Five Reasons You Should Use WordPress For Your Website

So, you are planning to launch a new startup and have your business plans all thought of. Or you need to modernise and would like to have a site. All you need is a website for your business, and the quotations has come in. All is good except that the quotations start at twenty five thousand or more.

If this sounds familiar to you, perhaps you should consider WordPress, the fastest growing tool for content management. Here at WPStarters, we present you five reasons you should use WordPress for your startup’s website.

1) Reasons You Should Use WordPress : Ease Of Use

WordPress is easy to use. If someone else tells you otherwise, kindly walk away, as starting up a WordPress based website takes minutes. Customising it can take hours to months though, depending on the complexity.

If you need a simple website with a few pages or a complex one with an ecommerce system or to sell tickets for an event, WordPress can do all that.

With WordPress, you no longer have to worry about spending tens of thousands (or hundreds of thousands as in the 1990s) for a complex content management system. Neither does it take hours to put up an article. You can easily write an article and have it published in a few minutes.

If you are looking for some beautiful landing pages, with WordPress, you no longer have to spend hours with the HTML. Setting up a landing page is as easy as a few clicks and voila, you’re done!

2) Reasons You Should Use WordPress : Large Ecosystem

Due to WordPress’ growing reputation, you can easily find various plugins and extensions for your needs. This is crucial as the ecosystem is related to the cost. If you use an obscure or a less well-known solution, you would need to then develop your own plugins and extension, rather than purchase one off the shelf.

This creates additional costs, which might not be good to you. That takes us to the next reason listed below, costs.

3) Reasons You Should Use WordPress : Costs

Other than the ease of use, another reason why you should use WordPress is the cost factor. While many will tell you that you can launch a site with only three thousand or less, are these other options worth the hassle?

Let us help you explore what you usually get for three thousand ringgit or so.

A) A HTML Site

Some developers will launch your site on HTML. It is fast and has no maintenance charges. But the problem then comes when you need to add pages. Or would like to tell a story about your company. Or run a campaign. And then your developer starts charging you for every page.

Or how about doing something advanced like selling an ebook or letting your readers book an event? Well, that would be really tough work.

B) On Drupal/Joomla/Other CMSes

Other developers will launch your site with Drupal, Joomla or some other CMS. There are a lot of them nowadays. The problem starts when you need to update them. Some don’t have backward compatibility, so you’ll need to re-hire your developer once again, and risk losing all your hard earned SEO.

StudioPress Premium WordPress Themes

Others will cost you a lot just to change the look or add functionality to the site. How about WordPress?

C) A WordPress Site

Launching a WordPress site can be a relatively affordable task. Here are some options if you wish to make your WordPress site look good without adding too much to the costs

We will touch more on suitable WordPress plugins in our future blogposts. As for themes, if you can’t decide, you won’t go wrong with StudioPress.

4) Reasons You Should Use WordPress : Launch Quickly

WordPress enables you to launch quickly and affordably. Rather than spending days to craft a beautiful page, you can do so within minutes. If you need more functionality, plugins like Beaver Builder, Thrive Content Builder and Visual Composer does an excellent job.

Thus, if you are building a fund raising campaign, a restaurant’s menu or just plain wedding invitation via a website, WordPress does that all, really well.


5) Reasons You Should Use WordPress : Get Support

Due to WordPress’ popularity and breadth, it is significantly easier and more affordable to get quality help if you encounter issues with your WordPress site. Or if you would like to extend your WordPress installation to do cool things like an iPhone app or a booking system.

In comparison, developers for Drupal are known to be significantly more expensive. Partially due to Drupal’s changing nature, but also a smaller user base as well.


Ultimately, it is easy to both launch and then scale a website with WordPress. You do not need to hire developers but buy themes and plugins off the shelf, in order to cut down costs and development time.

If you run a company with revenues below USD 500 million, WordPress is more than sufficient for you.

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