Common Misconceptions on Websites

common misconceptions on websites

Ever since coming out full-time a web developer, I realised that I faced a lot of common misconceptions on websites, web design and web applications from clients and prospects. Many times, that clients and people like yourself suffer from a lack of information and wrong concepts that creeped into the industry. This hampers your decision-making …

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Don’t Look for Web Designs

don't look for web designs

One common query I get upon enquiry is on web design. Clients would ask, ‘Show me your previous designs’ or ‘What designs have you done so far?’ However, this is the wrong question and to be frank, you don’t need web designers. At least not for 80% of all websites. Let me qualify my argument. …

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Why You Need a Blog Section

why you need a blog section banner

Have you seen websites without a blog section? I have. Plenty of them. The problem with business websites is, most businesses have a website just because other people have it. It is something essential on their business card and their email address. But that┬álimits what your website can do for you. In providing technical SEO …

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