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If you’re a heavy WordPress user like myself, you would appreciate the news that BackupBuddy 7 will be released soon. For many years, WordPress users are forced to either manually backup their sites or use something like VaultPress, which is more of a service.

Backup solutions like UpdraftPlus and BackupBuddy worked for smaller sites or larger sites with more powerful servers. If you were on a crappy server with limited resources, you would probably have experienced timeouts and incomplete backups. While this is frustrating for everyday use, it can cause your site to be broken for good if your site gets hacked and the backup does not work.

In comparison, with BackupBuddy’s upcoming update, BackupBuddy 7 introduces Stash Live. Stash Live is a similar service to VaultPress as your files are processed off-site and on BackupBuddy’s servers instead. This ensures you don’t get a timeout. Rather, Stash Live ensures your backups work well.

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Should you get BackupBuddy 7?

If you do not yet have a BackupBuddy licence, we strongly urge you to get one. BackupBuddy still sells their unlimited sites, lifetime BackupBuddy Gold licence, which makes the licence even more valuable in the face of yearly renewals.

In comparing backup solutions across the WordPress sphere, BackupBuddy comes across as the top backup solution we recommend, together with UpdraftPlus and VaultPress. But add in BackupBuddy Stash Live and you suddenly have a game-changer. BackupBuddy can be a viable replacement for services like VaultPress.

Why are we excited over BackupBuddy 7?

How could we not read iThemes’ statement on BackupBuddy and not be excited?

“tl;dr — We’re eliminating the primary obstacle you’ve had backing up your sites (or your client’s sites) on slow, resource-limited shared hosting with the upcoming rollout of BackupBuddy 7.0.

All the great features you’ve come to love and trust in BackupBuddy are staying the same … we’re just adding a BIG NEW feature to your backup strategy, Stash Live.”

The interesting thing about Stash Live is that, the pricing should follow the current iThemes’ Stash price. If that is so, BackupBuddy suddenly becomes something to go for. Think about it, for USD 97, you get 25GB of storage space for a year. That would enable you to keep multiple copies of several sites, rather than paying USD 5 for a daily backup of a single site on VaultPress.

To make things more interesting, BackupBuddy 7 with Stash Live enables real-time backups to happen as and when you update your site. This would normally cost you USD 35 per site on VaultPress.

When should you use VaultPress then?

If you run a large site of several GB or larger, VaultPress is definitely the way to go. However, if you are just starting out, come on board the BackupBuddy 7 and Stash Live bandwagon. I know I will.

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