Best WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019

Black Friday and Cyber Monday are known to be the busiest time of shopping in the US. In recent years, it has evolved into the best time for WordPress and Martech enthusiasts to grab a deal or two at highly discounted prices.

This year, we are compiling our WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019 list early. With over 170 deals for our Black Friday Cyber Monday 2018 listing, we hope to do better this year.

Check back for more as this page will be updated regularly until the Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 event.

The Other 2019 Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for the other deals, we have them listed down on other pages, as our list of 2019 Black Friday Deals is really long. Please find them below

Other Black Friday Deals

If you are looking for our previous Black Friday Cyber Monday deals coverage, please find them below:

We currently have over a hundred WordPress deals for Black Friday / Cyber Monday 2019 and will publish the table shortly once we have the necessary details.

While we want to talk about as many deals as possible, we understand that it might not be a feasible outcome. As such, we will break the deals down to the type of deals and our handpicked choices.

Selected WordPress Bundles Black Friday Deals 2019

30% OFF Astra Agency Bundle

Astra Agency Bundle Black Friday Sale
Astra Agency Bundle Black Friday Sale

The Astra Agency Bundle brings a lot of value to the table. If you are new to WordPress or run a couple of WordPress blogs, Astra adds to your site by giving you the following

  • Schema Pro – The best Schema plugin to help Google understand your site
  • Astra Theme – Blazingly fast WordPress theme to help your keywords rank better
  • Convert Pro – One of the best opt-in form plugins to improve your lead generation
  • Ultimate Addons for Beaver Builder & Elementor – Some of the best addons for the best WordPress page builders

You can also opt to buy the lifetime agency licenses for individual plugins, but why so? Get the best bang for your buck with the massive 30% discount

Offer: 30% OFF
Coupon: Auto-Applied
Start Date: 25/11/2019
End Date: 4/12/2019

75% OFF MyThemeShop

mythemeshop black friday 2019
MyThemeShop’s Deal is compelling

We are still verifying this deal, as we got it off another WordPress site. However, 75% OFF makes MyThemeShop the deal to grab. MyThemeShop’s WordPress Plugin Bundle is one of the best in the market.

Read more: Best WordPress Plugin Bundles

WP Review Pro and WP Subscribe Pro makes the MyThemeShop bundle worth grabbing by itself.

Offer: 75% OFF
Coupon: Auto-Applied
Start Date: 24/11/2019
End Date: 7/12/2019

We created a post specifically for the best WordPress Bundle deals. Read here for more WordPress Bundle Black Friday Deals of 2019

Featured Lifetime WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019

45% OFF WP Ultimo

WP Ultimo is the best way to create a Website As A Service (WAAS)
WP Ultimo is the best way to create a Website As A Service (WAAS)

WP Ultimo is the best way for you to productise your WordPress offering. Why struggle with managing multiple sites when you can easily create a WordPress multisite installation and manage your clients from there?

Arindo (the founder of WP Ultimo) is having a limited deal run with only 500 codes up for grab since Monday, 11/11/2019. We just checked and there are only 240 codes remaining for you to get 45% OFF this powerful plugin.

Offer: 35% OFF (10% OFF from sharing the deal)
Coupon: Auto-Applied
Start Date: 11/11/2019
End Date: 30/11/2019

50% OFF Ninja Tables Pro

Ninja Tables Pro is the best Premium WordPress Tables plugin we've encountered
Ninja Tables Pro is the best Premium WordPress Tables plugin we’ve encountered

Easily the one of the best WordPress Tables plugins, Ninja Tables Pro has improved leaps and bounds over the past 12 months. Built by Jewel and his dynamic team of developers, Ninja Tables Pro has the potential to be the very best table plugin for WordPress.

Offer: 50% OFF for their lifetime agency tier
Coupon: BLK199
Start Date: 22/11/2019
End Date: 6/12/2019

50% OFF Fluent Forms Pro

Fluent Forms is the only WordPress Form with an Agency lifetime license. It is also the fastest WordPress form plugin. Paired with enterprise features and a deep integration with Ninja Tables Pro, Fluent Forms is one purchase you won’t regret.

Read: Fluent Forms Review: Best WordPress Forms Plugin

Offer: 50% OFF for their lifetime agency tier
Coupon: BLK199
Start Date: 22/11/2019
End Date: 6/12/2019

We created a post specifically for lifetime WordPress deals. Read here for more Lifetime WordPress Black Friday Deals for 2019

Best WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019

Without further delay, let us look at the best non-lifetime WordPress Black Friday Deals for 2019. As the list is quite long and there are last minute deals popping up, please use the table of contents widget to jump to the deals you like.

MalCare Pro – 40 – 70% OFF

MalCare & BlogVault are both going at a limited 70% sale this Black Friday 2019
MalCare & BlogVault are both going at a limited 70% sale this Black Friday 2019

Website security is crucial. Because of that, the crazy Black Friday 2019 MalCare Pro sale with 40% OFF their regular price is a deal you don’t want to miss.

MalCare is one of the best anti-malware software for WordPress. With a powerful scanner that immediately finds malicious software on your site, your WordPress site will be grateful to you for protecting its back.

If you are a blogger, online store owner or earn money via your site, whether directly or indirectly, grab yourself a discounted MalCare only during this Black Friday sale.

Offer: 40% OFF any tiers
Coupon: auto-applied
Start Date: 27/11/2019
End Date: 3/12/2019

BlogVault – 40 – 70% OFF

BlogVault is the sister product of MalCare and is battle tested on some really large production WordPress sites.

BlogVault is currently the best WordPress backup solution in the market. With quick incremental backups and restores, your website will be safer with BlogVault.

Personally, if you do not have an incremental backup solution (Updraft Plus, WP Time Capsule, VaultPress or BlogVault), grabbing a BlogVault license during this 2019 Black Friday is a wise decision.

Tip: It is best to combine a security plugin that focuses on scanning and removal of malware like MalCare, with WebARX, an advanced cloud-based Web Application Firewall. WebARX is going on a very generous lifetime deal on AppSumo this Black Friday.

Offer: 40% OFF any tiers
Coupon: auto-applied
Start Date: 27/11/2019
End Date: 3/12/2019

Swift Performance Pro – Up to 60% OFF

The Swift Performance Pro Black Friday 2019 Deal is one you shouldn't miss
The Swift Performance Pro Black Friday 2019 Deal is one you shouldn’t miss

Swift Performance Pro is one of the understated plugins to hit the market. As site speed is a strong SEO signal for Google, proper caching goes a long way in ensuring your site stays fast.

But finding the right caching plugin isn’t easy.

WordPress has gone through a couple of cache plugins that dominated the market. We tried out various solutions including W3TC, Cache Enabler and even WP-Rocket.

Personally, I like WP-Rocket due to its easy to use interface and was planning to keep my license renewed.

Then came Swift Performance. The free version was good, but the Pro version was better. Properly configured, Swift Performance Pro gave us the best performance.

Ever since then, we installed Swift Performance Pro for all clients’ website.

While the regular agency license is $199.99, for Black Friday 2019, you get to purchase it at 50-70% discount, depending on your point of entry.

Offer: Up to 70% OFF any tiers
Coupon: auto-applied
Start Date: 18/11/2019
End Date: 3/12/2019

Link Whisper – $30 OFF ALL PLANS

Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2019
Link Whisper Black Friday Deal 2019

We are excited about the Link Whisper Black Friday Deal. As links are crucial to Search Engine Optimisation, linking your articles together with the correct keywords are key to better SEO results.

Yoast says it well below:

Internal links also connect your content and give Google an idea of the structure of your website. They can establish a hierarchy on your site, allowing you to give the most important pages and posts more link value than other, less valuable, pages. So using the right internal linking strategy can boost your SEO!

Link Whisper has a limited time offer of $397 for 50 sites. In comparison, their largest plan only accommodates 10 sites at $147/year.

I’ve also started using Link Whisper on and found it really useful. It isn’t 100% accurate, but lets me insert 3-5 internal links, easily. I don’t have to remember the phrases, Link Whisper automatically does it for me.

Offer: $30 OFF all tiers. $297 yearly for 50 sites
Coupon: auto-applied
Start Date: 29/11/2019
End Date: 2/12/2019

2019 Black Friday WordPress Deals

I’ve broken the table down to lifetime and non-lifetime WordPress Black Friday Deals. As such, this table will only show non-lifetime deals as it becomes available. The table is updated daily. Sometimes, a couple of times in a day.

Please click here for the Lifetime WordPress Black Friday Deals 2019 table. If you are looking at the other tables, they are listed above.

Black Friday Cyber Monday 2019 WordPress Deals

NameTypeDiscountCoupon CodeStart DateEnd DateURL
Admin Columns ProAdministrative30.00%auto-applied11/26/201912/2/2019Visit
Admin Page Spider ProAdministrative30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/11/201911/30/2019Visit
Advanced CouponsWooCommerce Addon30.00%BF201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
Affiliate CouponsCoupons30.00%BLACKWEEKEND201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
All in One SEO Pack ProSEO30.00%BL3CKFRID0Y11/22/201912/7/2019Visit
Amazon Affiliates WordPress PluginAmazon Affiliates30.00%BLACKWEEKEND201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
AMPforWPSEO - AMP40.00%AMP2019-12/31/2019Visit
Amplify PluginsCollection35.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Analytify ProGoogle Analytics40.00%Thanks201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
BackupBuddyBackup & Staging50.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
Beaver BuilderPage Builder25.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
Block Lab ProGutenberg Addon25.00%blackblock11/25/201912/3/2019Visit
BlogVaultBackup & Staging40.00%auto-applied-12/3/2019Visit
BuddyBossCommunity & Forums30.00%BLACKFRIDAY201911/25/201912/4/2019Visit
Build WooFunnelsWooCommerce Conversion Focused30.00%auto-applied11/22/201912/5/2019Visit
CartFlows ProWooCommerce Conversion Focused30.00%BIGGESTBF1911/25/201912/4/2019Visit
Checkout for WooCommerceWooCommerce Addon30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/25/201912/3/2019Visit
ChurnlySubscriptions Enhancement50.00%WPBBFCM1911/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Conditional Checkout FieldsWooCommerce Addon35.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Convert BlocksElementor AddonTBATBATBATBAVisit
Delicious BrainsCollection40.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
DokanWooCommerce Marketplace33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
Draw AttentionMiscellaneous40.00%BF201911/28/201912/3/2019Visit
Easy Pricing TablesPricing Tables20.00%BF201911/27/201912/6/2019Visit
ElementorPage Builder30.00%auto-applied11/22/201912/4/2019Visit
Envira GalleryImage & Video Gallery50.00%BF5011/25/201912/6/2019Visit
Event EspressoEvents Ticketing & Calendar50.00%auto-applied11/15/201912/2/2019Visit
Everest FormsForms35.00%BFCM201911/23/201912/3/2019Visit
Fatal Error NotifyError Notification30.00%BLACKFRIDAY1911/28/201912/2/2019Visit
Fatcat AppsBundle20.00%auto-applied11/27/201912/6/2019Visit
FlycartCollection - WooCommerce30.00%auto-applied11/19/201912/4/2019Visit
Fonts PluginFont ManagementTBATBATBATBAVisit
Formidable FormsForms30.00%BF201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
ForumWPCommunity & Forums30.00%WPB2019BF11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
GeoDirectoryListings & Directory40.00%BF201911/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Gravity FormsForms50.00%auto-applied11/29/201911/30/2019Visit
Gravity WizGravity Forms Addon50.00%BLACKMAGIC11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
GravityViewGravity Forms Addon25.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
GroundhoggMarketing Automation25.00%BLACKFRIDAY1911/22/201912/2/2019Visit
HelpieKnowledge Base & Wiki30.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/5/2019Visit
IcegramOptin Forms & Lead Generation30.00%auto-applied11/22/201912/3/2019Visit
iconicWPBundle - WooCommerce50.00%auto-applied-12/6/2019Visit
ImagelyImage & Video Gallery40.00%WINTER201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
Inline Related Posts ProRelated PostsTBATBATBATBAVisit
iThemes SecurityWebsite Security50.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
Kadence Blocks ProGutenberg Addon40.00%grateful1911/28/201912/2/2019Visit
Landing Page CatLanding Page Builder20.00%BF201911/27/201912/6/2019Visit
Launch and SellCollection50.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
Layouts CloudDivi Addon50.00%bfcb11/29/201912/3/2019Visit
LearnDash Black FridayLearning Management System50.00%BLACKFRIDAY5011/29/201911/30/2019Visit
LearnDash Cyber MondayLearning Management System50.00%CYBERMONDAY5012/2/201912/3/2019Visit
LifterLMSLearning Management System20.00%auto-applied11/22/201912/2/2019Visit
LinkWhisperSEO - Link Builder$30 OFFblackfriday11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
MailPoetOptin Forms & Lead Generation33.00%auto-applied11/11/201911/30/2019Visit
MalCareWebsite Security40.00%auto-applied-12/3/2019Visit
Maps Marker ProMaps25.00%MAPSMARKER-BF201911/25/201912/1/2019Visit
Modula GalleryImage & Video Gallery30.00%auto-applied11/1/201912/2/2019Visit
MonsterInsightsGoogle Analytics60.00%BF201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
OptimoleImage Compression25.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/3/2019Visit
Optin CatOptin Forms & Lead Generation20.00%BF201911/27/201912/6/2019Visit
OptinMonsterOptin Forms & Lead Generation35.00%BF201911/25/201912/6/2019Visit
Paid Memberships ProMembership33.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/3/2019Visit
Password Policies ManagerWebsite Security40.00%BF20194011/27/201912/3/2019Visit
Patron Plugin ProMembership20.00%HAPPYBLACKFRIDAY2019-12/6/2019Visit
perfmattersCache & Performance30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/22/201912/2/2019Visit
Pixel CatFacebook Pixels20.00%BF201911/27/201912/6/2019Visit
PosternoListings & Directory50.00%BF201911/25/201912/3/2019Visit
Pretty Link ProAffiliate Links Manager60.00%BF201911/25/201912/6/2019Visit
PublishPressContent Management40.00%auto-applied-12/5/2019Visit
Quick CheckoutWooCommerce Addon35.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Quiz CatQuiz Plugin20.00%BF201911/27/201912/6/2019Visit
Revive Old PostsSocial Media Posting25.00%auto-applied11/23/201912/3/2019Visit
RunCloudManaged VPS Control Panel50.00%auto-applied11/26/201912/4/2019Visit
S3 Media MaestroMedia Management50.00%BF201911/25/201912/6/2019Visit
Schema ThemeTheme75.00%TBATBATBAVisit
SearchWPSearch Enhancer30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
SeedProdMaintenance Page35.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
SEOPressSEO - General50.00%BLACKFRIDAY5011/26/201912/2/2019Visit
Shop PluginsCollection - WooCommerce30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
Simple Author BoxAuthor Box30.00%SBAFRIDAY11/29/201912/1/2019Visit
SiteLockWebsite Security40.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/1/2019Visit
Social Rocket ProSocial Sharing Buttons33.00%BFCM201911/15/201911/25/2019Visit
Social SnapSocial Sharing Buttons50.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/5/2019Visit
Soliloquy SliderSlider30.00%BLACKFRIDAY3011/25/201912/6/2019Visit
SplitHeroConversion Optimisation20.00%BLACKFRIDAY201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
StartBookingAppointments & Bookings50.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit
Strong TestimonialsReviews & Testimonials30.00%auto-applied11/1/201912/2/2019Visit
SucuriWebsite Security30.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/4/2019Visit
Swift Performance ProCache & Performance70.00%auto-applied11/18/201912/3/2019Visit
Thirsty AffiliatesAffiliate Links Manager30.00%BF201911/20/201912/2/2019Visit
TrustPulseSocial Proof35.00%BF201911/25/201912/6/2019Visit
Unlimited Elements for ElementorElementor Addon30.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/4/2019Visit
UpdraftPlusBackup & Staging20.00%BFUDPlus20Site11/25/201911/30/2019Visit
User RegistrationUser Registration & Login35.00%BFCM201911/2312/3/2019Visit
Visual ComposerPage Builder40.00%40blackfriday11/2512/4/2019Visit
wePOSWooCommerce Point of Sale33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
Wicked Folders ProAdministrative30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/28/201912/3/2019Visit
Widget-Options ProWidget Management30.00%BLACKWEEKEND201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
WooCommerceCollection - WooCommerceTBATBATBATBAVisit
WooCommerce Conversion TrackingWooCommerce Analytics33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
WP 301 RedirectsUtility Plugin50.00%bf201911/15/201912/5/2019Visit
WP Booking SystemBooking System35.00%BF201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
WP Business ReviewsReviews & Testimonials50.00%BF201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
WP CouponsCoupons30.00%BLACKFRIDAY11/22/201912/2/2019Visit
WP CoursewareLearning Management System50.00%WPBBFCM1911/29/201912/6/2019Visit
WP CrowdfundingCrowdfunding50.00%BlackFriday50-12/5/2019Visit
WP Easy CartEcommerce10.00%BLACKFRIDAY1911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
WP ERPERP33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
WP FeedbackClient Feedback40.00%cyberMonday11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
WP Mail SMTP ProMail Delivery30.00%BF201911/25/201912/2/2019Visit
WP Project Manager ProProject Management33.00%BFCM201911/20/201912/4/2019Visit
WP Recipe MakerRecipe Manager30.00%WPBF19-12/3/2019Visit
WP Reset ProUtility Plugin50.00%auto-applied11/26/201912/3/2019Visit
WP RocketCache & Performance35.00%auto-applied11/26/201912/3/2019Visit
WP RSS AggregatorRSS Aggregator20.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/6/2019Visit
WP Security Audit LogWebsite Security40.00%BF20194011/27/201912/3/2019Visit
WP StagecoachBackup & Staging33.00%BLACKFRI201911/29/201912/2/2019Visit
WPeka Platinum MembershipBundle25.00%BFPLAT1911/4/201912/4/2019Visit
YITHBundle - WooCommerce30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/2/2019Visit
YoastSEO - General30.00%auto-applied11/25/201912/2/2019Visit
YooHoo PluginsBundle30.00%auto-applied11/29/201912/3/2019Visit
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    • Thanks, Amar! Am trying to figure out how to best sort out the information. We’re still uploading more deals to the table.

      Will most probably break it down to different posts for different product types 🙂

  2. WPManageNinja’s plugins (WP Fluent Forms and Ninja Tables) are going for 50% for their Black Friday sale. Just tested with their code.

  3. Wp-recipe coupon code does not work.

  4. Hiya, I tried the WP Recipe Maker and the WP Rocket plugins but both of the discounts didn’t work/weren’t applied. Do you have any updates on when these will be going live? Thank you so much.

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