Best WordPress Halloween Deals & Discounts 2019

If you are looking for the best WordPress Halloween Deals and Discounts for 2019, look no further as we’ve painstakingly compiled the killer list of best WordPress products on sale this Halloween.

Before we continue, we need to let you know that we’ve intentionally left out most theme shops. This is because a fast theme (e.g: Neve, Astra & GeneratePress) and powerful page builder combination could replicate most themes out there. Plus, most theme shops’ themes get dated after awhile.

In comparison, our focus is on plugins. Powerful plugins such as Brizy, Fluent Forms, TutorLMS will be mentioned separately as they are products we’ve tried and tested.

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Interestingly, BlogVault and MalCare are on sale too, as they are deals to grab if your WordPress site is of importance to you or your company.

Finally, before we continue, I would like to apologise for the delay in producing this article. I’ve been overwhelmed with work on weekdays, hence the weekend writing.

The Complete List of 2019 Halloween WordPress Deals and Discounts
NameTypeDiscountCoupon CodeEnd DateURL
BlogVaultBackups & Security25.00%November 3, 2019Visit Now
MalCareBackups & Security25.00%November 3, 2019Visit Now
WP Security Audit LogBackups & Security30.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
PowerPack for Beaver BuilderBeaver Builder Extension30.00%SPOOKY30November 5, 2019Visit Now
Ultimate Addons for Beaver BuilderBeaver Builder Extension25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
WPMRRCourse75.00%BOO2019November 5, 2019Visit Now
Ultimate DashboardDashboard20.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
Essential Addons for ElementorElementor Extension20.00%TOMBSTONENovember 2, 2019Visit Now
Happy Addons for ElementorElementor Extension40.00%November 6, 2019Visit Now
PowerPack for ElementorElementor Extension30.00%SPOOKY30November 5, 2019Visit Now
Unlimited ElementorElementor Extension50.00%Halloween2019November 1, 2019Visit Now
Ultimate Addons for ElementorElementor Extension25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
WP ERPERP25.00%HALLOWEEN25November 4, 2019Visit Now
Fluent FormsForms50.00%-Visit Now
weFormsForms25.00%HALLOWEEN25November 5, 2019Visit Now
LifterLMSLMS15.00%SPOOKY19October 31, 2019Visit Now
TutorLMSLMS40.00%GETSPOOKEDNovember 5, 2019Visit Now
Convert ProOptin Forms25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
BrizyPage Builder30.00%SPOOKY30November 2, 2019Visit Now
WP-RocketPerformance25.00%November 3, 2019Visit Now
ThemeumPlugins40.00%GETSPOOKEDNovember 5, 2019Visit Now
WPEkaPlugins25.00%SPOOKY25November 1, 2019Visit Now
MyThemeShopPlugins & Themes50.00%Halloween19November 3, 2019Visit Now
TemplateMonsterPlugins & Themes Marketplace20.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
WP PortfolioPortfolio25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
PublishPressPublishing50.00%-November 3, 2019Visit Now
Schema ProSEO & Structured Data25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
NotificationXSocial Proof50.00%-November 4, 2019Visit Now
Ninja Tables ProTables33.00%-November 7, 2019Visit Now
AstraSpeedy Theme25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
Page Builder FrameworkSpeedy Theme20.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
CSSIgniterThemes30.00%November 2, 2019Visit Now
CyberChimps Responsive ProThemes30.00%SPOOKY30October 31, 2019Visit Now
ThemifyThemes30.00%BOO30November 1, 2019Visit Now
WP User Frontend ProUser Submission25.00%HALLOWEEN25November 4, 2019Visit Now
DesignModoWeb Design Tools30.00%HALLOWEENNovember 3, 2019Visit Now
CartFlowsWooCommerce20.00%-Visit Now
Dokan MultivendorWooCommerce25.00%November 4, 2019Visit Now
StoreAppsWooCommerce30.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
Tyche SoftwareWooCommerce30.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
WooCommerceWooCommerce30.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
YiThemesWooCommerce30.00%October 31, 2019Visit Now
CobaltAppsWordPress Tools25.00%November 1, 2019Visit Now
QubelyGutenberg50.00%-Visit Now
WP CrowdfundingCrowd Funding40.00%GETSPOOKEDNovember 5, 2019Visit Now

Best WordPress Halloween Deals & Discounts: An Introduction

Halloween is an interesting time for WordPress users. Barely a few weeks away from the traditional Black Friday Cyber Monday sale period, Halloween usually sees a smaller bunch of WordPress deals that might not be as enticing as the upcoming Black Friday WordPress deals.

In compiling this year’s version of best WordPress Halloween deals, we’ve noticed way more WordPress products on discounts compared to the previous years.

While we might miss out on certain deals that expired at the time of writing, be assured that the deals that we recommend have been thoroughly vetted and tested.

Best WordPress Halloween Deals: The Must Haves

1) Fluent Forms – Powerful Forms with an overlapping deal

If you do any form of content marketing, finding a powerful form plugin is a must to better deliver your content. However, most forms are expensive and can be difficult to operate.

FluentForms is a breath of fresh air in the WordPress Forms world. We even wrote a detailed Fluent Forms review

Fluent Forms currently goes at a heavily discounted rate of $149 instead of $299, for lifetime unlimited sites. Grab your copy today.

2) Brizy Pro – Page Builder that helps you design beautiful sites, easily

Brizy Halloween Sale
Brizy Halloween Sale

We’ve written about Brizy previously in our Brizy Pro Review. Brizy has seen much improvements since then, and is ever more production ready.

The lifetime license for Brizy Pro will be discontinued once Brizy is ready to be used in regular agencies. As such, the massive 30% discount moves Brizy from $299 to $210 for a lifetime agency license.

Personally, I recommend grabbing this if you have the budget.

Coupon code: SPOOKY30

3) Tutor LMS – Be the next Udemy. Grow your niche online courses.

Best WordPress Halloween Deals & Discounts 2019
Themeum’s plugins are at 40% off this Halloween

I like Tutor LMS. While it has some ways to go to match the leading WordPress LMS (learning management system) players, Tutor LMS comes with its own strengths.

With the ability to create a marketplace for content creators to sell their courses, Tutor LMS is an interesting product. Currently at $999 for a lifetime agency license, you get a massive $399 discount when you enter the coupon code.

4) PublishPress – Create a Content Marketing Juggernaut

PublishPress offers 50% discount during WordCamp US
PublishPress offers 50% discount during WordCamp US

If you tried managing multiple authors on a site, you’ll realise that it is hard work. Cue PublishPress. PublishPress is a fairly new plugin that has been making waves as a replacement to Edit Flow, the free editorial calendar plugin.

PublishPress premium comes with much more features compared to Edit Flow to make collaborative content creation, a breeze.

PublishPress usually retails at $199 for the yearly agency license, but goes at a special rate of $99 during this period of time

5) BlogVault – Reliable and Fast Backup Solution

BlogVault is having a massive offer for Halloween 2019
BlogVault is having a massive offer for Halloween 2019

Backups are crucial to your WordPress site. We’ve encountered so many cases of small and large sites getting into trouble when they need to restore their site and could not do so.

BlogVault is the leading WordPress backup solution provider. With fast incremental backups and fast restores, you don’t have to wait for days to weeks to backup a large site. Plus, their backups are reliable and has never failed me nor my friends.

BlogVault and its sister product, MalCare, are going at a winning 25% off regular rates. If you do not already have an incremental backup solution for your site, grabbing this deal might be the best thing you did for this Halloween.

6) Astra Pro Agency Package

The Astra Pro Agency Bundle is value for money
The Astra Pro Agency Bundle is value for money

In my WordPress agency career, there are only a handful of plugins and themes that gave me so much value for money. The first is WP Time Capsule, a competitor to BlogVault. The second is the Astra Pro Agency Package.

While it seems pricey at $699, you get a powerful toolkit that you can start your agency work with. This includes

7) NotificationX Pro – Conquer Social Proof with this WordPress plugin

Notification X has a lot of potential to be the best Social Proof software out there

While Social Proof can get tiring to site visitors, it is proven to increase conversion rates. But powerful social proof software are often expensive, lacks integration with Gutenberg, and are limited by views and sites.

NotificationX is the brainchild of Asif, the founder of WPDeveloper, who saw the need as well as the potential of a social proof plugin.

NotificationX is going at a massive 50% off at the time of writing, bringing the Agency Lifetime license to an affordable $249.50. If I were you, I would grab it soon, as the agency lifetime tier will be discontinued in the near future.

8) WP Rocket – Speed Up your sites, easily.

WP Rocket's generous discounts for Halloween, will leave your site fast
WP Rocket’s generous discounts for Halloween, will leave your site fast

If you are looking to get better search results, you need to speed up your site. You could either learn up your technical skills and use the sometime tricky, Swift Performance Pro. Or just grab a WP Rocket license and get done with it.

Personally, I advice using WP Rocket if tech isn’t your thing. However, if you run an agency, Swift Performance Pro is a great choice.

For this Halloween period, WP Rocket offers a rare 25% discount.

Best WordPress Halloween Deals: Conclusion

We couldn’t over all the plugins listed on the table above. As such, we only covered what we felt are the best WordPress Halloween Deals for you. But feel free to explore the list and see if there are any plugins that suit your needs.

We’ve also ran through the list and found many coupons still working, even though the expiry date was a day or two ago. Perhaps it is due to the long weekend and WordCamp US.

Please feel free to drop us a comment or pm me on Facebook if you’ve any comments, feedback or suggestions.

If you are a plugin owner and would like to be listed for the upcoming Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 deal page, just send us the details too.

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