Deadline for HTTPS Coming June 2018

If you haven’t switched your website over to HTTPS, please do so soon as Google has set a deadline for websites to switch over. Failing to switch over will get you a “not secure” status on Google Chrome.

Treatment of HTTP
The Google Chrome’s omnibox will display a ‘not secure’ status on non-HTTPS websites, soon

There are other compelling reasons to switch to the secure HTTPS encryption standards. Let us list them down below.

Firstly, you get a faster website – With HTTPS, you get to implement the http/2 standard, which allows for multiplexing. This means, your visitor’s browser will form multiple requests to your website (which then loads one TCP connection) to load your site faster.

http 2

In layman terms, this means you will get a faster website.

Second, as website speed as well as security are important ranking signals for Google, an adoption of the HTTPS encryption standard for your site will give you better Google Search Engine Ranking Position results. This means, you will get better results on your website, be it sales or subscribers.

Finally, having HTTPS also gives your readers a peace of mind knowing that your site is well maintained and not some run-of-the-mill site out there.

If you are planning to move to HTTPS but have issues with migration due to some mixed content, contact us via the contact form for a quotation.

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