Why Web Apps Cost More Than Websites

Recently I discussed business over coffee with a friend whose business was slow. Being in BNI, I asked her about her unique selling points so that I could better refer her to friends and acquaintances. Along the way, we spoke about websites and web applications, when she asked me on a question I hear quite often.

Why do web apps cost more than websites? To many who aren’t from software industry, a website and web application seems similar. Both are online and both requires a URL to get access to. But are websites and web applications similar? Why is there a price disparity? Are web developers purposely charging rip-off prices to get large profits?

This article is part of our series, Common Misconceptions on Websites and Web Apps, a new series in our bid to educate our customers and readers on websites and web applications. It complements our other series, the Website Checklist – which are things you look out for in a new website.

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The Price Of Low Cost Websites

low cost websites

In the past few years there’s been a surge in low cost products. From low cost websites to flights (AirAsia & RyanAir) and even rides (Uber & Grab). But the unbundling of the costs also comes with the unbundling of responsibilities.

Think about it for a moment. While you used to pay much more for a flight on Singapore airlines, you also get a number of amenities. Plus, the food is good and drinks are on the house. With low cost flights however, everything starts of startlingly cheap. But watch in horror as your fare doubles when adding baggage, guaranteeing a seat and even getting a sip of water.

Unbundling of products has become part of our world and not just when we fly. It also shows up in our fast food outlets where we need to queue as well as clean the tables after our meals; in petrol stations we have to fill in the tanks ourselves.

So where does low cost websites come in and how does it affect your business? Read on after the break.

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