Best WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019

If you are looking to save some money this Black Friday on WordPress products, look no further than our Best WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019.

We painstakingly compiled a list of WordPress Black Friday Deals (plugins, themes and bundles), so that you can have the best products at a reasonable rate. We also believe that we have one of the most complete WordPress Black Friday 2019 Deals list in the entire blogosphere.

Without further delay, let us jump into the recommended bundles and then the bundles list.

The Other 2019 Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for the other deals, we have them listed down on other pages, as our list of 2019 Black Friday Deals is really long. Please find them below

Recommended WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019

As there are a lot of similarities between a bundle and a collection, we decided to group them here. Basically, a bundle means you can purchase ALL plugins for ONE price. It may be a yearly or lifetime price.

A collection instead, is a collection of plugins but without the ability to purchase them all for ONE price. Instead, you need to buy them INDIVIDUALLY.

Hope that helps you decide on the best WordPress Bundle / Collection Black Friday Deal(s) for 2019!

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The Bundle Deals

Astra Agency Bundle – 30% OFF

Astra Agency Bundle is worth every penny
Astra Agency Bundle is worth every penny

The Astra Agency Bundle brings a lot of value to the table. Interestingly, Astra is only available on a massive discount every Black Friday.

If you are new to WordPress or run a couple of WordPress blogs, Astra adds to your site by giving you the following

While you can also opt to buy the lifetime agency licenses for individual plugins, we recommend that you get the Astra Agency lifetime bundle instead. This gets you all future plugins on the bundle, which is a massive saving.

Offer: 30% OFF
Potential Savings: $200+ (Agency Lifetime)
Coupon: Auto-Applied
Start Date: 25/11/2019
End Date: 4/12/2019

Elegant Themes – 25% OFF (TBC)

The Divi Black Friday Sale 2019 will include some massive giveaways
The Divi Black Friday Sale 2019 will include some massive giveaways

I like Elegant Themes. Not only do they come with one of the most popular WordPress Themes (Divi Theme), they’ve extended the theme and created a popular page builder (Divi Builder).

They’ve recently reworked the Divi Builder and released Divi 4.0 as a theme builder. This means you can easily edit various parts of your site, easily. Furthermore, Divi 4.0 sees a significant jump in performance, which means better organic SEO results.

But Elegant Themes isn’t just about Divi. They also come with two other respectable plugins, namely Bloom and Monarch.

This Black Friday, Elegant Theme promises another round of blockbuster gifts for first-time lifetime deal purchases. As we are still waiting for more information, stay tune and check back on the 28th.

Offer: 25% OFF
Potential Savings: $60+ (Lifetime Membership)
Coupon: TBC
Start Date: TBC
End Date: TBC

MotoPress – 40% OFF

MotoPress' Hotel Booking plugin is one of the best out there for WordPress
MotoPress’ Hotel Booking plugin is one of the best out there for WordPress

Back then, MotoPress gained fame with the MotoPress Content Editor. However, they are better known nowadays for their robust Hotel Booking plugin.

Hailed as one of the best hotel booking plugins for WordPress, the MotoPress Hotel Booking plugin has native integration with WooCommerce, ensuring availability of a few hundred payment gateways via WooCommerce extensions.

MotoPress comes with at a heavily discounted membership as below

  • $249 for yearly membership
  • $699 for lifetime membership

The best thing is, you get 40% OFF if you purchase the annual membership during this Black Friday period.

If you run a hotel, or handle WordPress web design / web development that involves hotels, grab this plugin as offers like this usually isn’t available for long.

Offer: 40% OFF
Potential Savings: $99+ (Lifetime Membership)
Coupon: bf2019
Start Date: 21/11/2019
End Date: 2/12/2019

MyThemeShop – 75% OFF

No official MyThemeShop Black Friday banners, yet this 2019
No official MyThemeShop Black Friday banners, yet this 2019

MyThemeShop started off with themes and gained notoriety with ViralNova, which started off on WordPress and MyThemeShop’s TruePixel theme. ViralNova later replaced the theme with SociallyViral and the rest is history.

MyThemeShop was initially known for their affordable and fast themes. Schema Pro (which is still around) is still one of the best blogging themes around. MyThemeShop’s themes has been mostly superseded, by powerful but flexible and lightweight themes such as GeneratePress, OceanWP, Astra and lately, Neve Pro.

The MyThemeShop bundle is a steal. With powerful plugins such as WP Review Pro, WP Quiz Pro and WP Subscribe Pro, among others, the MyThemeShop Extended Membership gives you unlimited site licenses at a bargain.

If you run a digital agency or work as a web developer, grab this license.

Offer: 75% OFF
Potential Savings: $300+ (Extended Membership)
Coupon: auto-applied
Start Date: 24/11/2019
End Date: 7/12/2019

The Collection Deals

Themeum – 50% OFF

Themeum Black Friday 2019 Sale is one that you should not miss
Themeum Black Friday 2019 Sale is one that you should not miss

While Themeum is a collection of plugins and themes, it is understandably why. Themeum’s products are beautiful and high quality.

In Qubely Pro Gutenberg Blocks, TutorLMS and WP Crowdfunding, Themeum has three products that genuinely excite us.

The 50% discount is a great opportunity for you to grab a license or two during this year’s Black Friday. Please grab yourself a lifetime license for all three, as Themeum intends to phase out lifetime licenses by 2020.

If budget is a concern, feel free to contact the Themeum team and ask for a split payment plan. You can mention our name (WPStarters) and they’ll assist you with your purchase.

Offer: 50% OFF
Potential Savings: $450 (Tutor LMS Lifetime Agency)
Coupon: BlackFriday50
Start Date: 20/11/2019
End Date: 5/12/2019

WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019 List

NameTypeLifetime?DiscountCoupon CodeStart DateEnd DateURL
Fatcat AppsBundleN20.00%auto-applied11/27/201912/6/2019Visit Now
iThemesBundleN50.00%BOOM5011/29/201912/2/2019Visit Now
MyThemeShopBundleN75.00%auto-applied11/24/201912/7/2019Visit Now
WPeka Platinum MembershipBundleN25.00%BFPLAT1911/4/201912/4/2019Visit Now
YooHoo PluginsBundleN30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/3/2019Visit Now
Amplify PluginsCollectionN35.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit Now
weDevsCollectionN33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit Now
WPEverestCollectionN35.00%BFCM201911/23/20193/12/2019Visit Now
iconicWPWooCommerce BundleN50.00%auto-applied-12/6/2019Visit Now
Tyche SoftwaresWooCommerce BundleN35.00%BFCM1911/25/201912/2/2019Visit Now
YITHWooCommerce BundleN30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit Now
FlycartWooCommerce CollectionN30.00%auto-applied11/19/201912/4/2019Visit Now
WooCommerceWooCommerce CollectionNTBATBATBATBAVisit Now
Astra Agency BundleBundleY30.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/4/2019Visit Now
Elegant ThemesBundleYTBATBATBATBAVisit Now
MotoPressBundleY40.00%bf201911/21/201912/2/2019Visit Now
ThemeIsleBundleY25.00%auto-applied11/27/201912/3/2019Visit Now
Barn2 PluginsCollectionY50.00%BARN2CYBER201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit Now
CozmoslabsCollectionY25.00%auto-appliedTBATBAVisit Now
ThemeumCollectionY50.00%BlackFriday50-12/5/2019Visit Now
StoreAppsWooCommerce BundleY30.00%auto-applied11/22/201912/3/2019Visit Now
Puri PluginsWooCommerce CollectionY20.00%BFCM201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit Now
WisdmLabsWooCommerce CollectionY30.00%BFCM3011/28/201912/2/2019Visit Now

WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019: Conclusion

We hope you like our coverage of the Best WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals 2019. If you are on a budget, grab the Astra Agency Lifetime Bundle and the Elegant Theme Lifetime Membership. Those will bring you a long way.

However, if you are flushed with cash or have the need, grab the other deals as well. Personally, we suggest grabbing the lifetime licenses of both MotoPress Membership and some of Themeum’s plugins.

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