The Website Checklist: Get An SEO Optimized Site Today

So you are on the lookout for a great website at an affordable price. And after getting a number of quotations, you get confused. Why is there a price difference between various companies. And with everyone saying they are good, so who is a bad web designer/web developer? What about web builders like Wix and Squarespace or Content Management Systems like WordPress and Drupal? Or an HTML site? Could you and should you just create your own site?

In this Website Checklist article, we will walk you through a series of items that you need in a modern SEO optimised website.

The Website Checklist: The Introduction

Website Checklist

A search engine optimised website is crucial for you to rank with the search engines. Unfortunately, even in this time and age, websites that look great but lacking proper technical SEO nor the necessary software to do well are a dime in a dozen.

But as a non-tech person, it is hard to even understand what the fuss is about. Mostly, you find out the hard way. After spending much time, effort and money on your site, you find visitors hard to come by and feel that websites are a waste of time. Perhaps it is better to just have a Facebook page, since websites don’t work. Or do they actually work, but perhaps you were given the wrong advice?

Or perhaps you have heard some friends rant their frustrations to you. Their expensive website is just a decoration on their name cards. Sales? What sales? They can’t even imagine how Amazon did so well, when their online sales barely hit a thousand per month.

The Website Checklist: For the Frustrated

If you are one of those or know someone who is, you are the reason I write this checklist. In my short tenure as a digital agency owner (and my long period of running websites), I have met various friends and clients who paid good money for a website but lack of visitors, leads and sales.

Isn’t a website supposed to give you the visitors and a spot on the first page of the Google Search result? Well, no. At least not automatically.

But if it doesn’t give you a spot on first page, why should you even look at the checklist? You see, with this checklist, you can find out if your website designer/web developer/website builder fulfils your needs before even starting on a project. A well-coded website that fulfils the fulfils technical SEO requirement, has a higher chance of ranking well with Google.

Without further ado, here is our website checklist.

The Website Checklist

  1. Schema Markup: Why You Need Schema Markup & How to Install it
  2. Proper Permalinks: Why You Need Proper Permalinks/SEO-Friendly URLs
  3. Website Speed: How To Improve Your Website Speed & Why Speed Matters To Google
  4. Blog: Why You Need a Blog Section
  5. Website Designs: Why You Shouldn’t Look for Web Design

Why We Wrote the List: The Explanation

We start the series with a general overview on Schema Markup and why you need it. Do note that we will soon talk about Local Business SEO, which is a very much-needed structured data markup. This however, will be in the near future.

Without proper Schema Markup, search engines like Yandex, Google and Bing will find it hard to understand your site. Rather, they would make educated guesses on your content, which results in lower search results for your website.

Proper permalinks/SEO-Friendly URLs is an interesting topic as I never expected sites built-in this time and age to still go with ugly permalinks. But hey, it still happens and that’s the reason we wrote the article.

Ugly permalinks affects your site more than you know it. And it penalizes you from getting good search results. Before I end up writing too much, check out our Permalinks/SEO-Friendly URLs article.

The next to look out for is your website speed. Speed is a crucial ranking factor for 2018 and influences not only your desktop search engine results, but your mobile results. Is your website built for speed? Did the web designer/developer use a proper theme to build your site, or did he use a slow multipurpose theme that makes your site slow (and his work easier)?

Another problem with a lot of sites nowadays is a lack of a blog section. Why does your site needs a blog section? Read on as we go in-depth into the differences a blog will make. And what makes a blog section effective to your website?

Currently, we are focusing on updating the Website Checklist with more items added to the checklist regularly. Please check back every two to three days until we complete the checklist.


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