The Price Of Low Cost Websites

In the past few years there’s been a surge in low cost products. From low cost websites to flights (AirAsia & RyanAir) and even rides (Uber & Grab). But the unbundling of the costs also comes with the unbundling of responsibilities.

Think about it for a moment. While you used to pay much more for a flight on Singapore airlines, you also get a number of amenities. Plus, the food is good and drinks are on the house. With low cost flights however, everything starts of startlingly cheap. But watch in horror as your fare doubles when adding baggage, guaranteeing a seat and even getting a sip of water.

Unbundling of products has become part of our world and not just when we fly. It also shows up in our fast food outlets where we need to queue as well as clean the tables after our meals; in petrol stations we have to fill in the tanks ourselves.

So where does low cost websites come in and how does it affect your business? Read on after the break.

I get regular enquiries from friends, BNI members and family on whether I build websites. And most of the time, I’m open to consider projects as long as I’m not working on any. But just like low cost airlines, there has been an unbundling of services for websites, causing a surge in low cost websites.

Malaysia Low Cost Websites
We don’t build ugly sites. Message us for a beautiful bespoke or turnkey site at competitive prices!

Nowadays it is common to see people offering websites for less than a thousand ringgit (USD 250). But should you go for a low cost website? What gets unbundled and what is the long term cost to your business?

In most cases I’ve seen, the first to go is your domain name. Check with your developer if you can purchase your own and get him to install it for you. If he has purchased and installed it for you, ask him to transfer the ownership to your email in order to avoid complications when you want to switch developers.

Secondly, ask him for the details for hosting. In most low cost website deals, you are placed in a shared server; think of it as a packed condo with five thousand tenants. For better organic results with Google, ask him to move you to a much faster managed VPS.

Low Cost Websites Malaysia
And no, affordable sites don’t mean ugly ones

Thirdly, ask him about the template he has in mind for your site. If it is a multi purpose template, avoid them at all costs. Due to all the extra code, they add extra loading time due to your site, affecting your SEO results, visibility and profitability.

Finally, ask about after sales service. Would your site be submitted for indexing with Google, Bing and Yandex? How about implementing stuff like custom post types if you plan to write more content on a certain category? Would there be local SEO implemented so that search engines would know you are a local business and send business to you?

Low Cost Websites : The Conclusion

All these tasks are minor, but with the rise of low cost websites and the decoupling of services from website building, saving yourself a few hundred ringgit might cost you thousands to tens of thousands every month.

Sometimes, clients come to us after having had a bad experience with their low cost website. In most cases, we have no issue helping them migrate out of their previous provider. But in some, they are forced to restart

If you are looking for a qualified and experienced website and web applications developer in Klang Valley (or if you don’t mind hiring a remote developer for a project), drop us a line via our contact form.

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