5 Reasons Why Your Blog Should Be On WordPress

So you’re launching your new startup and content marketing is on your agenda. After some discussion with your CTO, you opt for a hacked together blog powered by Rails, Laravel or one of those frameworks. Or perhaps go with Tumblr, Medium or just LinkedIn Pulse. While that may be good, your blog should really be on WordPress.

Why is that so? And why not stick the same framework your web application is on? Read on after the break for more of why your blog should be on WordPress.

Introduction : Why blog on WordPress

Content Marketing is no longer a byword to be ignored in the modern age and time. With many startups focusing on traction and with it advertising, paid per click advertisements are rapidly becoming more expensive. TechinAsia reports the story of Shopious as below

“We had hundreds of stores already wanting to pay,” Aditya writes. “We used all the money we got from our subscriptions to bring in traffic and potential buyers to our site via various channels, SEO, SEM , FB ads (retargeting), SMS blast, whatever you name it.”

The problem was that the cost of these paid-for marketing channels kept increasing due to an overheating market and well-funded startups that could afford to play this game.

“That […] eventually pushed ad-prices to go up like crazy.” Aditya writes.1

While Shopious’ plan was to aggregate Instagram shop owners and then help them sell their products, Shopious was ultimately let down by a lack of content marketing and much reliance on paid advertisements. A reason why many potential unicorn startups fail in the long run.

But what does content marketing have to do with WordPress? And why should we blog on WordPress? Let us take a deeper look into blogging on WordPress, now that we have establish the need to blog.

1) Why blog on WordPress : Search Engine Optimisation

Search Engine Optimisation done right, can be a very profitable route for startups and businesses. With many companies spending money on content creation, we are however suffering from too much content. However, with a SEO optimised CMS like WordPress, your content will be easily found by Google, compared to those of your competitors with lesser CMSes.

Even more so, plugins like Yoast SEO and Yoast SEO premium, brings SEO to the next level with their constantly improving plugins that does things like 301 redirect effortlessly. With Yoast and WordPress, your content has an advantage over your competitors.

2) Why blog on WordPress : Amazing hosting

If you have a high traffic site or a viral product, chances are you would have encountered some down time, or perhaps some expensive bills on Amazon Web Services (AWS), Digital Ocean or Heroku. Or perhaps you would have needed to hire a top notch system admin, fire up some load balancers and firewalls or do all of that and more.

The amazing thing about running your blog on WordPress, is that you get unlimited page views (!) and awesome uptime on WordPress VIP. The basic WordPress VIP hosting goes at USD 5,000 a month for five sites, an incredible value compared self managing your site’s security, uptime and resources.

3) Why blog on WordPress : Painless backups

Other than hosting your site, another pain will normally face, are backups. While most backup solutions out there would send your database to a remote location via an hourly or daily schedule, keeping your site properly backed up means more than just the database, but all the other files on your blog. This would probably mean some manual backup every month or so, which gets worse as your blog gets more content.

When you lose your blog posts due to some faulty backups

In comparison, blogging on WordPress means that you have access to backup tools like BackupBuddy, UpdraftPlus and VaultPress. With VaultPress doing seamless, unlimited backups of your WordPress site every hour, no matter how big the WordPress site is, you would be hard pressed to find such a solution for your non-WordPress blog.

4) Why blog on WordPress : Amazing plugins

Due to WordPress powering a quarter of all websites globally, the WordPress ecosystem is a vibrant one indeed. With leading plugins to do various things such as lead capture (OptinMonster), ticket selling (Events Calendar), advanced SEO (Yoast Premium), membership (Restrict Content Pro), forms (Gravity Forms), you can focus on your content marketing efforts.

To make things more interesting, SAAS apps like Co-Schedule works natively with WordPress to help you in your content creation, scheduling and promotion via social media automation.

On other platforms, you might be limited by platform itself (e.g: Facebook and LinkedIn) or you might need to then spend time and resources to build your own tools while keeping them updated from time to time.

WordPress meme

5) Why blog on WordPress : Best Content Management System around

The list of top digital media sites on WordPress is amazing. With sites such as TechCrunch, Mashable, Metro UK and Time on WordPress, publishing your blog content on WordPress also means your blog has the potential to scale to be as prominent and profitable as these media companies.

As a free tool that is being iteratively improved on, WordPress itself would be really expensive if it were commercialized. However, due to the nature of the license which WordPress is under (the GPL license), you now have the ability to publish as well as top publishers out there.

As for myself, being a developer means I could get some Rails gems to work as a hacked together CMS. Or I could just use one of those Ruby or PHP based CMS. But none of them would have the power and flexibility to do what WordPress could out of the box with some plugins, neither as a publisher nor as a blogger.

6) One Extra Reason : You want to own your content

When I first started with Facebook Page for my online iPhone accessories blogshop, I found putting up funny or interesting images got my a number of likes and shares from my followers and their friends. But one day, the number of likes suddenly dropped by 90%. That’s when I knew if you were on Facebook, you had to play by their rules.

it is mine

Subsequently, though Medium promises an ad-free publishing, and LinkedIn Pulse helps you reach out to influencers, there will be a time where they will monetise. Or close down. Without your own platform, you are then left as hostage to them.

In comparison, publishing your blog on the WordPress CMS ensures that you can either fork it or continue improving on it as your business grows.

Conclusion : Get your Startup on WordPress

Running your blog on WordPress would be one of the best things you can do.

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