The Problem With Premium WordPress Plugins

wordpress plugins - The Problem With Premium Wordpress Plugins
If you have been a reader on WPStarters, you would have noticed that we write not just about iPhone or cameras, but also on WordPress and its ecosystem. Being heavy users of WordPress, we have to say that it has…

Why You Should Buy Lifetime WordPress Theme Packages

Tesla Themes - Why You Should Buy Lifetime Wordpress Theme Packages
Lifetime WordPress theme packages or license are becoming a rarity nowadays. Unlike early 2013, August 2013 marked a major shift in thinking of major WordPress shops with WooThemes moving into yearly renewals. After awhile, other major WordPress theme developers followed…

Why buy premium WordPress plugins

why buy premium WP plugins - Why buy premium WordPress plugins
Premium WordPress Plugins are a premium for a reason. And with the falling ringgit, you might be wondering why you should purchase one, instead of going for the free options. Also, if you noticed, we mentioned about spending USD 20k…