Why Web Apps Cost More Than Websites

Recently I discussed business over coffee with a friend whose business was slow. Being in BNI, I asked her about her unique selling points so that I could better refer her to friends and acquaintances. Along the way, we spoke about websites and web applications, when she asked me on a question I hear quite often.

Why do web apps cost more than websites? To many who aren’t from software industry, a website and web application seems similar. Both are online and both requires a URL to get access to. But are websites and web applications similar? Why is there a price disparity? Are web developers purposely charging rip-off prices to get large profits?

This article is part of our series, Common Misconceptions on Websites and Web Apps, a new series in our bid to educate our customers and readers on websites and web applications. It complements our other series, the Website Checklist – which are things you look out for in a new website.

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