Best AppSumo Black Friday Deals 2019

Looking for the best AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals? Look no further as we look into the rumoured AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals in this article.

As you continue reading you’ll find our opinion on which AppSumo Black Friday Deals to grab and why so. Plus, our suggested application of the software into you everyday activity and business.

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The Other 2019 Black Friday Deals

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AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals: An Introduction

Black Friday has always been a great time to buy products. Even more so if you are an AppSumo customer. AppSumo has brought many of us bloggers and digital marketers, software that helps improve productivity while saving us money.

Ever since AppSumo started in 2010, the quality of software deals has been astounding. But we sometimes miss out on deals, only to regret later.

Personally, I regret missing out on deals such as Paperform and the TARS chatbots. Both of them have matured into great products with good MRR. As such, they won’t be back for another AppSumo deal.

This year, AppSumo will have a 24 hours AppSumo Black Friday Deal day, where they bring back the some of the best AppSumo deals that has graced the AppSumo hall of fame.

We stumbled upon a rumoured list with only 9 listed deals. As such, take this article with a pinch of salt as the list of coming AppSumo Black Friday deals will possibly change.

AppSumo Black Friday Giveaway is a great chance to win something
AppSumo Black Friday Giveaway is a great chance to win something

Rumored Black Friday Deals

  1. WebARX
  2. LiveWebinar
  3. DepositPhotos
  4. Sociamonials
  5. Clinked
  6. Continually
  7. HeySummit
  8. HelpShelf
  9. Book Like a Boss
  10. Quuu
  11. Find That Lead

AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals: Our Recommendation

This year’s version of AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals is an interesting bunch. With a collection of products ranging from website security (WebARX Security) to webinars (LiveWebinar), social media management (Sociamonials) and even live chat (Continually).

So what should you buy? In this last minute update, we briefly go through our thoughts on each of the deal.

WebARX Security – $99 for 5 Sites

WebARX Black Friday 2019
WebARX Black Friday 2019

WebARX Security was a steal at $49 for 10 sites previously. But at $99 for 5 sites, it is still a steal. WebARX has gone a long way since last appearing on AppSumo (August 2018), and is making waves with their security research.

Having personally used WebARX for client work, I’m amazed that WebARX works really well. None of my client sites got hacked since installing WebARX, helping me improve my revenue.

After seeing the WebARX comparison chart to the other prominent players in the market, I’m even more convinced of WebARX Security. Check the WebARX comparison chart to see comparisons on WebARX with the following

WebARX will not be back on lifetime after this deal, so please grab yourself a couple of codes before its too late.

LiveWebinar – $99 per code. Stack 5x for 30 fps

LiveWebinar Black Friday 2019
LiveWebinar Black Friday 2019

Webinars are all the rage right now. With a proper webinar software, you get to do wonders including selling classes or growing an audience.

But most webinar softwares are either expensive or unreliable. Or worse, a combination of both.

LiveWebinar is thankfully, not that. It comes battle-tested by previous AppSumo buyers as a steady webinar software that gets the job done well, albeit quietly.

However, to make LiveWebinar work, we recommend stacking five codes, as that will bring upgrade you from 12 frames per seconds (choppy videos) to 30 frame per seconds.

Depositphotos – $49 for 100 stock images and vectors

Depositphotos Black Friday 2019
Depositphotos Black Friday 2019

Quality stock images will either make or break an advertisement. Or marketing campaign. Or your site.

To be frank, a friend of mine who works for 123RF told me to grab this deal as Depositphotos and AppSumo is giving a lot away for very little money.

Having used Depositphotos for client work, I find its quality surpassing that of many paid stock image libraries. Free stock images? Let us not go there.

The best thing about this deal is, you get to keep your stock images for life.

Sociamonials – $49

Sociamonials Black Friday 2019
Sociamonials Black Friday 2019

Social Media is an important tool to grow your business. It has become an important signal to Google to rank your site.

But Social Media tools are aplenty and most are expensive. And we don’t blame them. Running a social media tool requires plenty of server resources and there is the constant updating of software to make it work with platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Sociamonials has come a long way since its last appearance on AppSumo. It is now a powerful tool for you to add video testimonials to your site.

Personally, I regret refunding this the last time around. Definitely grabbing a few codes before the timer runs out in a few hours.

Clinked – $99. Stack 3x for 90 members

Clinked Black Friday 2019
Clinked Black Friday 2019

If you do project management, it is really easy to lose track of emails and files and end up with frustrated clients, deadline overruns and the likes.

Because of that, tools like Clinked, makes a lot of sense for project managers. I highly recommend Clinked if you need a portal to communicate, share documents, tasks and events with clients.

Continually – $49. Stack 5x for Unlimited Page Views/mo

Continually Black Friday 2019
Continually Black Friday 2019

With dime-a-dozen live chat software, what makes Continually, different? Well, for one, Continually is both a live chat and a chatbot tool.

That means, you get to configure Continually with a chat flow, effectively cutting down on support hours. But, you can easily jump in the convo with the potential clients to close the sale. Or to takeover on occasions the chatbot didn’t do too well.

The Continually Chatbot
The Continually Chatbot

The best thing about the Continually Chatbot, it can recognise repeat visitors and incorporate user responses into the chat.

I’ve personally stacked this with five codes, in order to get sub-accounts and unlimited page views per month.

If you’re in need of a live chat / chatbot tool, you don’t need Intercom. Grab your Continually license, today.

HeySummit – $59. Stack 2x for unlimited team members

HeySummit Black Friday 2019
HeySummit Black Friday 2019

Webinars are hot. That’s why we recommend the LiveWebinar deal above. But Online Summits are hotter still.

With the ability to run multiple online summits, including evergreen ones, HeySummit is a tool any digital marketer worth their salt, should grab.

Increase your visibility and credibility in your industry with HeySummit
Increase your visibility and credibility in your industry with HeySummit

However, if you are not a digital marketer, but want to build your credibility in your industry, HeySummit makes a lot of sense too.

Just to clarify, HeySummit does require a webinar software to work, if you want, to serve live online summits. Otherwise, you can have the videos recorded earlier.

This is one deal I grabbed early on the last time around on AppSumo. We recommend you grab a two stack license for HeySummit, as the future is online summits.

HelpShelf – $49. Stack 2x to remove branding and double the limits

Helpshelf Black Friday 2019
Helpshelf Black Friday 2019

I like HelpShelf. In the world of increasing Martech tools and shrinking devices, screen real estate is at an all-time premium.

With HelpShelf, you get to integrate various tools into one nifty widget. Wow your visitors with an all-in-one knowledge base, live chat and roadmap widget.

Setting up providers on Helpshelf, is easy
Setting up providers on Helpshelf, is easy

And the best thing is, you get to use different providers to achieve that. This means, you can either go for your budget options or your best-in-class tools if you prefer.

HelpShelf is from the same company behind HeySummit. They also created MissingLettr, a tool we use regularly on WPStarters.

We highly recommend HelpShelf. And don’t be worried about the limits. You can upgrade via unlimited stacks on HelpShelf’s admin panel, for more limits.

Book Like A Boss – $49. Stack 2x to remove branding, enable group bookings, custom footer, etc

Book Like A Boss Black Friday 2019
Book Like A Boss Black Friday 2019

If you run any form of consulting business, you need an appointment booking system. This enables you to collect bookings while you are attending to clients, sleeping or even on a holiday.

But appointment booking systems are not cheap. And most are just glorified calendars that pulls your schedule from Google.

Book Like A Boss strengths like with the fact that it has a two-way sync with your Google Calendar. This means, any appointment made on your Calendar, will be blocked on BLAB. And any appointment bookings on BLAB will show up on your Google Calendar account.

Book Like A Boss' Booking Page
Book Like A Boss’ Booking Page

Book Like A Boss gives you a beautiful and dedicated booking page. Heck, if you are on a tight budget, you can place that page as your primary website on your name card.

With group bookings, the ability to sell digital products, integration with PayPal and Stripe and booking reminders, Book Like A Boss might be the tool to bring your consultancy business to the next level.

Grab yourself a copy of the tool before the lifetime deal ends.

AppSumo Black Friday 2019 Deals: The Table

NameTypeAS PriceSpecialURL
WebARXWebsite Security$99.00Maximum of 10 codes. Each code gives you 5 sites lifetime. Regular price is $15/mo for each site. You can add to your previous stack,Visit Now
LiveWebinarWebinar$99.00Stack 5 to move from 12 fps to 60 fps & 500 participantsVisit Now
DepositphotosStock Photos$49.00100 stock images and vectors foreverVisit Now
SociamonialsSocial Media Manager$49.00Each code gives you 1 workspace, 30 Social Profiles & 5k Max Campaign entries/month. Users limited to 3Visit Now
ClinkedClient Portal$99.00Stack 3 codes to move from 30 members to 90 membersVisit Now
ContinuallyLive Chat$49.00Each code gives you 50k page views/mo and 5 team members. 5x stack for unlimited page views/moVisit Now
HeySummitOnline Summits$59.00Each code gives you 2.5k attendees and 3 events. Stack 2 codes to move from 2 team members to unlimitedVisit Now
HelpShelfHelp Widget$49.00Stack 2 codes to remove branding and double the limits. You can further increase the limits by purchasing addons on HelpShelf's own site laterVisit Now
Book Like A BossBooking System$49.00Stack 2 to remove branding, enable group bookings, custom footer, domain and faviconVisit Now
QuuuCurated Social Media Content$39.00Stack 2 to move from Pro to Business Plan. And from 10 Social Profiles to 100. Adds 10 Team Members.Visit Now
FindThatLeadLead Generation$49.002000 credits / monthVisit Now
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