February 2019 Lifetime Deals: Rank Trackers Galore

January has flown passed us and it is now the middle of February. And with it comes a slew of lifetime deals for digital marketers, Martech enthusiasts and lifetime deals addicts. Personally, February has been an expensive month for me so far. While we lack the number of deals that we saw during the 2018 Black Friday Cyber Monday period, we do have some interesting deals that you might be keen on.

But as usual, it is hard to navigate the world of Martech and lifetime deals. With limited time and a rapidly diminishing countdown timer, most of us end up buying duds that don’t work. Expensive paperweights that could be better invested on a working Martech product.

If this is you and you don’t want to konmari your purchases later, read on to find out what are our vetted and recommended lifetime deals for February 2019.

Konmari: Why we need to clear our digital clutter
Konmari and our unused lifetime apps

February 2019 Lifetime Deals: An Introduction

Lifetime deals are a funny thing. Sometimes a lifetime deal for a certain category opens the door to a bunch of similar products. And rightly so. By coming in later, a SaaS company needs to offer a better deal or a better software, to be considered. Plus, they might lose out on the first mover advantage.

This is shown on the deals over the past year. We have seen a a number of deals for social media schedulers, link shorteners and messenger bots. Frankly, I won’t be buying anymore of those unless something really compelling comes onboard.

Multiple Lifetime Rank Tracker Apps

But just when I’m about to begin my lifetime deals fast after spending an obscene amount of money in January, in came a bunch of Rank Trackers. And I gave in to temptation.

You see, unlike regular SaaS products, SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) tools are an expensive. Just check out the price for Ahrefs, SEMRush and Majestic and you’ll be amazed (or shocked). But SEO tools are worth their weight in gold. Especially if they can deliver accurate results. Even better if they can deliver accurate, up-to-date results fast.

But I was not always mind blown with this month’s offers. After all, I had RankWatch (a previous AppSumo deal). And I had a lot of work to finish up.

So in between my downtime, I took a look at February 2019 list of lifetime deals and I was flabbergasted. Over the past two weeks, we’ve been graced with lifetime deals for four rank tracking SEO Tools. They are:

  • AccuRanker
  • Rankedy
  • RankActive
  • SERPCheetah

Of this list, AccuRanker is the only established SEO app among the bunch.

February 2019 Lifetime Deals
February 2019 Lifetime Deals (Click to see a bigger image)

PlugNPaid: An Opportunity for Simple Ecommerce?

Other than that, PlugNPaid, became a sleeper hit among the AppSumo crowd. With a last minute agency deal, stacking up five codes to ten codes gave us the best return. Now, if it matures, it will be a worthwhile purchase.

Finally, there were a bunch of other lifetime deals that made sense for developers and bloggers. Without further ado, let us look at the list of lifetime deals for February 2019 as well as our recommended list after the table below.

February 2019 Lifetime Deals: The List

[table id=18 responsive=collapse /]

February 2019 Lifetime Deals: Our Picks

Active February 2019 Lifetime Deals


What does it do: Website Prototyping Tool

Similar to: MarvelApp, MockPlus, Balsamiq

Strengths: Lets you put up a website structure within minutes, with ready made blocks

Weaknesses: There is no option to export prototypes to HTML / CSS, meaning, you need to redo the site from scratch later.

Recommendation: For non-designers (e.g: developers), having Draftium in your bag means you are able to quickly get the prototype agreed upon before venturing into developing the site proper. This help with execution speed and gets the various stakeholders onboard, fast.

I grabbed two codes for unlimited projects. Do grab yours too if you do web design or development work

Visit Draftium


What does it do: Visual Feedback Tool

Similar to: ProjectHuddle, Visual Composer, Invision

Strengths: Lets you collaborate more effectively and efficiently

Weaknesses: It doesn’t do much, other than for feedback and bug reports

Recommendation: If you handle websites on a regular basis, you need to get UserBack. It is a tech tool that will cut down on client frustration and improve your team’s performance. Best of all, UserBack and AppSumo are giving us the highest tier with unlimited projects and users. All for a steal at $49.

Visit UserBack



What does it do: A design app that simplifies the task of design

Similar to: Canva, DesignWizard & Stencil

Strengths: RelayThat generates multiple beautiful design layouts that makes you look like a design pro in no time.

Weaknesses:  While we can tweak the generated designs, it has fixed layouts that cannot be manually adjusted.

Recommendation: If you run a blog, online store, online ads or even do social media, grab a copy of RelayThat for beautiful design, fast. With the ability to add more users via stacking up on codes, I recommend grabing a few codes if you run an agency

Visit RelayThat

Read Our RelayThat Review


What does it do: Asynchronous Standup Meetings

Similar to: Standup Bot & Geekbot

Strengths: Helps your team be in sync over projects and deliverables. It even pulls data from your favourite project management apps and displays them via burndown charts.

Weaknesses: Standuply currently does not integrate with GitScrum, our favourite Scrum Project Management Tool.

Recommendation: With remote work and freelancing catching on in many countries, Standuply helps to keep everyone on the same page. I’m grabbing a lifetime license as WPStarters will grow our remote team in the near future.

Visit Standuply


What does it do: Makes it easy for you to run and improve your Google Ads performance

Similar to: AdOptimizer, AdEspresso & Optmyzr

Strengths: Makes it easy to automate your Google Ads campaign

Weaknesses: We still recommend that you learn the basics of Google Adwords in order to set a great campaign before handling it over to automation to manage the ads

Recommendation: Adzooma’s lifetime deal generous  £100k/month for a single license, makes it a no brainer. We recommend stacking this so that you can grow your agency with Adzooma

Visit Adzooma

Brizy Pro

[videopress TZyAFv8H]

What does it do: A cutting-edge WordPress Page Builder that makes web design a joy

Similar to: Elementor, Beaver Builder & Divi Builder

Strengths: Brizy Pro is a powerful and user friendly WordPress page builder. The best thing about Brizy, is that it fixes shortcomings of the other WordPress page builders. It is also backed by Themefuse, an established WordPress company

Weaknesses: Brizy is fairly new to the WordPress scene and lacks addons that Elementor, Beaver Builder and Divi has in spades.

Recommendation: Having bought the lifetime deal since its launch, I highly recommend it. Brizy Pro has continuously improved over the past few months and the lifetime license will not be around for long. Please grab yourself a lifetime Brizy Pro license while you still can.

Visit Brizy Pro

Expired February 2019 Lifetime Deals


What does it do: Simple Shopping Cart

Similar to: ThriveCart, SamCart & paykickstart

Strengths: Sell products without the complexity of up an online store like WooCommerce. Lets you do subscription based products as well. Accept payments via Stripe, PayPal, cash on delivery, among others.

Weaknesses: It is still very new. Lacks features such as affiliate marketing, upsell/downsell & vouchers

Recommendation: While I initially had reservations on plug&paid, I was won over after comparing it to ThriveCart and SamCart. PlugNPaid has given us a generous deal and a potential winner if they mature. Highly recommended.

Visit PlugNPaid


What does it do: World’s Fastest Rank Tracker

Similar to: SEMRush, Ahrefs & SERPWatcher

Strengths: Accurate and fast rank tracking tool that allows you to adjust your SEO strategies on the fly.

Weaknesses: AccuRanker is fairly expensive compared to other Rank Tracker lifetime deals.

Recommendation: If you plan to improve your SERP and grow your traffic, get AccuRanker today. It is reliable, fast and trusted by many SEO professionals.

Visit AccuRanker

February 2019 Lifetime Deals: Conclusion

Though I started the month skeptical of our current set of lifetime deals, I was pleasantly surprised by gems such as plugnpaid, Draftium, AccuRanker, Adzooma and Standuply, among others. Plus, RelayThat’s reentry into AppSumo meant I could grab a second license for agency use.

I bought both Rankedy and AccuRanker, which complete my line up of rank trackers. I previously purchased RankWatch from AppSumo and might grab RankActive pending some rank tracking tests.

If you are on the fence on this month’s deals, always remember that you have a 30 days refund period. With AppSumo, you are given an even more generous 60 days, no questions asked refund.

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