to test, review and write upon. And also a number of WordPress products that I need to review on as well.

On understanding WordPress and websites, I’m most proud of the WordPress Website Checklist that I’m writing on. It is still far from complete, but upon completion will be a valuable resource for us and our readers.

This checklist was started as I found out most of my clients do not understand websites nor the difference in prices. Thus, they end up paying a lot for a bad website that doesn’t rank well with Google. And when they come to me, it is often to fix their non-performing websites. And I’m often left speechless by the amount of money they have paid for their sites.

If you know of people that could use the Website Checklist, please refer them to our site. I’ll be forever grateful for your help.

January 2018 Update – Final Thoughts

I’m keen to see how far we will be in the next two to three months. Will writing valuable content make this site valuable? Will it generate both affiliate fees as well as hot leads for my digital agency business? Will I be able to move my business from just websites to profitable recurring services like Google Analytics and Google Adwords?

Only time will tell.

I do hope the site will continue to grow and be a valuable resource to others one day, like WPBeginner or ShoutMeLoud. Or within the Malaysian scene, perhaps like HongKiat.

Till then,


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