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While its not too hard to get a WordPress site up and running, it becomes more complex once you have a dozen or more WordPress plugins running on the background to add extra features and functions to your site. Plugins tend to break at the most inconvenient time due to fatal errors. And not all fatal errors end up obvious nor exhibit the WordPress’ White Screen of Death.

Some errors end up flying under the radar for sometime before being detected.

And the consequences of missing these error(s) could be as mild as a broken contact form to as severe as customers being unable to purchase due to a fatal error preventing checkout. Or members failing to sign up for your membership site.

Settings on the Fatal Error Notify Pro plugin
Settings on the Fatal Error Notify Pro plugin

You don’t want to have fatal errors on your WordPress site, but short of checking crucial pages and features on a regular basis, what else could we do? And how often do you actually test out your site’s features to ensure they are working?

Personally, I’ve experienced my old tech blog cum online store‘s sale being affected by some fatal WordPress errors. At that time, I was too busy to check while sales zeroed for two weeks. And then a customer called up to complain about their inability to checkout, which then triggered us into action. What if we had a plugin such as Fatal Error Notify back then?

What is Fatal Error Notify? It is a WordPress plugin that helps you find fatal errors on your WordPress installation and informs you about it. If you get the premium version, you get powerful features such as:

Fatal Error Notify Error Logging
Fatal Error Notify Error Logging
  • Auto-deactivation – If an update or a plugin takes the site offline, auto-deactivation automatically deactivates the culprit
  • Slack Notifications – It is easy to maintain a site or two. But how about maintaining dozens to hundreds of sites? Slack Notifications helps you get informed of fatal errors through a central dashboard. Add in the fact that Slack Notifications have a higher deliverability rate during errors than emails, this feature is a must have for agency owners.
  • Logging – Keeping a record of errors is a wise thing to do. With Fatal Error Notify Pro, you get to keep a sortable and searchable error log that you can easily export to CSV for further analysis.
  • Plugin Shield (coming soon) – Would it make sense if you had a database that informs you of conflicting plugins so that you know better than to install something that might crash your site? This upcoming feature will make Fatal Error Notify Pro an invaluable tool in our arsenal
  • Quality Reports (coming soon) – Quality Reports will let you see compatibility reports, minimum PHP versions and frequency of errors for a plugin from your Add Plugins screen. This is a brilliant move and could be further expanded to include recommendation to install based on severity of the issue.

As you can see, Fatal Error Notify is a pretty radical but low-key WordPress plugin. However, the meat is in the Pro version of the plugin.

We are thankful to Jack Arturo, the founder of Fatal Error Notify for giving us a Martech Wise Group exclusive. Instead of paying $120 per year, you get to buy the lifetime license for only $180. This deal ends in approximately 12 days.

If you use WordPress in any capacity, kindly get yourself a license before the deal ends.

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