Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress Deals 2016

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are periods of time when Thanksgiving happen and sales occur throughout the United States. Interestingly, during this period of time, a number of WordPress companies participate as well. If you are looking for a conclusive Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress deals list, look no further as we bring scour the web to bring you the best of WordPress sales after the break

As we’re in the midst of updating the list of Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress Deals for 2016, kindly be patient and check back every few hours as we update this list.

NameTypeDealCoupon CodePeriod
Nelio A/B TestingA/B Testing Plugin30% OFF Annual Plan25/11/16 to 30/11/16
Simple Page TesterA/B Testing Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 04/12/16
UserInputA/B Testing Service$10 OFF Any OrderWPBLACKFRIDAY24/11/16
Affiliate RoyaleAffiliate Plugin10-20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
AffiliateWPAffiliate Plugin30% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
ProsociateAmazon WordPress Affiliate Plugin25% OFFBF2525/11/16 to 28/11/16
Amazon Affiliates WordPress PluginAmazon WordPress Plugin30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Migrate DB ProBackup Plugin20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
BuddyBossBuddyPress Themes & Plugins30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY1625/11/16 to 30/11/16
SniplyConversion Web App50% OFFblackfriday25/11/16 to 28/11/16
99RobotsConversion/Optin Plugins50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY5025/11/16 to 29/11/16
WPCouponsCoupons Plugin40% OFF25/11/16 to 01/12/16
NameCheapDomain Names98% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Easy Digital DownloadsEcommerce Plugin30% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
MailPoetEmail & Optin Plugin30% OFFEARLYBIRD25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Email CaptureEmail & Optin Plugin30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY3025/11/16 to 30/11/16
CalderaWPForms Plugin20% OFFWCUSTACOCLUB25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Gravity ViewForms Plugin$20 OFFAJABEKNAKE25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WPFormsForms Plugin35% OFFBF201622/11/16 to 30/11/16
Envira GalleryGallery Plugin35% OFFBF201622/11/16 to 30/11/16
FooVideo for FooGalleryGallery Plugin30% OFFCYBERFOO1625/11/16 to 29/11/16
ImagelyGallery Plugin40% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
A2 HostingHosting67% OFF Shared Hosting
50% OFF Managed VPS
40% OFF Reseller Hosting
25/11/16 to 28/11/16
A Small OrangeHosting85% OFFEPIC25/11/16 to 29/11/16
CloudWaysHosting25% OFF Three MonthsHOLIDAY2525/11/16 to 30/11/16
DreamHostHosting50% OFF Shared Hosting
25% OFF DreamPress
25/11/16 to 28/11/16
FlyWheelHosting25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
GoDaddyHosting35% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
HostGatorHosting65% OFF Hosting Packages
$5.99 on selected domains
25/11/16 to 29/11/16
InMotionHostingPrices start from $2.9525/11/16 to 28/11/16
Media TempleHosting40% OFFCYBER201628/11/16 to 29/11/16
PressjitsuHosting50% OFF 3 monthsBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Rose HostingHosting50% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 05/12/16
SiteGroundHosting70% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
StackPressHosting70% OFFSAVE7025/11/16 to 01/12/16
WP EngineHosting30% OFF First Payment
5 Months FREE for Annual Plans
cyberwknd 24/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Hosting SpotHosting50% OFF25/11/16 to 30/11/16
ImagifyImage Optimisation Plugin30% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Optimus.ioImage Optimisation Plugin69% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
FooBoxLightbox Plugin30% OFFCYBERFOO1625/11/16 to 29/11/16
ThirstyAffiliatesLink Management Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 4/12/16
Pretty Link ProLink Management Plugins10-20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
LearnDashLMS Plugin50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16
WPCoursewareLMS Plugin35% OFFWPCWBF3525/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Car ManagerMarketplace Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
aMember ProMembership Plugin30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
MemberPressMembership Plugin10-20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Restrict Content ProMembership Plugin30% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
s2Member ProMembership Plugin35% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
CodeSchoolOnline Learning50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Pippin's PluginsOnline Learning30% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
TutsPlusOnline Learning$3 for any course28/11/16
WP101Online Learning25% OFF25OFFWP10125/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP ApprenticeOnline Learning82% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Comet CacheOptimisation Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Offload S3Optimisation Plugin20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP RocketOptimisation Plugin35% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
BloomOptin Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
ConvertPlugOptin Plugin50% OFF25/11/16 to 30/11/16
IceGramOptin Plugin20% OFF25/11/16 to 30/11/16
OptinMonsterOptin Plugin35% OFFBF201622/11/16 to 30/11/16
SumoMe ProOptin Plugin30% OFF25/11/16
Beaver BuilderPage Builder25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
CloudPressPage Builder50% OFF25/11/16 to 29/11/16
DesignModoPage Builder60% OFF25/11/16 to 27/11/16
Divi BuilderPage Builder25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Elementor ProPage Builder50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
MotoPressPage Builder90% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Page Builder SandwichPage Builder30% OFF25/11/16 to 29/11/16
PowerPack for Beaver BuilderPage Builder30% OFFPowerFriday25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Ultimate Addons For Beaver BuilderPage Builder30% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
CobaltAppsPageBuilder - Genesis & BeaverBuilder Extenders35% OFFBLACKFRIDAY24/11/16 to 28/11/16
Post Promoter ProPost Promotion Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Revive SocialPost Promotion Plugin35% OFFRSBF201625/11/16 to 29/11/16
WP RSS AggregatorRSS Aggregator Plugin40% OFF25/11/16 to 29/11/16
AnalytifySEO & Schema Plugin40% OFFThanks4mAnalytify25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Multi Rating ProSEO & Schema Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Rich SnippetsSEO & Schema Plugin50% OFF50BlackFriday201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
YoastSEO & Schema Plugin20% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
BuzzBundleSEO Tools60% OFF For Pro & Enterprise25/11/16 to 28/11/16
KWFinderSEO Tools50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
SERPCheckerSEO Tools50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
CMS CommanderSite Management Plugin30% OFFBFF201625/11/16 to 1/12/16
SlideDeck 3Slider Plugin60% OFF the Developer LicenseBLACK6025/11/16 to 09/12/16
Smart Slider 3 ProSlider Plugin60% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
SoliloquyWPSlider Plugin35% OFFBF201622/11/16 to 30/11/16
MonarchSocial Media Sharing Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Event EspressoTicketing Plugin50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
The Events CalendarTicketing Plugin10% OFF - spend < $150
15% OFF - spend $150 - $299
30% OFF - spend >$300
10% with code: Rest
15% with code: Relaxation
30% with code: Rejuvenation
25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Admin ColumnsUtility WordPress Plugin30% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Better Search Replace ProUtility WordPress Plugin20% OFFBFCM1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Coming Soon Page Pro by SeedProdUtility WordPress Plugin40% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
CSS HeroUtility WordPress Plugin60% OFF25/11/16 to 27/11/16
Download MonitorUtility WordPress Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
GeoDirectoryUtility WordPress Plugin33% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 29/11/16
Google Maps Widget ProUtility WordPress Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Related Posts for WPUtility WordPress Plugin30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Security Ninja ProUtility WordPress Plugin25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Smash BalloonUtility WordPress Plugin20% OFFHAPPYSMASHGIVING25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Ultimate FAQ PluginUtility WordPress Plugin50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP ComPearUtility WordPress Plugin$15 for Unlimited Sites25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP CRM PluginUtility WordPress Plugin50% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP CubeUtility WordPress Plugin35% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Draw Attention ProUtility WordPress Plugin25% OFFBFDA201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
FatCat AppsUtility WordPress Plugins20% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 29/11/16
ProfilePressUtility WordPress Plugins35% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
AutomateWooWooCommerce Extensions25% OFFBLACKFRIDAY1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Conditional Checkout FieldsWooCommerce Extensions50% OFFBFCM201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Magic ToolBoxWooCommerce Extensions25% OFF25/11/16 to 29/11/16
Marketing Suite PluginWooCommerce Extensions35% OFFBFBUNDLE201625/11/16 to 04/12/16
Shop PluginsWooCommerce Extensions30% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
StoreAppsWooCommerce Extensions50% OFF25/11/16 to 30/11/16
TycheSoftwareWooCommerce Extensions50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WooBoughtWooCommerce Extensions30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WooCommerceWooCommerce Extensions35% OFFWOOBLACKCYBER25/11/16 to 28/11/16
YiThemesWooCommerce Extensions50% OFF Above $199 in Purchases25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Barn2WooCommerce Extensions & WordPress Plugin50% OFFBARN2CYBER5025/11/16 to 28/11/16
LayersWPWooCommerce Theme97% OFF Layers Pro Bundle25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Get BowtiedWooCommerce Themes$20 OFF25/11/16
AppPresserWordPress Mobile App Plugin40% OFF Agency Bundle2016blackfriday25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Taxi MeWordPress Plugin30% OFF25/11/16 to 30/11/16
EdwiserWordPress Plugins15% OFFEDBF1516/11/16 to 29/11/16
JoomUnitedWordPress Plugins40% OFFBFJU25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Web DoradoWordPress Plugins50% OFFNOVDEALS1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
wedevsWordPress Plugins50% OFFbkfriday201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WisdmLabsWordPress Plugins15% OFFWLBF1516/11/16 to 29/11/16
WPSocialWordPress Plugins25% OFFBF2525/11/16 to 28/11/16
OptimochaWordPress Service50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 02/12/16
GeneratePressWordPress Theme20% OFFBLKFRI1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
8thDegree ThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 01/12/16
AccessPress ThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFblackfriday25/11/16 to 01/12/16
AcmeThemesWordPress Themes40% OFFBLACKFRIDAY201625/11/16 to 03/12/16
Alien ThemesWordPress Themes60% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 30/11/16
Array ThemesWordPress Themes30% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 30/11/16
aThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY1625/11/16 to 28/11/16
BluchicWordPress Themes40% OFFCYBERBC25/11/16 to 28/11/16
ChurchThemesWordPress Themes30% OFF28/11/16 to 30/11/16
CreateandCodeWordPress Themes50% OFFCCBLACK25/11/16 to 29/11/16
CSSIgniterWordPress Themes50% OFFCYBERMONDAY25/11/16 to 03/12/16
CyberChimpsWordPress Themes30% OFFCYBERBF3025/11/16 to 05/12/16
EngineThemesWordPress Themes40% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
FameThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFFTBFCM50OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Gabfire ThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFBLACK25/11/16 to 01/12/16
Gorilla ThemesWordPress Themes30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
Graph Paper PressWordPress Themes50% OFFBEST2016DEAL24/11/16 to 28/11/16
LunarThemeWordPress Themes30% OFF25/11/16
MeridianThemesWordPress Themes30% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
MHThemesWordPress Themes20% OFF Lifetime Membership25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Nitro WooCommerce ThemeWordPress Themes69% OFF25/11/16 to 27/11/16
PhotoCratiWordPress Themes40% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
PixelEmuWordPress Themes30% OFFPEBLACK201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
PojoThemes for ElementorWordPress Themes50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
PremiumCodingWordPress Themes60% OFFPREMIUMCODINGCYBER6025/11/16 to 01/12/16
Pro Theme DesignWordPress Themes20% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 27/11/16
ReadyThemesWordPress Themes25% OFFBF2525/11/16 to 28/11/16
Shaped PixelsWordPress Themes40% OFFBLACKFRIDAY4025/11/16 to 28/11/16
SketchThemesWordPress Themes20% OFFFLAT2025/11/16 to 28/11/16
Template MonsterWordPress Themes50% OFF25/11/16 to 06/12/16
TeslaThemesWordPress Themes50% OFFBlackFriday1625/11/16 to 30/11/16
Theme-JunkieWordPress Themes50% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
ThemeFurnaceWordPress Themes60% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 30/11/16
ThemefuseWordPress Themes40% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
ThemeHunkWordPress Themes60% OFFBLACKFRIDAY201625/11/16 to 03/12/16
ThemeHunkWordPress Themes40% OFFBLACKFRIDAY201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
ThemeTrustWordPress Themes30% OFFBLACK1624/11/16 to 25/11/16
Web Savvy MarketingWordPress Themes25% OFFBlackFriday201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WowThemes.netWordPress Themes60% OFF All Themes Package25/11/16 to 30/11/16
WPCasaWordPress Themes40% OFFBLACKCYBER4025/11/16 to 28/11/16
wpstudioWordPress Themes30% OFFBF201625/11/16 to 28/11/16
WPZoomWordPress Themes35% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
ElegantThemesWordPress Themes & Plugins25% OFF25/11/16 to 28/11/16
iThemesWordPress Themes & Plugins50% OFF ToolkitSAVE5025/11/16 to 30/11/16
myThemeShopWordPress Themes & PluginsUSD19 For Individual Theme/Plugin19USDForAll 25/11/16 to 03/12/16
rtMediaWordPress Themes & Plugins50% OFFCYBER5025/11/16 to 28/11/16
ThemeIsleWordPress Themes & Plugins35% OFFTIBF201625/11/16 to 30/11/16
ThemifyWordPress Themes & Plugins50% OFFBLACKFRIDAY25/11/16 to 28/11/16
Themify LifetimeWordPress Themes & Plugins$150 OFFBLACKFRIDAYLIFE25/11/16 to 28/11/16
WP Eka ClubWordPress Themes and Plugins30% OFFWPCLUB3025/11/16 to 30/11/16

If you’ve noticed the list, we’ve compiled a massive 178 WordPress deals. We could have more if we included deals of products from CodeCanyon and ThemeForest, but I felt that sticking to Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress deals from independent shops might help instead.

In the midst of the massive list of WordPress Black Friday Cyber Monday deals, it’s easy to get caught with indecision. Especially if you’re new to WordPress. So let us help you choose the best deals, as some of these deals are ending in less than 24 hours.

Black Friday Deals for other years

If you are looking for our Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress and Lifetime Deals coverage for the other years, you may find them below

Black Friday WordPress Deals 2016

1) Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals – Themes

There are tons of WordPress Themes shops out there. If you add in individual theme authors on marketplaces like ThemeForest and CreativeMarket, it’s easy to get inundated with decisions. Here’s our list

a) ElegantThemes – 25% OFF, Ending 28/11


Elegant Themes is a very established WordPress company. With themes like Divi and Extra among the best of multipurpose themes, their plugins are worth the money too. Bloom is a great optin forms plugin if you do not want to purchase OptinMonster or Thrive Leads, while Monarch is a great social sharing plugin, second to SocialWarfare.

ElegantThemes also has the Divi Builder, a great page builder plugin for your landing pages. While I rate the Beaver Builder plugin higher, Divi Builder comes with an affordable ElegantThemes lifetime package that gives you everything for a fixed price.

Visit Elegant Themes

b) ThemeIsle – 35% OFF, Ending 30/11, Coupon Code : TIBF2016


While ThemeIsle has the highly rated Zerif Pro theme, I would advise you to consider getting a lifetime ThemeIsle license for their plugins. With unique plugins such as the Revive Old Post Add-On, WP Product Review and Adblock Notify, investing in ThemeIsle would mean your investment can easily pay themselves off within a few years

Visit ThemeIsle

c) ArrayThemes – 30% OFF, Ending 30/11, Coupon Code : BLACKFRIDAY


I like ArrayThemes. Their eye for design and pixels astounds me and helps me create valuable content, knowing the theme is optimised for my readers. Recently, ArrayThemes had a 25% discount, which I grabbed, as it was the largest discount they had offered. Now, they’re back with an even better deal, a 30% discount.

If you’re into content marketing, run a blog or just would like a beautiful site, look no further than ArrayThemes. This 30% discount is a steal and doesn’t come back every day.

Visit ArrayThemes

d) CSSIgniter – 50% OFF, Ending 3/12, Coupon Code : CYBERMONDAY


I’ve been eyeing CSSIgniter’s license for a long time. Though I’m a developer myself, building a theme from scratch while making it look good is hard work. Thus the moment CSSIgniter started offering a lifetime license for their themes, I’ve been wanting to get myself a license.

Thankfully, I’ve got mine via a lucky draw. But if you’re looking for beautiful themes, you won’t go wrong with CSSIgniter.

Visit CSSIgniter

2) Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals – Plugins

If themes isn’t something you need, then perhaps consider getting some plugins on discount. As plugins extends the functionality of your site, great plugins opens the door for more ways to monetise your site while making it faster and better.

Here are some of our favourite WordPress plugin deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

a) AffiliateWP – 30% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : BFCM2016


If you run an online store and would like to get some traction, one of the best ways is an affiliate marketing system. AffiliateWP is the best affiliate marketing plugin for WordPress with it’s clean and extensible code and numerous integration with multiple ecommerce plugins. At 30% OFF, you get to save about $135 if you purchase the lifetime license, a massive amount if you’ve been eyeing the plugin for some time.

Visit AffiliateWP

b) Restrict Content Pro – 30% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : BFCM2016


Restrict Content Pro is by the same guys that built AffiliateWP. Featuring the same clean code, they plan to be the only membership plugin you ever need. Based on what Chris Lema has said when he re-reviewed them, they’re well on the way to doing so.

The team behind Restrict Content Pro has added numerous features over the past few months and will continue to do so in the future. If you plan to run a membership site as a way to monetise your content or just to restrict your content to certain visitors, you won’t go wrong with Restrict Content Pro. Get yourself a license today and a discount of about $135 if you purchase the lifetime version.

Visit Restrict Content Pro

c) – 69% OFF, Ending 28/11


A fast loading site can make a difference between your site placing first on Google’s search engine results page (SERP), or perhaps a few notches down. As your SERP affects the number of visitors you receive, it’s best to optimise your site for speed.

A few months back, a good friend of mine, Brian Jackson of Workup, recommended Optimus as a way to compress my images. As the Optimus compression service is run by KeyCDN, you can be assured of great compression and affordable prices.

At $9 till the 28th of November, you won’t go wrong with investing in an Optimus license.


d) FooPlugins – 30% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : CYBERFOO16


While I work for FooPlugins, it doesn’t hinder the fact that FooBox is the best lightbox plugin for WordPress. If you’re tired of the usual lightbox that comes with your theme or would like an easy way to share your images, FooBox Pro does an awesome job. With a deep integration to FooGallery, you can focus on generating valuable content for your readers and leave the images to FooPlugins.

Visit FooPlugins

e) WP Migrate DB Pro – 20% OFF, Ending 28/11


If you are a WordPress developer or just need a way to manage your site’s databases, WP Migrate DB Pro does an excellent job of ensuring your site has timely backups. At 20% OFF, you get to save on a tool that could help you earn thousands every month.

Visit WP Migrate DB Pro

f) WPCoupons – 40% OFF, Ending 1/12


Before WPCoupons, it’s was harder for blogs to promote companies, as all we did was writing articles. And then there were coupon sites that scammed people by putting up expired or invalid coupon codes. However, Brian Jackson and his brother decided that they were tired of the situation and built their custom coupon plugin.

With the Black Friday Cyber Monday promo, you are able to get a yearly license of WPCoupons for a massive 40% discount. This would help you promote products that you believe in and ultimately, monetise your site to perhaps sustain a lifestyle.

Visit WP Coupons

g) ThirstyAffiliates – 30% OFF, Ending 4/12, Coupon Code : BF2016


Peppering your articles with the appropriate affiliate links is a great way to monetise your site. Whether the links are from Amazon, iTunes or some software retailer, well-maintained links ensure you convert well. However, most of the times the links are either too long and unsightly or gets expired or changed to something else. This makes managing affiliate links a hassle.

But with ThirstyAffiliates, you can easily manage your affiliate links. Get a 30% discount from ThirstyAffiliates this Black Friday and monetise your site well.

Visit ThirstyAffiliates

h) Beaver Builder – 25% OFF, Ending 28/11


Landing pages are something every online marketer should have in their arsenal as it helps with conversion and funnels. However, building landing pages might not be what every online marketer wants. That’s why we use page builders.

Of all page builders tested, we found Beaver Builder the best. Of course, it’s slightly pricey, but a 25% discount helps offset the cost, especially if you’re on a budget. Based on Pippin’s recent comparison of page builders, Beaver Builder ensures your other plugins aren’t broken while making it easy to have many beautiful landing pages in differing layouts.

Visit Beaver Builder

i) WP Rich Snippets – 50% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : 50BlackFriday2016


If you run a startup and do content marketing, you won’t go wrong with a WP Rich Snippets license. Rich Snippets ensure that search engines understand your articles. While plugins like Yoast covers your regular blog posts, they don’t cover reviews.

WP Rich Snippets is built to be fully compatible with Google’s Schema tool, ensuring the search engines understand the type of review you’re writing and things like author’s name and rating. Now, with WooCommerce integration, you can easily setup a way for your online store’s visitors to review your products.

Visit WP Rich Snippets

3) Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals – Ecommerce

With more people turning to WordPress as their ecommerce tool, here are some deals that you might be keen on.

a) Easy Digital Downloads – 30% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : BFCM2016


While Easy Digital Downloads doesn’t do everything that WooCommerce does, it does digital products sales well. Coming in at a significantly lower cost than WooCommerce, you can easily setup an EDD shop and sell your WordPress theme and plugin to customers.

EDD is well coded. They are run by same guys behind the highly recommended Restrict Content Pro (RCP) and AffiliateWP. If you plan to setup your WordPress product business soon, get a copy of EDD.

Visit Easy Digital Downloads

b) WooCommerce – 35% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : WOOBLACKCYBER


WooCommerce is rapidly becoming the top ecommerce solutions for small businesses. With it’s easy to use interface, tons of extensions and well-documented hooks and filters for developers, it looks like it’ll continue growing the next few years.

This Black Friday / Cyber Monday, WooCommerce is offering a massive 35% off their regular price. If you have been planning to buy an extension for a while, perhaps now is the right time to get it.

Visit WooCommerce

c) AutomateWoo – 25% OFF, Ending 28/11, Coupon Code : BLACKFRIDAY16


If you run a WooCommerce store, you might find the current set of WooCommerce Extensions lacking or too expensive. Here’s where AutomateWoo comes in. At an affordable price, you get things like follow-up emails, abandoned carts, review rewards and more.

We’ll release a review on AutomateWoo soon, but if you’re keen, you can get a 25% discount today using the coupon code provided.

Visit AutomateWoo

Conclusion: Black Friday Cyber Monday WordPress Deals

The Black Friday / Cyber Monday WordPress Deals for 2016 can be daunting, but it is a great opportunity to power up your site with various themes, plugins and ecommerce extensions as needed. Refresh this page in an hour and you’ll find images and links placed as well.

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