Going Digital During the COVID-19 Lockdown

With the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hitting the world now, you might be stuck at home either with work or with time for Netflix or family. Or worse, babysitting your growing children like my brother and some friends.

Anyhow, if you are the latter and run a business, perhaps now is the best time to go digital.

Investing time and effort on digital marketing during this lockdown period ensures you are ready to shoot out of the blocks, when your country’s lockdown measures cools down.

But not all digital marketing are the same. While social media is all the rage now, organic traffic from social media platforms are at an all-time low, as Facebook prefers you to advertise. For most of our clients, we advise them to do both SEO and social media or just SEO and Google Ads.

This means, getting a web designer / web developer who is well versed with the technical aspects of SEO and WordPress while building your site. If it is built with WordPress, ensure that it is well protected after.

Personally, work has been overwhelming. I promised myself to start blogging when the 2020 Malaysian Movement Control Order started, but ended up being swamped with work, as some old projects reactivated.

I know it is not much to say, but I’m determined to write daily or at least three times per week for the next 100 days. Writing daily would mean some short articles or snippets, while reviews and in-depth guides are being written on a weekly basis.

I’ve much to say, but I’ll leave it till tomorrow. And yes, I’ll be back on Facebook. See you guys soon!

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