Rebuilding my WordPress Website #1: The Reason

While has officially existed since 2016, I’ve been running the original iteration of the blog since 2012 when I was still doing my camera accessories business. Back then, I focused on blogging on the Malaysian tech scene, but WordPress was my passion. And by 2016, I found I was writing more articles on WordPress and SaaS software than on gadgets.

Hence the birth of

It took me a month to build, as I took some time to list down my wants and needs, research similar blogs in the WordPress sphere, as well as modify it to be special.

This includes putting in custom post types (CPTs) and custom taxonomies. This is an important procedure to do early on, as it can get quite messy when you have more content.

Rather than use tags and subcategories to sort through a certain type of article (for example, reviews, for us), it is better to have them as a custom post type moving forward.

Choosing the Original WPStarters Theme

Finding the base theme for WPStarters was harder than expected.

I wanted to ensure that WPStarters was easy to read. But still performs well in terms of organic search. It had to be developer friendly as well, as I had certain ideas that I wanted to execute long term.

Finally, it had to look good. Preferably like a magazine or similar.

I went through multiple themes including those from:

The process was tedious.

I spent days testing out the theme, both on the official site’s demo as well as on my local, as I wanted to follow proper practice for WordPress.

And surprisingly, a lot of beautiful themes out there, don’t look quite good under the hood. ArrayThemes was an exception though.

They followed proper WordPress template hierarchy and had proper commenting and was well structured. And the best thing was, it was on a lifetime license.

So I bought ArrayThemes and setup a gorgeous blog at

Rebuilding My Website: The Changing Point

And it was good while it lasted. Until WPEngine’s acquisition of ArrayThemes late last year. Then the theme got buggy. The related posts, powered by JetPack, broke.

So while I wrote a simple CSS fix, I started looking at themes again. Should I consider a standalone theme to rebuild the site with? How about ThemeForest? Or as I’ve been building and delivering websites for customers, should I use these tools as the basis of my new theme?

Check back in a few days as I write the next portion, on my experience with these WordPress themes and what transpired since then.

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