What Are Common Misconceptions on Websites?

Ever since coming out full-time a web developer, I realised that I faced a lot of common misconceptions on websites, web design and web applications from clients and prospects.

Many times, that clients and people like yourself suffer from a lack of information and wrong concepts that creeped into the industry. This hampers your decision-making process and builds unrealistic expectations on the entire digital agency industry.

Common Misconceptions on Websites and Web Applications
Get better web concepts and clear your misconceptions 🙂

My aim of writing this series of articles is to help clients and visitors like yourself to fully comprehend technical concepts that your digital agency provider/web designer/web developer might tell you. And to understand what actually goes into building a proper website/web application, especially in Malaysia and Singapore.

This series complements our existing series on the Website Checklist, whereby you check with your web designer/developer on whether the series of items that we have listed is applied on your site.

Without further delay, here is our series on Common Misconceptions on Websites, where we educate you on websites, web applications and web design via a series of articles.

Here are some common misconceptions on websites we face on an almost daily basis:

  • Why does a Web Application cost more than a Website?
  • Why does it cost so much to develop an easy feature for my website?
  • Why can’t you guarantee SERP results for new websites?
  • Can I get a refund if your website doesn’t automatically generate revenue for me?
  • Why are your sites more expensive than my other web designer/developer?
  • Why can’t I hire a writer from India for my content?
  • Isn’t WordPress easily hackable?
  • Why use WordPress for my website?
  • Why not use Visual Composer?

This article is actively updated as we write articles that answer these questions and more. Kindly return regularly or subscribe to our newsletter for updates.

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