February 2018 Lifetime Deals

Lifetime deals for Software-as-a-service products (hereby defined as SaaS products) are those kind of deals that you take a risk in. While some might pan out as valuable, others perhaps not so. Compared to WordPress plugins, providers host SaaS products themselves, making them platform agnostic.

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Personally, I have purchased multiple SaaS products. Of that I have put a number to use with many more still left on the shelf as I do need to review them and test if they fit my business. But here are a list of Lifetime SaaS products that I have bought and use . In no particular order of importance

The value these deals bring to my business has been immeasurable. Getting them on lifetime means I save about $860 over the monthly subscription fees. As such, I would like to share current and upcoming lifetime deals for SaaS products, regularly.

You will also find regular product reviews for live deals to help you make your decision. Without further delay, here are current lifetime deals that you might find useful for your business.

Update: Since our last update, a couple of deals has expired during the month. They have been marked with ‘Lifetime Deal Expired’. We will update the list tonight with SocialBee, LessChurn and Xobin Interact.

Of these, I’m keen on SocialBee. Xobin Interact doesn’t seem good enough though.

February 2018 Lifetime Deals: The Candidates

Awario ($49) & Awario Premium ($99)

Awario Lifetime Deal

Built by the same guys behind the powerful Website Auditor tool, Awario is a powerful social media listening tool that helps you find mentions, keywords and hashtags and respond immediately. In my upcoming review, I’ll show you how powerful Awario is.

Verdict: Having tested Awario, I fully recommend this tool.

Visit Awario

Yodel ($49)

Yodel February 2018 Lifetime Deal

Yodel is an amazing piece of software. It gives you a lifetime number as well as an automated responder when you are not available. This means you get a natural speech AI bot speaking on your behalf while transcribing the conversation for you. This is like some concierge service.

While Yodel only works on Slack, a standalone app is coming soon. This enables you to answer calls on your Yodel app while on the go. Personally I bought a Yodel license for my agency business. You might be keen to do so as well.

Verdict: Fully Recommended.

Visit Yodel

Docsify ($49)

Docsify Lifetime Deal

Docsify makes it easy for you to track your emails as well as the actions taken by your recipients on your email. Did they open your proposal? How about your invoice? Docsify gives you all the data without ever leaving your Gmail account.

I was a little skeptical in the beginning, but after seeing a friend rave about Docsify due to amount of data that he gets. And yes, the data does improve the chances of closing deals by about 25%.

Verdict: Recommended.

Visit Docsify

Pabbly ($49)

Pabbly Lifetime Deal

Pabbly Subscriptions helps you collect recurring payment easily and is suitable for a host of businesses. On paper, I would heartily recommend Pabbly. However, I’m not too convinced with Pabbly due to the following reasons

  • Paypal itself comes with recurring billing
  • I can easily setup recurring billing on my websites either via Paypal’s API or via WordPress plugins like Restrict Content Pro and WooCommerce
  • Pabbly’s founder is known to churn out a variety of products on JVZoo. Many which don’t seem to be updated.

Verdict: Proceed with caution.

Visit Pabbly

Conversific ($49) -Lifetime Deal Expired

Conversific February 2018 Lifetime Deal

Conversific is a business intelligence tool to analyse your Shopify and WooCommerce data. Unfortunately I think it doesn’t do much, other than helping you find which product converts well in your funnel.

Verdict: Stay Away.

Visit Conversific

MissingLettr ($49) – Lifetime Deal Expired

Missinglettr Lifetime Deal


So you write regular content for your website. That’s great for SEO, but how about engagement? With MissingLettr, your blog post is automatically broken into twelve smaller snippets throughout the year. Link your social media profiles to it and get twelve separate posts through out the year, improving your social media engagement.

Verdict: Fully recommended

Visit MissingLettr

Slidebean ($39) -Lifetime Deal Expired

Slidebean Lifetime Deal

At $39, Slidebean is a no-brainer. If you are into content marketing or need to present regularly, get Slidebean today. With unlimited presentations and the ability to embed to any website, Slidebean helps you capture your readers’ attention easily.

Verdict: Fully recommended.

Visit SlideBean

Tallyfy ($39) -Lifetime Deal Expired

Tallyfy Lifetime Deal

Tallyfy is a software to improve your workflow. If you find you need to onboard clients regularly or have a process every time you launch a social media campaign, Tallyfy is for you. I haven’t taken a deeper look at it yet, but will do it soon.

Verdict: For now, I would say buy but keep Tallyfy till it matures in 6-12 months.

Visit Tallyfy

February 2018 Lifetime Deals: Conclusion

This concludes our list of existing February 2018 Lifetime Deals. Our next list will be for the March 2018 Lifetime Deals. The upcoming lifetime deals on AppSumo looks interesting with Keyword Hero, SocialBee and PieSync being among the picks of the month.

In no particular order, here is the rumoured list.

  1. PieSync
  2. Yanado
  3. Leadworx
  4. Lesschurn
  5. KeywordHero
  6. SocialBee
  7. OwLetter
  8. PageVamp

If you find any of the mentioned SaaS apps (either current or rumoured future deals) interesting, be sure to buy a copy before the lifetime deal ends. As usual, the savings you make will outweigh the costs.

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