How To Fix A Hacked WordPress Site

Recently I was invited to fix a hacked WordPress site that started displaying a Google warning page as someone visits them. The thing is, the website was hacked for a couple of years, but they did not do anything out of fear of losing all data.

I had volunteered my Friday afternoons with the NGO and after helping out for sometime, we finally managed to have lunch as a team. Midway through lunch, they found out I was working on some WordPress products and told me their problem. And I thought it would be easy.

After lunch, I popped by the office and after a while, FTP-ed into their backend. The hack was massive. Here are the steps I took to fixed the hacked WordPress site.

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How to Buy Bad WordPress Themes

So yes, you decided to start an ecommerce startup and have certain extensions you’ve earmarked to buy on And perhaps you might have engaged a developer to build a few more, so that you could be the next ASOS, eBay or Amazon of your country/state/locality. And then you need to choose a theme and someone recommends ThemeForest to you. Instead of congratulating you, perhaps a guide on how to identify and avoid bad WordPress themes would be a better idea.

Find out more after the break as we dive into in-depth into purchasing WordPress themes and avoiding bad ones.

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Launching your MVP with WordPress

Recently I was at the launch of a local accelerator program, where we had a group of venture capitalists, investors, aspiring startup owners and people out to network. Over lunch, I met an uncle who runs a service-type of business (e.g. : maid agency, nanny agency, barber shop etc) and I asked him if he would consider having a booking feature plugged into his website.

All the sudden, a friend who was listening in, suddenly jumped in and said, “Wouldn’t that be really expensive? Like sixty to seventy thousand ringgit? (USD 15-18k). After all, I get quoted that price by developers”

Fortunately (or unfortunately, depending on how you see it), you can actually have a booking system for your site via some WordPress plugins. Due to the growth of WooCommerce, you can easily have an advanced e-commerce store for your startup while focusing on your traction.

Here’s a list of startups you can launch with just WordPress and WooCommerce after the break.

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Five Best Ways To Tank Your Site

Running a site can both be a joy and a pain. Especially if you need to maintain and update the site that runs on a hard to update software. Or perhaps one which was badly coded and maintained. At times, it makes more sense to transition to a different software rather than try to extend it. But it is in switching where most people make mistakes on.

In recent weeks, I’ve helped some friends troubleshoot errors within their pricey new websites. Unfortunately, these findings came a bit late as the websites were delivered to them. However, I’ve written this article in hopes that you won’t do the same and tank your site as well. Read on as we explore the topic further.

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5 Reasons Lifetime WordPress Licenses Are Bad For You

So you are new to WordPress (or just returned to using WordPress) and are considering purchasing some lifetime WordPress licenses to cut your costs. However, you’re stumped to find only a few WordPress companies offering lifetime licenses, other than those on CodeCanyon and some dodgy looking ones. But you should not buy lifetime WordPress licenses.

Read on after the break for more

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