Going Digital During the COVID-19 Lockdown

Going digital during the COVID-19 lockdown
With the current COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic hitting the world now, you might be stuck at home either with work or with time for Netflix or family. Or worse, babysitting your growing children like my brother and some friends. Anyhow, if…

What Are Dangers of Malware on your Website?

Danger of Malware on your website
If we break down the word ‘malware’, it brings out the meaning more explicitly. ‘Mal’ means anything harmful and dangerous, as in malaria, which was once thought to be caused by exposure to foul air. Malware is rampant across the…

Rebuilding my WordPress Website #1: The Reason

While WPStarters.com has officially existed since 2016, I’ve been running the original iteration of the blog since 2012 when I was still doing my camera accessories business. Back then, I focused on blogging on the Malaysian tech scene, but WordPress…